I am planning to buy a land from this project. Can any body let me know the cost of the land here and the authenticity. This project is under Darutheng mauza and is coming under the new CDP bhubaneswar.
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  • Where did you see the advertisement for this project? Was it in some website or newspaper or through somebody in person? As far as I remember, they had an elaborate advertisement in Hot Properties section in Gharabari.com website. But that mysteriously vanished some time later. Do proper due diligence before buying. Location is good, price if still the same (they were charging around 350 per sq ft at that time), is good.

    Do let us know your decision.
  • Techno city project

    Well even i had seen that ad in gharabari.com, and they had withdrawn because they had limited land and demand was more when i asked them. Can i look for this area to develop so that i can plan to built a house after 3 years down the line? Thanks for your reply and advance thanks for this reply too.
  • If you are planning to buy a piece of land, go for it. Don't think too much. Buy any land, where your budget allows you. Because after 5 years you cannot buy that land also.