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  • Real estate companies and their nexus with politicians and bureaucrats

    The article is a real eye opener. How we "aam aadmi" continue to get conned :( by people who use unethical ways to jack up property rates. Very well said. The grossly over inflated property rate in our country is one reason, why i have not been able to have a VERY GOOD Life in spite of earning really well. The way the property rate escalated in Chandigarh/India area defies all logic, in spite of INDIA being such a large country with huge land mass. Is it not possible for government to create more cities, make lakhs of flats so that demand for properties fall to actual realistic values.
    I wish instead to having to save those lakhs and lakhs, i was in position to buy a BMW/AUDI/MERC ;) or indulge in luxury holidays;), or leisurely activities. Instead i am getting my blood sucked by greedy speculators, property dealers, real estate companies and their nexus with politicians and bureaucrats.
    India can never be great for such reasons, because we have that "chalta hai" attitude. We tolerate and allow Politicians and companies to loot the country, its people.