Hello friends,

I came across an adv, by Raj Anand Builder group (G-Next Valley) for a 3 Bed Room apartment near Cultural University, near C.V Raman Engg college, BBSR for 28 lakhs (1360 Sq.Ft) and completion period in 7 months..

How reliable is this builder and can we trust these guys with their past track record?

Any input will be highly helpful.. Looking forward for a quick reqponses from the Gurus..

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    Looks like most of the reader residing out of the country.. :) I can understand the silent treatment as most of us looking for advice rather than feedback.. Carbideman r u listening..
  • Have a look on below link about people complain on certain builders. You have to take a call to go or not to go. I understand your issues, but it's very much difficult to have a cross check. Some one talking abour CRADI of orissa chaper. Could you please verify with them.

    Subham Estcon Pvt. Ltd. Bhubaneshwar Complaints, Reviews - Fraud Company
  • Few things to say here as I too do not reside in Orissa. Albeit, I have a strong interest in the city of Bhubaneswar and periodically visit the city to find a house, land or flat for me and for my brother. I am still searching one.... Few friends are also in the business of finding one for them too.

    (1) No builder is reliable and at the same time there is no alternative to this also. It depends on which route you take to reach the builder. No one will recommend a builder unless he/she is very close to the builder. One needs to visit site, office, promoter to go ahead, - either self or by a very close associate.
    (2) Best option is to take from OSHB or BDA. However these are very few and with lots of bells and whistles. Now OSHB prices are comparable to any other builder, yet stands reliable. check OSHB sites for upcoming projects (seems to be many in the offing Ranasinghpur, Patrapada etc.)
    (3) Real estate in India in general and specifically in Bhubaneswar is really unpredictable. One does not know if it is going to fetch the same appreciation as it was before 5-10 years. Alternative investment is worth exploring in case the purpuse is to multiply buck.
    (4) Few Pan India players like Unitech, DLF are on back foot now. How can someone say something about other small regional players. I found one cycle repairing person starting his real estate business merely for his earlier business has no prospect.
    (5) With 130 crore population and urge to have own house, the real estate prices are going to go up definitely, but not sure at what rate. At the same time the money should not be put into a project without doing a due diligence.

    Having said all these, the project seems to be ambitiously overpriced and need bargain:
    (a) There was an article in the pioneer on the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA)'s advisory to the public not to buy property from Raj Anand Builders. check http://www.dailypioneer.com/259221/Dont-buy-property-from-Raj-Anand-Builders.html and clarify this with be builder taking their contact number from their website http://www.rajanand.net/ and the next thing to do is to ask another builder the question "why shouldn't I buy the G-Next Vally property".

    Finally, should I invest in this project depends on my source of earning.

    My thumbs down on this project.
  • Completely fraud company and will find a way to make you pay in cash and then threaten to extract money. I am considering filing a police case. Do not buy at any cost