Hi folks,

Am looking to buy some land for investment purposes and Bhubaneswar is one of the options that i am considering. Not local to Bhubaneswar/Orissa so looking for opinions on what are the upcoming areas good for this purpose?

Thanks for any insights that you can provide.

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  • Hi ssamantray,

    Thats good information provided, thanks!

    I would appreciate if you can mention some ongoing rates here as well.

    Having done a bit on the research on the side, the prospect of buying land between the Bhub & Cutt strech seems like a better bet at this stage. But the rates might throw that in a tizzy since that is the prime constraint here. ALso can u throw some more information about the upcoming township that you mentioned in your note earlier - East Kuakhai !!

    Another quick one - is language barrier something to worry about dealin wz people here? Or has Bollywood done enough to make its mark here ;)

    Look forward to your post @ the earliest.

  • could u plz give me an idea about real estate values for berhampur ganjam Orissa?
  • buying land

    sir, i am going to buy a land of 2400 sqft in bhubaneswar about 3 km from phul nakhra square towards niali, just behind omfed office. i am buying it at Rs100/- per sqft from builder semi estcon. please advice whether the price is ok and what is the future of that land.
  • buying land near khandagiri, bhubaneswar

    I'm trying to buy about 8000sqft land 5-km from khandagiri to Khurda NH-5. This land is about 2-3km from NH-5. But the problem is this owner doesn't want to sell till he gets buyers for rest 4-plots as he has 5-plots(total about 43000sqft) in one patch. Is there way I can find may be 4-more NRI's to buy the other pieces so that I can buy mine? I really really like this plot but have been waiting for 6-months already. Any suggestion is appreciated. thx
  • Hi,

    I am interested in this area and few of my NRI friends too. Let me know the details.

  • Hi Friends,
    Came across this post a few days. Thanks to Ssamantray for adding so much valuable info. One of the friends was looking for land for investment and I suggested the areas nearby the education corridor near InfoCity 2. However, he got discouraged while witnessing continuing farming by locals in the plots acquired by developer, fearing encroachment in future. Is his fears justified?
  • I'm a NRI. Therefore thought NRI's might be interested faster. Please email me and I'll try to give any information that I have.
  • Interestin Info on Orissa cities

    Hi ssamantray,
    Thanks for the informative posts
  • want to know the future of my ownend land

    i have purchased a land of 1600 sqft area frm sampat builders near badagada canal, laxmi sagar at a rate of Rs 145 per sqft 3 yrs back. can anyone tell me the future of the that land or present value of the land.
  • Thanks ssamantray, for recording your quick comments on the risk of encroachment, government acquisition etc of the land near infocity 2. In fact my apprehensions are in the same lines. Some of the safety measures one would normally take like verifying Record of Rights, Encumberence Certificate etc is further complicated in this area, as you may have to take EC from both Bhunbaneswar and Jatni . Also, I find some of the plots offered are originally some subplots bought by existing owner (Power of Attorney says xxx decimals out of yyy acres of plot no. aaa ...............). Don't you feel this is a perceivable trap? Or, taking EC from both places will safeguard you? May be you will be able to offer better comments.
  • I'm desparately looking for a 3+ acre land on NH between Kuakhai to Khandagiri. Any suggestion on price and also how do I find one(of course not being cheated). I'm already sick of some local dalal's. Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Nice Samantray...
    I just joined the forum & like yr approach...

    Hv U any idea about the land near pathargadia(near to Jagannath Temple at campus 10 of KIITS & Neelachal Poly Technique) and land at darutheng? Are they good for investment!!!!!

  • So prompt reply...
    Really U r great Dear Samantray...

    Infact the land which i described near KIIT Campus 10 is in two Mouzas.
    1. Pathar Gadia
    2. Daruthenga
    I understand that Pathargadia is earmarked for Institutional Area And Daruthenga Mouza is not yet under BDA but may come under Town planner soon. Ethics Infra has stated plotting scheme adjacent to Neelachal Poly Technic. Have You idea about them. Just an advice...If you do noit mind...

    Regarding infront of Jagannath Temple of KIIT campus 10 the land is in PatharGadia Mouza & under BDA Townplanner. I just want to know the prospective of Land.

    For your expert advice please.
  • Hi Samantray,

    Thanks for the useful info. I just joined the forum and wanted some info about the land price and furture for the following places.
    Q1. I'm planning to buy some land in PubaSasan mauza which is close the CIFA.The land is close 100ft away from NH. This land comes under BDA. Can you please tell me the future of this area and the current market price per sq ft.

    Q2. I bought one land in Bhagabanpur mauza in PatraPada which is close to KalingaBihar for Rs270/Sqft. What is current price now?

    Q3: I'm planning to buy some land around Gita Engineering college. I'm looking for the land in Badaraghunathpur, Madanpur and Janla area. Can you please tell me if it will be good for investment.
  • Want to buy land near CIFA

    Hi SSamantray,

    Thanks for providing useful information. Can you please provide some info on the following points?

      I'm planning to buy land at PubaSasan mauza near CIFA. The land is situated 100meter away from BBSR-PURI NH. Please let me know the future devlopment in this area and the current market price of the land.
      I've bought one land last year in Bhagabanpur Mauza in Patrapada which is close to Kalinga vihar. I want to buy some more land in that area. Can u please tell me the current market value in that place?
      Is it good to invest in land around BadaRaghunathpur, Madanpur and Harapur Mauza. What is the current market price and the probable return in coming 5years.Thanks,