Hi Everyone,
I think it is just a matter of some time these big builders will burst!!!!!!!!cash crunch!!!!they don`t have funds to complete land purchase or complete existing infrastructure.
Prices are hiked by them to sell and make some investors happy to invest more as they can`t guarantee you delivery for next few years.
Emaar Mgf is worst among them they started in 2006 in Mohali and till date there infrastucture is not ready and delivery is very very poor.
Even company has admitted to existing customers for incomplete infrastructure.Think 100 times before investing with EMAAR MGF as delivery is worse.
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  • To tell you the truth its the same story with all builders in Gurgaon as well. I have investments in Gurgaon with Emaar and in Mohali with some other developer and am seeing that 5-8 years is the normal lead time these days for completing any project.

    As you rightly pointed these projects are actually more oriented for investors rather then end users. Gone are the days when people used to buy houses for staying. These days its a game for rich investors to play.
  • BPTP, Parsvanath, Unitech have similar histories.Every big builder has learnt the trick of selling and forgetting.