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Need construction cost - Coimbatore


Need construction cost - Coimbatore

Last updated: February 11 2019
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  • Need construction cost - Coimbatore

    I am planning to purchase an individual house at Coimbatore.

    The builder is charging Rs.1050/Sq.ft. (excluding land cost) for the building
    with the following :

    a.building area with granite flooring, kitchen & bathroom with tiles.
    b.Portico, External stair case, sit out, water sump.

    Charge for construction of compound wall with gate is Rs.500 /Sq.ft.

    I would like to know if the charges is justifiable.

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    Re : Need construction cost - Coimbatore


    I am a builder in Coimbatore for past 33 years.

    I doubt if anyone ANYWHERE in india can build for Rs 1050 per sft.

    First off : I dont want your work. I am too busy .

    The going rate for extremely simple finish with at 5' deep foundation, 2'6" plinth , country wood (not teak doors) and Aluminium sliding windows with unbranded tiles in the toilets , with unbranded sanitary ware, unbranded electrical wiring and switches, with safety grills using 4mm*12 mm flats and unbranded floor tiles of 24"*24" , distemper to walls with no putty, is about Rs 1800 per sft. Extra will be septic tank, sump and over head tank.

    Compound walls cannot be done in square feet as its hight and material dependent.

    Good quality construction on the other hand with fully branded products starts at Rs 2500 / sft and sky is the limit.

    Higher the plinth , the better (more cost), after all you cannot lift your house later as the road go up and the drains flood. Almost all the rest can be redone down the line.

    Dont be fooled. Rs 1050 is a typical "too good to be true " rate and this guys will vanish with your money after slab level, or hand over an unsafe shaby building.

    Dont forget there is 12 % GST ON residential construction to be added, in theory a promoter gets ITC. Always get the builders GST numeber pan card and Aadhar card copies if you are dealing with a guy who comes with no known references or testomonials.

    Pretty brochures and promises anyone can make. All cities are litered with shaby/incomplete projects , where good folks are taken for a ride, as they belived such unbeliveable once in a life time offers

    If he is building on your own property ( land after registration in your name) , NO ITC, and you will have to cough up the full 12 %.

    If its part of the promotion, that is the rate is inclusive of LAND AND BUILDING, the promotoer can in theory pass on the benfits of ITC to you.

    Very few auditors even know the difference between a builder and a promoter .

    A builder / contractor is one who builds for you on your own land: NO ITC full 12 %

    A promoter flat of gated community house is the original owner of the land : FULL ITC , benefits can be passed on to the buyer.

    Once he registers the land in your name he is a contractor.

    This is the fact.

    Hope this helps



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