Now days heard lot of news about Sarv Awas..

by didn't find any post about the same so i thought to create this one..

Below is the link of Sarv Awas.. offering at very cool price..

Luckily able to manage 1BHK:bab (59):

Need to know about the builder and project, from senior member how long should i hold to get better ROI.
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  • Manoja Bhai your valuable input awaiting.
  • As per what i know, this is the first Project of the Builder, so no past reputations to crosscheck upon .

    Also, as per my info., this Builder is actually some Brokers who have got together & floated this outfit ( i could be wrong here ) .

    My advise, tread with extreme caution, evaluate real carefully, before committing your hard earned money .
  • Thanks Manoja Bro, you are right basically they are broker who deals with NRI in Dubai and US..
    But the project is approved by UIT Bhiwadi and Bank is offering loan for this project is the only reason to go for this project to get some money earned..What is the good time to sell.. after allotment or after 1 yr. what is your take if you had been in my shoes.
  • When u invest, u set certain time frames to achieve certain financial targets .

    Good time to sell is when u achieve those targets or when u feel, u committed a mistake by investing here ( rates not increasing, everything is at a standstill ) or when u r running short of money:) .
  • I have also invested in this project in 1 BHK. I got a demand letter from the builder for 2nd payment but I think as per govt. rules and company rules they can not demand for 2nd installment until they have launched the project. When I asked them to send me some official communication about their launch, they are not sending it to me and even they are not telling me the launched date. I haven't paid the 2nd installment yet.
    I checked with some brokers as well and they said that this project has not launched yet but some people from company are saying that it has launched.
    It seems like a fraud to me. if they have all necessary approvals then why they are not launching this project.

    I also want to know that what are the necessary approvals or licenses required in bhiwadi to launch any project?
  • I could not understand the location from the map provided on the builder's website. It seems it's way inside after toll...
  • Did someone saw the prices for this project carefully? The 1 BHK is costing Rs 1950/sq ft and 2 & 3 BHK is Rs 2400/sq ft. Why the difference?
  • I visited the location, its not towards toll. Its around 8 kms. from bhiwadi mod ... location is fine because its not far from main road. its a 2 way road and local transport facility is also good but the main thing is the builder. Builder reliability is still to be proved.
  • @kapil Did builder allocated you the Flat.. no. ? What is the builder response about BBA
  • It seem kapil itselsf is a fraudster... i got the allotment letter also..
  • i was thinking of booking a flat here also...but no construction going on still at the site, only they have put up hoardings at all places..also no one in the company has any clarity on approvals etc.
  • Any update on this project , heard from dealers that consruction started..
  • Its true, its little bit late. However this builder is registered in CREDAI. From legitimacy point of view its a clean builder , PNB and HFFC banks are funding it. Construction will start soon.

    Naveen :)
    • khurana763 years ago
      Sarv awas is a fake builder and no reputation of its own,
      they were telling wrong information through sales team and agents that they are credai registered;; but sarv awas is not a credai listed or registered builder;;

      this si a legal offense to tell this;

      when i checked with credai authorities they told em if sarv awas tells you wrongly that they are credai registered ; you can complain and raise f.i.r against credai...or report to credai...

      And it was finally confirmed that sarv awas is fooling customers and is not credai registered;
  • Sarv Awas Arivali garden Bhivadi project is fraud.

    Please don't go for this project.

    I had booked 2BHK from this project and deposited 20% to total cost on may 2014 and we had bank loan approved from DHFL for this project.

    But after paying initial payments we got a lot excuses from sarv awas why construction is not launched at site, and now its being Almost one year , we didn't hear anything from them, they have changed their office , contact number.

    Now we planning to drag sarv awas in consumer court , anything we can do to get hard earned money back with interest.

    so please do not go for this project. If you want prove I can copy paste my agreemnt
  • Sarvawas fraudester

    We the people who have booked the flats at Sarvawas Aravali Gardens Bhiwadi project are meeting on Sunday 26/07/2015 to decide on the action to be taken together against the builder to recover our money .
    It seems builder is in no mood to start the construction and may exit this project and run away with our money. Be cautious and respond to me
    • vikasman2 years ago
      Can anyone tell me the conclusion for this conversation ? Have someone met to build owner who's leading this project ? I was visiting last week their gurgaon office but they all are employees sit in office not senior person.