Realty stocks have caught the fancy of small investors in Punjab and Chandigarh according to stock brokers and financial experts. Leading stock brokers in Punjab people have always fancied land and now they had been lured by stocks floated by land developers.

Well know stock broker VKumar of Vikson Finance says retail investors in Punjab and Chandigarh are excited over listing of the stock of DLF, a real estate company. He says the issue which was in the price band Rs 525–Rs 550 got overwhelming response from this region. The next issue is likely to open at about Rs 1000 per share. Kushal Pal Singh, would become the richest Indian in the world surpassing LN Mittal. Before the public issue, Singh held 99.5% of the total equity of the company amounting to Rs 5 billion $US.

DLF had put life into other realty stocks providing much needed oxygen to it. It is ironic that the real estate stocks were going upward when the real estate market was going down and there was sluggishness in the sale purchase of real estate in the country.

Worldwide it had been proved that stock markets are indicators of things going to happen in future and are ahead of real happenings. The strengthening of real estate stocks shows that real estate sector is likely to witness another boom in next few months.

Source: Financial Express
Date: 05-07-07
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  • Does anyone buy real estate to live on it any more?

    I am shocked to read all of this. The most basic human need is to have a place to live. All of these large-scale investments are leaving the small investor and potential home-owner out in the cold.

    Take me for example. I want to relocate to Bangalore to start a new life and take a break from the big city madness. But when I read this about these practices. I feel cold and alone in this brutal world.

    Where will all of this lead to. Human beings exploiting each other and sowing greed.

    Desperately yours

  • Just to make my point

    Whenever there is economic growth people start exploiting each other. Just look at the situation in the indian economy: GDP of a Trillion, the 12th largest economy (and counting!).

    Why can't peopls just live and let live? This guy from the movie "Wallstreet" seems to have gotten his way ("Greed is good!").
  • Originally Posted by andyserd

    Take me for example. I want to relocate to Bangalore to start a new life and take a break from the big city madness.


    Lol, Bangalore is precisely the place where you have 'Big City Madness'.