Hi friends, please advice me about co-operative homes society in sector 91 mohali as they are no doing registry of flat just providing share certificate.

what is difference b/w registry and share certificate and if there will be any chellage to resale flat with share certificate?

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  • hey ! You invested in share land property ,not in possessionable land . In Shareland , there are not a appropriate and fixed land in which you can do any possessioable work. But appeal for registry documentation in shareland fund also. You invested wrong but still there are ways to get out of it.. As usual, you costed for this land at cheap prices because of shareland. Now think about how to make profit to invest in this and sell it out even at prices hike at peak .
  • Don't go for any co-operative society flats ever. There are always lot of issues which you will know after purchase. Go for any ready to move builder flats (after checking their other old projects feedback on construction quality). Rate will be little bit more but your hard earned money will be secure, i am saying this from personal experience as i also own a co-operative society flat at Sec 91 mohali.