Guys, If you are still looking for some good investment in tricity area then I would say new GMADA sector 123 is good option.

Here are my points to support the same:

1. Its’ very close to Chandigarh almost as Mullanpur (open below link 1 to confirm). Importantly, I would advice you to go for Sector 123 not 124 and the only reason is its closeness to CHD J.. I knw we are sick of CHD
2. It’s a new upcoming sector in Mohali as marketed by GMADA green Mohali. It will be low-density residential sectors (link 2).
3. It’s being developed by Bajwa Developersand they have good reputation at least in tricity area.
4. Would prefer this over Mullanpur b’coz of upcoming elections in Punjab and the problems that we are hearing for Mullanpur highway and metro project gets scraped (see what’s happening in govt is reversing all the decision made by DMK).

I too recently have bought a plot over there. The rates are now b/w 16-18K. I was holding to post this mssg b’coz the project was not approved by GMADA but yday I got the mssg from my Bank, and they say it’s almost done deal (they sanctioned my loan so I trust themJ).

Here are some links to verify the same:
Sector 123, New Sunny Enclave
To put Master Plan into practice, Mohali gets Zonal Development Plan - Indian Express
The Chandigarh Reality Scene: May 2011
The Chandigarh Reality Scene: Best time for property investment in the chandigarh region - Properties to look for - Greater Mohali

Above info is just my own analysis, so before making any decision, do your research thoroughly and challenge the above info you may see some other good option or finalize this one.

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  • ok

  • Here is requested info

    the bank is ICICI..and yes, it's b/w chd sector 39 west and jandpur.
    I have already given 3 installments and the last one is due on possession.
    Developer has already started work.. I believe they ll give possession in next 2-3 months.

  • 1.Does anyone have the execution history of the developer? Any previous project?

    2.When is the project likely to get approved by GMADA? Any project is worth a look only after it gets approved- others wise not worth risk.

    3. How is the approach road? I visited the area couple of months back. Lots of developers there offering plots but not much infrastructure. Hope things have changed.
  • Hi Ricky,
    Thanks for your post. I have few question if you don't mind replying.

    1) What’s the project name in sector 123 (Sunny Enclave) ? (No mention of NEW Sunny Enclave on builder website.)
    2) Did you buy directly from builder or resale from brocker/owner
    3) What size of plots are available?
    4) Have they given you plot number, location etc.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  • To ans Gurdial Qs

    Pls see my response

    1 .They are the first in this business in tricity. They have started their first project sunny enclave (which is now sector 125) back in 2001. My brother bought a plot over there, and it was good experience. sec 125 is well developed and connected and indeed lot of ppl are living there.
    The builder too have a presecne in other parts of punjab (infact only punjab)

    Check below link for builder's review
    Bajwa Group of Companies Greater Mohali - Bajwa Developers Pvt. Ltd. Builders & Property Developers Greater Mohali, Punjab

    2.This is tricky. As I said, bank has already approved my loan (18 lacs) for plot over there so I assume they must have checked everything.
    And as per the builder it's done deal. You can verify the same w/ other resources.

    3. The builder has just started work on this project but the good thing is, this new sector is adjacent to their old sector-125 which is very well connected.

    As per TOI, new kharar bypass that cut this new sector ll be completed in next 6 months. Google it for more.

    Kharar bypass could be ready in 6 months - Times Of India

    And the other imp thing. Open below lnk for the location

    Sector 123, New Sunny Enclave

    You ll notice it is in the middle right b/w mullanpur and the corner of mohali's new sectors 104-105. So even if mullanpur or other sectors develop in future, you ll be in middle.

  • to ans pahadia Qs

    Hi pahadia, answering ur Qs

    1.The project name is new sunny enclave sector 123

    2. Wish I could have bought it from was from broker/original buyer but I paid only 1 installment to original buyer, and remaining 2 to builder, 4th is due on possession.
    3. Mine is 250 but they do have less also
    4. Yes, I knw the plot number and location. Builder had given me the project details.

    Not sure where u r located but if possible then have a visit to this place and get all fact straight.

    Delhi-based Real Estate Company working for the Indian Mariners, NRIs and High-end Professionals, is constructing its next housing project in the sector 123 mohali..have a look below link.

  • Ricky,

    Can you share the dealer details so we can check what is the current availability and details

  • To AtlGuy

    Hi AtlGuy, Sorry for replying late…was lil busy w/ some other stuff.

    I would advice you to directly contact the builder and see if they have something, chk their website for contact details: Contact Us : Sunny Enclave

    Don’t want to promote any specific builder here, so here are couples of them.

    Dealer: sidharth | Uniglobe group
    : 9216724296, 9041291840, 9780360001 : 91-0172-4003516

    Owner: AMAN KAPOOR
    : 9872850068 s: 9872850068
  • vishranti enclave

    Hi All,

    Can you please tell me whether vishranti enclave on the back side of best Price (Wall Mart) is good option to buy land?
  • To GuptaSameer

    Hi GuptaSameer, I think this property is on the zirakpur side..
    As per my knowledge zirakpur is getting crowded day by day, and at least not a good option for living (comparatively) so unless you have some other strong reasons to go for it I would advise you to invest in greater mohali side
    My personal favorites are pearl city sectors , mullanpur and sector 123

    Dig more into it..

  • Greater Mohali set to get its 5th residential urban estate

    Greater Mohali set to get its 5th residential urban estate - Indian Express

    GMADA identifies 1,050 acres in 8 villages for acquisition, to develop estate along 200 feet-wide Mohali-Kharar bypass

    Another residential urban estate will come up at Mohali. Spread over 930 acres across four Sectors (120, 121, 122 and 123), the fifth urban estate of Greater Mohali area will be developed along the already approved 200 feet-wide by-pass from Mohali to Kharar. To take up the project, the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has identified 1,050 acres of land in eight villages — Daon, Mianpur, Hassanpur, Tarauli, Barmajra, Raipur, Jandpur and Jhungian — for acquisition and requested the state government to issue a notification under Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act. While 930 acres will be used for the urban estate, 120 acres of land are required for the by-pass, which will decongest the busy Mohali-Kharar stretch of National Highway 21, which has assumed the distinction of “killer stretch

    Besides the urban estate, a Sub City Centre to cater to the commercial needs of Sectors 120-125 too will come up in the area already earmarked for the purpose in the approved Master Plan of Mohali. Also, a water treatment plant for treating 40 mega gallons daily (MGD) of canal water, being fetched from the Bhakra Main Line Canal in Kajauli to quench the thirst of Greater Mohali area, will be set up in Sector 120.

    To make the by-pass, Sub City Centre and water treatment plant projects self-sustained, GMADA has planned to develop a residential urban estate in their vicinity. Approving the ambitious project recently, GMADA worked out two alternatives to acquire the land identified for the purpose.

    Confirming the development, a senior GMADA official disclosed that in case all the farmers opted for cash compensation, which will tentatively be Rs 1.5 crore per acre, GMADA will need to pay a Rs 1,575 crore award whereas Rs 525 crore will be required to develop the area at the estimated rate of Rs 50 lakh per acre.

    Since GMADA has no funds to meet such a huge expenditure from its coffers, it will have to procure loan, the interest on which was worked out over Rs 500 crore, which will take the total project cost to almost Rs 2,600 crore.

    To decrease the cash compensation award, GMADA decided to attract more and more farmers towards the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS), which has been revised recently to offer 2 kanal (1000 square yards) residential and 4 marla (100 square yard) commercial sites to the farmers against acquisition of 1 acre land.
  • good investment options in tricity

    hello Mr Rickyy
    You said that u like pearl sectors in Greater mohali Area. I have invested in 200 sq yd Pearl 100 sector. What are the future prospects with 2-3 yrs of time horizon.
  • is the new cgewho mohali II site somewhere near new sunny enclave or old sunny enclave
  • pawang42

    Hi pawang42,

    The pace of development of pearls sectors is very slow but it's there brand and quality on which you can count..if everything goes as per plan then you can expect 40% or more rise in price in next 3-4 years…

    Here is my math on ROI

    Mullanpur :- risky but max returns
    Pearls: safe, good return but wait period is long
    Sector 123: safe, good ROI w/ less waiting time

  • Hi Itnikhil

    Hi Itnikhil,

    Yes, cgewho mohali II site is close to old sunny enclave. New sector 123 is more towards chd (39 west).

    pls open the below link for more on this.

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