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Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

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Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

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  • Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

    Starting this section on Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali) News and will keep on updating with latest news related to Real Estate in this region.

    Chandigarh is a Union Territory and capital of two states - Punjab and Haryana. Administratively it falls under Central Government with the Governor of Punjab as the administrator. Chandigarh has two satellite cities – Panchkula and Mohali. The three cities are collectively referred to as Chandigarh tricity.
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    Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

    Sharp bend warning signs put upon flyover

    The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Chandigarh Stories

    Zirakpur, March 9
    Following the news report in this column on March 5, titled ‘Curve becoming accident hotspot’, GMR, the firm undertaking maintenance of the Ambala-Chandigarh highway, has installed warning signage on streetlights to alert motorists about the sharp bend on the Zirakpur flyover.

    The news report had mentioned that a sharp bend on the flyover was fast becoming an accident prone zone, with almost four mishaps reported in the past two months.

    Commuters were find it difficult to judge the sharp turn and were demanding signboards for safety purposes.

    An official of the company stated the warning signage was installed on the flyover to indicate the sharp turn.


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      Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

      Relief for commuters on Zirakpur-Kalka stretch

      Relief for commuters on Zirakpur-Kalka stretch - Times Of India

      Relief for commuters on Zirakpur-Kalka stretch
      Rajinder Nagarkoti,TNN,Feb 21, 2011, 04.53am IST
      PANCHKULA: After over one month, movement of vehicles from both sides on the railway crossing in Zirakpur is likely to get back on track soon. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had blocked traffic as they were putting heavy pillars for construction of a railway overbridge (ROB) on the crossing under the Parwanoo-Zirakpur four-laning project. The work started on January 14 and motorists were forced to cover an extra 10 km due to the blockade. NHAI officials said construction was almost over and only work on service road was left.

      NHAI project director Anil Dahiya said they would regularize the traffic movement in the next couple of days as work on the service lane was due to be over soon.

      Officials added that the though work on ROB would be totally over in April end, the stretch would be thrown open to traffic soon. NHAI officials said the length of ROB was increased by 108 metre.

      Due to the construction, vehicles from Zirakpur to Kalka were diverted through Chandigarh. From Zirakpur, motorists had to drive towards Sector 29-Industrial Area roundabout and then proceed towards Transport lightpoint and Housing Board lightpoint, and finally to Kalka. With this diversion, people were driving an extra 10 km. But there was no change for traffic from Panchkula to Zirakpur. Traffic was diverted through Dhakoli, officials of Zirakpur traffic police said.

      The highway authority has set December 2011 as the new deadline for completion of the entire Zirakpur-Parwanoo four-laning project. Initially, NHAI set a target of December 2010 for completion of work from Zirakpur to Pinjore stretch.


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        Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

        good initiative chdguy. keep it up.


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          Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

          Here are the facts. There is not much appreciation happened in 2010 & 2009.

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            Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates



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              Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

              Periphery riding high on Chandigarh’s star rating

              The periphery of the tricity is riding high on Chandigarh’s top ranking as one of the best cities to live in, in the country. Zirakpur, Mullanpur, Peer Mushalla and the stretch from Mohali towards Kharar and Landran are all cashing in on this appeal and drawing in buyers who want to live near the union territory.

              Zirakpur, where a large number of housing societies have mushroomed over the last few years, is coming up as one of the most densely-populated areas in the periphery. Real estate agents reveal that prices have gone up by 40 per cent since January 2010. The rise, they say, is driven by the escalation in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. “For people who want to move into their own flat soon, Zirakpur is emerging as the first choice,” reveals Zirakpur property consultant Dinesh Chander Aggarwal. On the other hand, from an investment point of view, Mullanpur is emerging as the favoured destination in the periphery, since development here is more planned.

              Most real estate agents and builders agree that with its fast, unplanned developed, Zirakpur faces infrastructural problems. “With a budget of Rs. 30-50 lakh, those who want to own their own house fast know that Zirakpur is a good option for them,” states Vinod Jain, a property consultant based

              On account of the haphazard urbanisation in these belts, property consultants say resale value at Zirakpur is not very encouraging. Says Salil Taneja, a real estate investor based at Mani Majra, “Development at Mullanpur is more planned, and big names in the real estate sector have pushed up its appeal. In about three years, Mullanpur is likely to appreciate much.”

              Consultants agree, though, that the growth curve of Mullanpur may face some impediments if the Congress forms the next government in Punjab.

              Peer Mushalla has benefited greatly from its proximity to Panchkula’s Sector 20. While three-bedroom flats in Sector 20 are now priced at Rs. 80-85 lakh, those in Peer Mushalla are available in the range of Rs. 50 lakh.

              I have edited out some parts, read the full news article below.

              Source:Periphery riding high on Chandigarh’s star rating


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                Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

                City's property costlier than metros

                City's property costlier than metros - The Times of India

                CHANDIGARH: UT Housing Board's upcoming two-bedroom self-financed housing scheme flats are fetching bids as high as Rs 89 lakh to Rs 1 crore. The real-estate prices in the city seem to have beaten the rates in the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Pune where a similar segment flat can be purchased for Rs 71 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.

                Claiming that UT has envious and aesthetic hilly surroundings to entice both investors and buyers to invest here, a real estate expert, Dev Singh Negi said, ''Whenever the current property rates go up, the existing properties are bound to become more costly. Moreover, being the capitol state of Punjab, affluent NRIs put their surplus money into the realty sector.''

                According to a representative from Ashwa Platinum real estate agency, Mumbai, Deepak Kumar, ''Though the rates vary across this metropolitan city, one can still get a two-bedroom flat between Rs 37-82 lakh in Thane West and Ghorbander Road areas. But a furnished flat can only be from Rs 71 lakh to Rs 1 crore in the high-end Mulund area.''

                Similarly, in Ahmedabad, two-bedroom flats cost between Rs 35-45 lakh depending on the areas. ''We have been selling the semi-furnished two-bedroom flats between Rs 35-45 lakh in Gurukul and Judges' Bungalows area. The prices are a little higher in more attractive sites in Jagatpura. A commercial site is available at Rs 5,500 per square feet here,'' said a Parveen Kumar from City Estate Management. Even the current property rates in the most-happening city of Gurgaon near Delhi are found to be very competitive as compared to Chandigarh. According to a real estate agent from Gurgaon, ''A two-bedroom flat with all the basic amenities in Sector 92 would fetch Rs 30-35 lakh. Those near the boundaries can be bought for Rs 55 lakh.''

                Compared to these, the flats in Mohali and Zirakpur are quite affordable. According to general manager of Punjab and International Sales ' Emaar MGF Land Limited, Rajiv Gupta, ''Chandigarh has a great investment potential. The prices in Tricity are bound to take an upward turn in the near future. However, our two-bedroom flats can be bought between Rs 40-45 lakh in Sector 105 on the Landran road.''

                A senior representative of Zirakpur-based Maya Garden, Anuradha Kashyap, does not think that Chandigarh Housing Board's higher bids for their upcoming two-bedroom flats scheme would have an impact on the flats prices in Zirakpur.

                ''We are still offering our semi-furnished flats for Rs 30 lakh. With eight and six laned roads to be constructed shortly, Zirakpur would soon be a state-of-the-art residential and commercial hub,'' said Kashyap.

                Buyers are not ready to go for the latest trend of high bids for a housing board flat in Chandigarh, said a young professional, Raman Jaiswal.


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                  Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

                  Overbridge to Panchkula

                  Overbridge to Panchkula - The Times of India

                  CHANDIGARH: To reduce traffic congestion on Madhya Marg due to vehicles coming from Panchkula, UT administration has decided to construct an overbridge near the railway station in collaboration with Indian Railways.

                  The bridge would connect the road coming from cremation ground and intersection of Panchkula's sectors 7 and 8 through Mauli Jagran. The route would not only bring down congestion at the Housing Board Chowk, but would also be a shortcut for the adjoining areas of Panchkula.

                  ''The matter has been taken up with Railways and work on it is likely to start after studying the feasibility,'' said finance secretary VK Singh.

                  The need for another overbridge connecting Manimajra and Modern Housing Complex has been taken up with the Railways and it has agreed in principle to take up the project jointly with UT.

                  Although a new link between Chandigarh and Panchkula has been completed recently between NH-21 and Industrial Area, Panchkula, but it has not as yet given the expected relief to commuters due to the existing railway level crossing (near Mauli Jagran). UT is hopeful that an approval letter for construction of an under bridge would be received next week so that work could start on it at the earliest.

                  The Chandigarh-Kalka road caters to through traffic from Chandigarh to Himachal Pradesh and to Panchkula and remains choked most of the time and such alternate route is essential. It was therefore proposed that feasibility of constructing ROB near railway station for connecting Chandigarh to Sector 17/18 Panchkula via Railway Colony in Mauli Jagran.

                  Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) is constructing 1696 single-room tenements near this crossing opposite Raipur Kalan towards Makhanmajra and as such the traffic is likely to increase in this pocket

                  There is also a proposal to construct freight yard in the city and the approaches to the railway crossing would be widened and improved. The administration has planned warehousing complex across railway crossing on Raipur Kalan side.


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                    Re : Tricity News Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Real Estate Updates

                    Hallomajra - Panchkula connectivity

                    Hallomajra-Panchkula link road underbridge gets Railway nod

                    The Railways have given approval to the construction of the rail underbridge (RUB) on the road linking Hallomajra to Industrial Area in Panchkula. While the construction of the road had been completed, due to the presence of the level railway crossing the route was not serving its purpose.

                    The RUB proposed to be constructed would have two channels. These would include one for the non-motorised slow moving traffic and the another one for the other vehicles. The channel for the non-motorised vehicles would have an incline that is less steep so that these vehicles do not find it difficult to ply on the channel.

                    The cost of construction of the RUB would be around Rs 15 crore. Work would be started in this financial year. UT Finance Secretary V K Singh says that the aim would be to complete the project within a period of one year. “While the Administration would be giving the funds, a substantial part of the construction would be undertaken by the Railways. The design of the RUB would be unique as provision is being made for slow moving traffic.”

                    “The low incline in the channel for the slow moving vehicles would ensure that the effort required to ply would be less,” he said. With the construction of the RUB, commuters to and from Panchkula would get an alternate route. Due to the increasing vehicular traffic there is a need for having alternate routes from Chandigarh to Panchkula. The two existing routes are often choked with traffic.

                    The Administration is also working on proposals to have railway overbridges and railway underbridges at the other crossings as well. The Finance Secretary said that on the agenda was a crossing for RUB or ROB for the railway crossing in Manimajra. The proposal is in its initial stages.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?