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Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar


Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

Last updated: August 4 2017
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  • Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

    Anyone share a good property investment options in Bhubaneswar. I am novice to this forum, but gone thru many blogs and good posts about Bhubaneswar. Mostly found bad news as the city seems holding more frauds than good builder. I am looking good options as home city and I hear most of my friends, those are residing outside are not suggesting to invest in Bhubaneswar as some of them had faced really bad experience after putting money there.

    Any positive vibe??
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    Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar


    Developers welcome new urban land policy in Bhubaneshwar | ET RealEstate

    Developers welcome new urban land policy in Bhubaneshwar

    BHUBANESWAR: Real estate developers said the new urban land policy cleared by the state cabinet on May 30 would fast-track housing and infrastructure projects in the state capital.

    They, however, said the policy did not address the concern of middle-class home buyers, who make up 60 per cent of the housing sector.

    The housing and urban development department notified the policy christened CDP (comprehensive development plan) Land and Implementation Policy (CLIP), 2015 on June 2.

    Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (Credai) governing council member D S Tripathy said the new policy seeks to change the time-consuming and uncertain process of land transfer through "lease" by the general administration and revenue departments to Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and other such authorities through free hold.

    "This will ensure faster development," he said.

    The provision in the policy for providing free land to the development authorities to construct houses for urban poor is also a laudable move, he said.

    According to the policy, the government would charge 80 per cent of the prevalent prices of land (bench mark value) to the development authorities while transferring land.

    Twenty per cent will be provided free of cost in each project for social housing.

    "Houses for the urban poor look achievable if the government implements the policy in letter and spirit," said Umesh Patnaik, president, Association for Real Estate Development.

    Real Estate Developers Association of Odisha president Pradipta Biswasroy said policy will give enough money for the fund-starved development authorities.

    According to the policy, up to 95 per cent of the profits generated from housing projects and 90 per cent of land cost go to dedicated CDP infrastructure development fund (CIDF).

    The developers said the policy doesn't have anything for the middle class home buyers, who comprise 60 per cent of the market.

    "The greater focus on auction and public private partnership projects in the policy will jack up prices. While care has been taken for economically weaker sections by making provision of free land for them, the middle class will bear the price brunt," a developer said.


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      Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

      Good post PeterK01;.

      We need to see who are actual 'Developers' in Bhubaneswar. We will be glad to see some good builders established in Odhisha. Now most of the good projects in Bhubaneswar are being build by out side builders. The big reason is, here anyone having a mild connection trying to become a builder-do not deliver with quality and time to the customer. I hear many stories about the suburbs of Bhubaneswar. Hope this will improve slowly.

      Can anyone name some good builders and properties in Bhubaneswar for good investment?
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        Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

        With the culture of "killing the golden goose, and eating all the eggs at once and expecting the next goose to fall from the skies", Odhisa real estate is dominated by myopic goondas who have no clue on how to make it rich. Hence, even reputed external builders have fallen into the trap to fake land deals. To be frank, getting a piece of land today in Bhubaneswar is impossible.
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        A house is a dream, hunting for one is a nightmare.


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          Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

          Friends, came across with many advertisements regarding Sundarpada. Is it a right destination to invest? As I am staying out side Odisha, need to look at long term investment projects in odisha. Do anyone see the growth potential in Sundarpada? The map says this place is not really so far from the core city!


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            Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

            Sundarpada is a upcoming area, You can look at Raghunathpur near Nandankanan. It's growing very fast and near to CTC.


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              Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

              There are no options for investment in Bhubaneswar. The high rise premium properties are lying vacant. The price appreciation is also limited as the number of job options in bhubaneswar are very few. The only people buying are the ones who have already made a lot of wealth in the mines scam. Hence, they have plenty to buy and keep the flats vacant.
              Unfortunately, many Odias in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai & Mumbai, try to map the growth in those cities to Bhubaneswar. There isn't going to be any growth in a city that has only retired folks and chit fund scamsters!
              A house is a dream, hunting for one is a nightmare.


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                Re : Good Options To Invest In Bhubaneswar

                What Mr Naveen Pattnaik is doing about daily scams and frauds? Some of my friends brought flats in BBSR. They say the rent is lower than the flat maintenance. When they want to sell, buyers are offering less price than what they have paid to the builder. Really pathetic!!


                Have any questions or thoughts about this?