Pinjore-Kalka Complex Project
SC stay leaves HUDA, realtors jittery
Pradeep Sharma/TNS

Chandigarh, April 20
The stay on construction by the Supreme Court in the Pinjore-Kalka Urban Complex project has spread panic among HUDA and other realty giants in the area.
While HUDA is yet to launch its residential and commercial projects in the urban complex, big realtors, including DLF and Ireo, have already come up with integrated townships spread over about 200 acres each. “We are in a catch-22 situation as investors’ confidence is likely to be affected in the recession-hit real estate market,” a senior executive of a real estate company said.
Conceding that the SC stay on construction is a “setback” to the real estate sector in the region and the Haryana Government’s efforts to “decongest” Panchkula, a senior official said the future course of action would be chalked out after a copy of the judgement was received. Currently, final touches were being given to the layout plans for three sectors in the region.
However, more than HUDA, private players like DLF and Ireo would be hit hard by the “uncertainty” created by the SC order. “We have invested crore of rupees on the launching of new projects and the SC stay would discourage investors and end-users from investing in the area ,” the senior executive rued.
HUDA was to develop 31 sectors in the 476-acre urban complex on both sides of the NH-22 between Pinjore and Kalka. HUDA was the first to announce its intention to develop the area about four years ago. However, the project ran into rough weather with the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests raising objections.
The strategic location on the Zirakpur-Shimla highway, and the sylvan environs have been the major USP of the area for big realtors. It is being looked as one of the major residential markets in the area with Baddi, a hub of over 3,000 industries. Currently, a major section of the working population in Baddi commutes daily from Panchkula and Kalka, realtors said. This, coupled with the completion of four-laning of the Zirakpur-Parawanoo highway and the Pinjore bypass would ease traffic flow on the NH-22.
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  • Anybody got copy of the SC order ? Does this order affect DLF Valley project ?
  • Anyone has any idea how long it could take to get this resolved? also, in such cases, how do the end customer who have invested some money get back their money?
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    I think that's right!
  • Kalka- pinjore project

    Supreme Court of India needs to be congratulated for its bold order.

    Hundreds of Farmers and Soldiers , serving and retired were hit hard by manipulated land acquisitions on the part of HUDA and through it DLF and others.

    You must think of retired officers and soldiers, some of them injured, disabled and some serving at the borders , who had purchased parcels of land in Islam Nagar and Naggal Sodian during 1980s, in order to settle after their retirements in these places.

    Why did DLF not buy land here then?


    The Real Estate Forum must tell its readers that

    Get your money back from DLF and IREO and HUDA as early as possible

    and invest some where else, build your homes some where else.

    The Punjab and Haryana High Court was effectively misled by HUDA even in the case filed by one Widow Ravindra Kaur.

    The High Court failed to appreciate that the Hill View Society had never purchased any Land nor it owned any Land. Hill View Enclave was an open plots owned by soldiers of the nation who were away and had to pay to a local to develop roads and sewereage.

    No one was competent to apply for a License from HUDA as there are individual plot buyers.

    Will the High Court take notice of the observation of the Supreme Court of India and the fact that it was misled in dismissing the Petition of Ms Ravindra Kaur and others?

    Will the High Court not open the issue due to these new facts?

    Do the soldiers retired and serving again have to implead in litigation?

    I hope this message reaches the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court!

    A message for investors and dream house builders:

    "Donot make your dream houses on the rubble of poor soldiers dreams dashed by Bhupinder Singh Hooda and HUDA which he chairs"

    Please do not grow your mangroves over our dead bodies.
  • Dear Bindeshwar

    Don't you think it is injustice with home buyers who have put in ther hard earned money and are waiting for the houses they dreamt about.

    On the other side these farmers (so called poor) and soldiers who sold their plots made good money (out of greed at that point in time) and now when they see big names and even higher prices approach the court & bluff about there agony.

    What has happened in Noida extention the farmers sold their plots themselves for good money, when builders developed the area the prices sore high. Now they are demanding additional compensation and not the houses to live in.

    So this is the fate of this country where govt. uses power, some selfish individuals uses courts (PILs) and a normal citizen is harassed.

    God bless the people who indulge in such deeds as karma theory makes sure that for every action there is more than equal reaction.
  • The Dispossessed Farmers & Soldiers Never Sold their Holdings

    Dear Saurabh Arora,

    Without knowing the facts of villages Islam Nagar and Naggal Sodian, Pinjore, Kalaka, Panchkula, Haryana you have given your comments. That, thus, needs to be clarified and put on record.

    As the Serving Soldiers at the borders of the Country and in other field areas of the Nation we had purchased the small parcels of Land in Villages Islam Nagar and Naggal Sodian,Pinjore, Kalka, out the money earned out of our blood and sweat- monthly salary- saved in our provident funds. That was in 1980s.

    We had no Greed. We had a real necessity to make our house after our retirements, where our old parents, and my son Saurabh, who is physically challenged, more than 60%; could stay with us. Was that Greed?

    If the Builders and Developers, who connived with the officials of HUDA ( Haryana Urban Development Authority), and or with the corrupt politicians to recommend to the Governor of Haryana that the land where we had purchased the small parcels of Land was required for Public Purpose and the Public Purpose in reality as you know it, was selling this Land to DLF, IREO and Others; and HUDA itself selling the Land in plots to the home buyers what would you call it?

    In this Country, indubitably, the corruption is seeping even in the Armed Forces but still there are 99.99% honest and sincere lot. We belong to this 99.99%. We have sacrificed our limbs and lives fighting at the borders, insurgents and to fight out infiltrators so that our "Saurabhs" at home are safe and secure.

    If the State, the Government of Haryana , that is expected to safeguard the property, plots, houses back at home of the serving Soldiers, itself eats up, and allows it to be passed over to in country itself "Infiltrators" in the garb of Builders and developers who you say are l big names, then what do you call the action on the part of HUDA and the Government of Haryana?

    The Courts of Justice are modern day Temples where your prayers are considered. The God, in Kaliyug, does not live in the heavens. He has come down to the Earth, in the form of Judiciary. With Supreme Court of India being Sanctum sanctorum.

    In the instant case, about which the thread started of Kalka- Pinjore Project the Soldiers and farmers have are NOT been "demanding additional compensation" but their pieces of Land to make their own "houses to to live in." It is Gross Injustice for the Soldiers and Farmers to dispossess them without their consent.

    It may not be so much of Injustice to those "buyers who have put in ther hard earned money and are waiting for the houses they dreamt about" because they purchased would be graves, purchased our organs like Liver, Kidneys and heart through the " kidney stealing 'doctors' of HUDA" as we still have some life in us.

    Are the buyers, you have referred to waiting for us to be butchered to death. If such buyers' dreams are dashed because the victim whose organs were to be culled out is likely to be resuscitated, saved, by the Gods of Justice sitting in the Supreme Court of India whose fault it is? You want some one to be killed so that your relation is able to get liver kidney or heart!

    We have never been keen nor "sold their plots made good money (out of greed at that point in time) and now when they see big names and even higher prices approach the court & bluff about there agony." Please Saurabh see the necessity over the dreams.

    Yes this is the fate of this country where govt. uses power to dispossess the hapless and the needy ex servicemen, widows, disabled and the injured Soldiers who need to make home over their small parcels of Land.

    You have mentioned about karma theory. It was some one else who stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Clearly God is very lenient or patient for He endures adharma until it seems to Him that Man needs to be taught what his role and duty is. And when He comes, He restores dharma on its pedestal (from where it was toppled) and eradicates those elements which /who are contributing to unhappiness and mayhem and reteributes.

    As I stated the God lives in Judiciary of the Country. Our prayers are before the Lords.

    Just a verse for you, by the way.

    वीतरागभयक्रोधा मन्मया मामुपाश्रिता: |
    बहवो ज्ञानतपसा पूता मद्भावमागता: ||४.१० ||

    We the Servicemen and ex Servicemen of Hill View Enclave, Villages Islam Nagar and Naggal Sodhian have been denied our due only on account of the fact that we were not available in the Revenue District of Panchkula and away from the State of Haryana- serving the Nation. We were denied the basic opportunity of hearing and no Notice under Section 9(4) was sent to us even though our addresses and names were mentioned in the revenue records.

    Some of the Officers of the Armed Forces of one family had constructed an out-house with latrine, urinal enclosed by a boundary wall with their name boards nailed on the wall but such boards were broken by the HUDA officials. They have not been granted relief by the State of Haryana which has the maximum number of ex Servicemen in the Country. Many a plots of local residents , with approach and who could file objections being locally available were spared from acquisition but not of those serving then away from Haryana who never learnt of the Acquisitions process nor got the notice. Such like hostile ground to discriminate amongst the land owners has adversely been commented upon by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Hari Ram’s case (supra).

    In CWP No.15150 of 2010 the Punjab and Haryana High Court allowed the writ petition while
    quashing notification dated 26.9.2007 , issued under Section 4 of the Act, and the declaration issued under Section 6 of the Act on 25.9.2008 and an award passed on 24.9.2010, qua the land of the petitioners.

    Does the State want every one to knock at the doors of the Justice ?

    May be the Supreme Court of India would restore the lands of the servicemen and ex servicemen of Hill View Enclave, Pinjore which colony has been described by the Court as "a planned colony" in
    CWP No.15150 of 2010.

    I request all the readers to send a print out of this text to the Chief Minister of Haryana, Smt Sonia Gandhi, and Shri Rahul Gandhi. May be they take some action to restore the small pieces of lands of ex servicemen.

    Colonel Bindeshwar Ram,
    President Ex Servicemen Welfare
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  • The Hon'ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana was misled by HUDA that the Land belonged to the Hill View Enclave Society (HVES)

    Please click the link as given below.

    User:Budhhalion/Hill view Enclave Pinjore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I request all those who have Plots in Hill View Enclave to engage a Lawyer to file case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court individually.

    The High Court was misled by HUDA that the Land belonged to the Hill View Enclave Society (HVES) HVES never owned any Land.

    To whom did HUDA send any Notice for construction of Houses or for applying for a License. The individuals and that too Soldiers, Scholars who were away from the State of Haryana were never ever given an opportunity to file even Objections under Section 5A of LA Act 1894.

    The Chief Justice of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court are requested to open up the case and or some Justice loving person must file a PIL.

    Those who dig the trenches at the Borders , or fly in cockpits or serve the nation away from Haryana can only construct their House after their retirements from the Services of the Union of India.

    If the HUDA or the State of Haryana has spared from acquisition the Constructed Houses on the Plots in Hill View Enclave, Pinjore then the Plots of the Soldiers and Scholars need also to be spared. Once constructed and the other had yet to construct only after hanging his Uniform as there was no requirement or letters of HUDA to the Soldiers and Central Government employees to construct the houses.

    Will Shri Pranab Mukerjee, the Hon'ble President of India, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces intervene to save the Plots of the Servicemen and Ex Servicemen?

    Regards, Thanks

    Colonel Bindeshwar
  • Dr, Its good to know about such an emotional story mentioned above. But unfortunately it is not the case. IREO & DLF has bought the land through sale deed and not been alloted land that was aquired by HUDA.

    The honourable court may quash the acuired land but legitimate sale deeds where in these farmers & soldiers sold there lands must be upheld.

    And i was talking about karma theory where in if any body does a wrong karma he will create a cause. This cause will have an effect either today or later but he will definately have it. We all know who established theory of equal & opposite reaction.

    Therefore lets all create good karmas.Its is preached in all religions of the earth.
  • Saurabh I agree with you.DLF and Ireo bought it from farmers and not the soldiers.
  • Dlf is totally clear yaar...... Work will also start hopefully.....
  • I am referring to a case where SC had given the following orders

    M/s Indarprastha Ice and Cold Storage Ltd. Vs. Union of India AIR 1987 Del 171- Tenant is entitled to only a nominal compensation- Only a nominal portion of the compensation of the acquired land is to be paid to the tenant and substantial amount has to be taken by the landlord. The tenant is not entitled to 1/3 or 1/4 of the amount of compensation on the basis of judicial decisions relating to agricultural land on which the tenant had aright to purchase under Section 18 of the Punjab Security of Land Tenures Act. The tenant is only entitled to 1/8 share of the compensation The government, under section 16 of the Act is at liberty to withdraw from acquisition of land except in cases provided under section 36. However, if the possession of land has been taken, then the government will have no authority to withdraw from such acquisition.

    Even when West Bengal CM was going to pass an act where the TAtas had to return the land that was transferred to them the SC interfere and cancelled the above would be act of our Honble CM of West Bengal.

    In DLF and Ireo case possesion has been taken,land is in the name of builders,Haryana goverment has issued license for a colony.There is no way SC can transfer the land to the farmers.Things are in favour of DLF and Ireo.
  • I don't know what the latest status is, but DLF and IREO are far from clear. They bought land from farmers by fraud in collusion with HUDA.
    Is there some new update?

    DLF has to stop construction in Pinjore on SC orders - Hindustan Times

    SC order hits HUDA project, investors - Indian Express
  • any update as to what happened last hearing
  • Dear Saurabh,

    Either you are working for the Builders lobby or taking on for your ego one to one with an ex Serviceman and his Colleagues, who have no place to settle down after their retirements.

    While those who stay put on home soils and develop their grass to huge trees and others who join the Armed Forces, lose their even grass roots.

    The only hope they have is to settle down on a piece of Land, which they buy while in service, to settle down after hanging uniform.

    If their only piece of Land be acquired and they be offered to be doled out compensation with which they can not buy even the size of a grave yard it is for the Society to ponder over as to the role of builders and the development authorities like HUDA.

    If you do not know the facts please read and freely comment as you seem to be having no loss in the acquisition nor any one close like father or brother or son seems to be in the services. Dont pretend or hide remeber Karmic

    How it began.

    On September 26, 2007, the Haryana government issued a notification to acquire 809.79 acres of land in Panchkula and Pinjore.

    Two notifications (dated September 26, 2007 and September 25, 2008) were issued to acquire the land, which was to be used for construction of residential colonies.

    Surprisingly, after inviting objections to the notifications for a year, the Haryana government allowed the companies to purchase the land directly from the owners.

    In the notification issued on September 25, 2008, the land the government wanted to acquire was reduced to 673.79 acres.

    About 118 acres of land was bought by DLF (Owned by one retired Major KP Singh, an ex serviceman who had, on scholarship of the Governemnt, pursued Aeronautical Engineering in UK, and after after graduating in Science was subsequently selected to the Indian Army by 'British Officers Services Selection Board, UK' and thereafter commissioned into a Cavalry regiment of the Indian Army. In 1960), from villagers, was exempted from Acquisition.

    “After the notification was issued, developers had started seeing commercial interest in the land.

    They colluded with the authorities and purchased land from the owners at a very low price,”.

    Interestingly, 170 acres of land allegedly belonging to Ascent and Associates, New Delhi, was further exempted from acquisition, leaving the government with 503.79 acres of land.

    “After entering into full and final agreements, the companies applied for licence to develop a colony on the land,” In February 2 and March 23 2009, licences for construction of colonies were granted to the two companies.

    “The government, it would appear to anyone, is working on behalf of DLF and Ascent associates.

    Only those persons land has been exempted, who are front men of the two companies."

    Neither Rahul Gandhi can do anything not CM Hooda nor real Mother Teresa of Indian Politics.

    Do you know the Landlosers have not even been given an opportunity of hearing of filing objections?

    No Ex Serviceman's Association or Body has taken up the case of the ex servicemen Land losers, not even Sainik Board not even Defence Ministry's resettlement wing .
    No Politician has taken up their case. They have not marched in protest as the disciline is ingrained. Thanks for your insensitivity.

    Money blind- folds many more so the Public service machinery.

    The ex Servicemen who had to settle down in Village Naggal Sodian and Islam Pur after their retirements are left in the Lurch.

    Even Major (Dr) KP Singh who is an Octogenarian and considered philanthropist would ever come up to help the ex servicemen owning Plots in Naggal Sodian and Islam Pur in Kalka Pinjore.
    You are just beating us for no reason or for some reason.

    Colonel (Dr) Bindeshwar