Hi friends

according to you......

Which is better investment -- plot or apartment

there is no doubt that people are getting returns by investing in plots...but at the same time people are getting returns in apartments as well....

So according to u friends....returns wise what is better....plot or a flat

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  • Considering all variable are the same. A plots should give one much better returns.
  • ok..

    well you are right gurdial ji.....i want to add one thing here....
    I am really surprised to see one thing.....there is a project in sector 20 pkl by the name of suncity parikarma....there is a big time premium came on that...i still remember..we sold these flats....at rs 57-65 lacs ( non ac ) in the begning.. it ws in sep2010...and now the same flat is for 95 lacs n above...people are enjoying 30-40 lacs as premium....

    So i really feel one thing now...that one should always go for a quality investment...it is always bit expensive...but ultimately returns are also good....what do u say......

  • That goes without saying, quality trumps all.

    Apartments may rise more in the short term like in the case you mentioned but i feel in the long term plot will come out ahead. Take my case, I had bought a plot in the 2000 and my brother a flat. Today my plot has appreciated much more than him.

    However, If you are able to spot an investment, where you are aware of the risks and think it’s a good deal, go ahead. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a plot or an apartment.
  • alright....

    Gurdial ji....what is your feedback regarding derabassi.....do u think this area will get a good jump in the market....
  • Honestly, I dont have any idea about derabassi.Too far off for me. Only area I`m really keen on investing is Mullanpur with a long term view in mind. As I feel this area should have maximum value unlocking.

    At a very generic level, Zirakpur should give a better return compared to Derabassi.
  • i agree...

    I agree gurdial ji....but plot prices in derabassi is very reasonable....do u hv any idea what is happning in mullanpur...DLF...t company is not taking cheques right now...will start taking it soon...do u have any idea what exactly is happning..
  • I`m sure someone in this forum will be able to give better advice to you on derabassi.

    As for DLF, only pre-book with a broker you know and trust. Otherwise, wait till the formal launch.
  • ya thats true......

    ya thats true......there is a project by the name of palm grooves i guess...in mullanpur....how is it...do u have any idea...
  • Well i feel investing in plot is more profitable as you are a owner of a land which is a raw material for real estate industry well flat is a finished product wherein many people make big margins there are 3 to 4 people involved in a deal before the finished product (flat) sold to customer.

    You own a plot while you do not own a flat ( i mean you do not have a right on the land) in case of earthquake or any other natural disaster you will really feel that plot is the best investment , DONT BUY FLATS BUY PLOTS.
  • Ansala Palm Grove if I`m not wrong is on kharar road not in Mullanpur.
  • that is diff one...

    well that is diff one...i am talking about the mullanpur one....the name is somthing like palm gree or somthing..it is manohar singh n company project...
    do u hv any idea abt that project
  • Oh yeah,manohar singh n company project-its called Palm Springs Projects located some where near DLF. Offering possession in 2 yrs and the rate is 16k psq

    They are the same guys who are building Multitech Towers,Mohali.
  • how is it...

    how is it.....is it a good investment....
  • Well their concept plan is pretty basic and simple but looks like a good investment. Only thing is their project is yet to be passed by GMADA, they say that is given and are confident they should get approval.
  • ok....

    ok.....its a risky venture.....one should avoid investing in that project i guess......