i want to invest in bhiwadi in 2 bhk apartments and the project i select is merryland meadows. so i want to book a flat in pre launch phase and want to sell it out when 50-60% construction is done or after 1-2 years. right now they are offering rs 2200/sqft cost.
so i want to ask if i paid as per installment plan and till 50-60% construction done i paid around 12-15 lakhs in 1-2 years, den how much appreciation i get as rght now they r offering 2200/sqft . so after 1-2 years how much minimum and maximum appreciation i get from this project.
one broker told me i will get 400-600/ sqft price jump after 1 -1.5 year as the project construction start and 50-60% project is done. is it right?
akshay singh
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  • Experts please reply.........

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  • hi..........
    there is another project in soft launch i.e. terra haritage
    please go with reputed builder
    and terra haritage is good option for investement
  • I have extremely bad experience with Terra Haritage and Net Ambit. In fact I booked a flat in Terra Haritage last year the story started like this. I got call from one of the agent and he saying that he was the Terra employee he was behind me to book the flat he bring me at the site of Bhiwadi where he show me some flags and Terra board. then he took me the office of Terra located at ILD trade centre in Sohna Road, there I met with Krishna he convince me a lot and he offer 4% broker discount. I was convince with him since I was seating in the terra office only. I booked the flat and paid booking money, and some how I got the booking documents also. Now the time came to allotment I have paid enough amount to book at lower floor by paying PLC and he told me that allotment will happen as per your wish.

    After 3 month when I ask him about the booking he was left the company and when I approach to Terra office they told me that your booking was come through NET-AMBIT Brocker, untill now they never told that he was from net ambit. ok some how I get the allotment on 11th floor instead of 6th which I requested, Terra staff stratway denied that they can not help and they even not ready to cancel my booking.

    So this way I was cheated by Net ambit as well as Terra.

    Now the time to get the credit note from Net ambit, I started chasing to them and it was took 4 month to get the credit note. Now I was happy after getting the credit note.

    After almost one I did't get the buyer seller agreement after paying 30% of payment then one day I visited to their office at MG road then I come to know that they already shifted to some ware else, there is no contact details or new address and their phone was dead. But still I manage to find there new address near Huda metro station and then I met some lady he gave me the contract.

    Now my 4th installment is expected and i approach to Net Ambit for credit note payment, they said that it will be adjusted against the payment, when I called to Terra they told me that they have already made all payment to Net ambit and now nothing to adjust. Since then I am continuously chasing with Net ambit name called Sumbul, almost every day I called her and every day she was making a story that today I will go to terra and get the adjustment done, day before I called her again about the progress and she said to wait for one more week and trying to make different story that some calculation is going on etc and then I will go meet with Terra for your case.

    When I ask for a defined date she became so rude and saying that go and get it done your self.

    When I approach to Terra today, instead of suggesting solution and that lady (Priyanka) suggesting to file a case against Net-Ambit as they are cheater and cheating with some other customer as well.

    Here my question is what hell Terra is doing that they not able to control a broker, ultimately we are the customer and they should care about our interest, if they knows that Net Ambit a cheater company why the hell they appointed them.

    Now my credit note is on the god grace whether I will get it refund or not.

    but this story is the lesson for all investor and end user to be care full with such unethical developer like Terra and broker like net ambit, you all should avoid to book your flat through a dealer, if you are a end customer try to go for a ready to move.

    any how return on real state is not much as you can get from market.

    If some one can help me how to get the credit note refund please let me know.

    Now I am very disappointed with all these stupid things.


  • Resale is very very tough