Well, as the news goes, Chandigarh’s new draft parking policy seeking 50% road tax invites criticism from all. And why not? The administration’s track record speaks for itself and the decision to levy "tax" that is already being looked upon as a "dictatorship" is not being welcomed by anyone.

So how will resident's take the decision down of paying 50% of the price of high end cars (10 lakh and above) as road tax and in case of a second vehicle, 50% of its price, irrespective of the price of the car. Compare to the existing policy that charges 6% as road tax for vehicles costing up to Rs 20 lakh and 8% for vehicles above Rs 20 lakh, the proposition is too much to digest for anyone.

Though the department has invited objections from the public the initial reaction has said it all with residents and politicians all dismissing it as an impractical proposal that will do nothing to tackle traffic issues.

Also, the draft has been prepared in the absence of an efficient public transport system, leading to traffic congestion and parking problems. In the past many such proposals like the construction of eight underpasses, metro rail, congestion and entry tax had been introduced and scrapped. So, the new policy will very much follow the same course.

So what do you guys think about it? Is it really a dictating or impractical proposition or is it a much needed change that the administration has to bring in?
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  • Well, have not read about the key points included in the policy but from what has been said it is touted as the most stringent policy ever to have drafted to curb the nuisance. Talking about "stringent", it is what we really need now in a country that hardly shows any respect for law and order. People are just buying vehicles like anything and parking outside on the roads and creating traffic issues.

    To be frank, nothing else has been able to change their mindsets. So, it is time for such policies to come into effect. Though everyone will consider it dictating, it is still needed. The only debate would be the excessive charge and the "age-old-cribbing" that goes by "government-will-fill-their-pockets."

    But then, it will also help curbing traffic issues and bringing down pollution levels to some extent.
  • Policies and people (especially we as Indians) are like opposite poles. Until people find meaning in policies nothing can change. The people are the main problem to every crisis that the country goes through.