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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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    Perfume unit will pollute Pillur water: Velliyangadu residents

    Nivedha Selvam| TNN | Jun 12, 2018, 00:01 IST
    Coimbatore: The residents of Velliyangadu are opposing the establishment of a perfume manufacturing unit just a few kilometres away from the Pillur dam. They have submitted a petition to collector TN Hariharan urging him to take necessary action against the unit, which they claim will cause water pollution.

    “We were told that a farm unit is coming up at the place. Only recently, after the machineries were installed, we came to know that it is a perfume manufacturing unit,” said S Surendran, a local resident.

    The unit will be using chemicals like sodium and affluent from there will pollute water bodies, the residents said. “Water from Pillur dam, after purification process, is supplied to over 6,000 households in 570 villages. The perfume unit is just four kilometres away from the dam and over two kilometres away from the water treatment plant,” Mukesh, another resident, told TOI.

    “If the water is polluted, it would have a direct impact on the health of the people,” he said, adding that the unit is also just 200 metres away from the reserve forest. “In this region, permission is not given even to construct a house as it is very close to the reserve forest. But permission was given to the manufacturing unit.”

    Officials in the block development office said that permission was given to the unit about two months ago.

    The construction of the unit is about to complete and it will start functioning soon, the residents said. “The unit is on a 45-acre plot with a borewell. They will start digging more borewells, causing depletion of groundwater,” another resident said.

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      While rain replenishes city lakes,greens call for desilting channels

      TNN | Jun 12, 2018, 00:28 IST

      Coimbatore: The southwest monsoon showers lashing the Western Ghats and Siruvani foothills have brought good inflow to waterways that feed the lakes in the city. While expressing happiness about the copious amount of rain the district has been receiving, farmers and environmentalists from the city shared their anxiety over the channels that have not yet been desilted, with TOI.

      Several channels that feed city lakes have become narrow due to overgrown shrubs and need to be cleaned, environmentalists said. As some of the lakes are already full with water from summer showers, there is also a need to create blockages in the channels that feed them in order to prevent overflow, said R Manikandan of Kovai Kulangal Padhukappu Amaippu. “There is a lot of concern about desilting lakes. But channels that feed them too should be desilted. The channels that feed Pudukulam and Kolarampathi lakes had shrunk due to silt and overgrowth. We had asked PWD officials to clean them and they were getting ready for the work. But rain spoiled the plan,” he said.

      Environmentalists had asked officials to block water flow to Krishnampathi and fill Narasampathi lake. “Krishnampathi lake is full while the adjacent Narasampathi lake is bone dry. We have asked officials to create a blockage to the flow to Krishnampathi so that Narasampathi lake gets filled,” Manikandan said.

      Meanwhile, members of the Tamil Nadu Farmer’s Association petitioned the collector on Monday seeking to clear encroachments on channels and sub-channels that irrigate agricultural lands. “Shrubs and garbage are choking channels that irrigate agricultural lands. More than 700 farmers, who cultivate in 4,500 acres benefit from the water that flows through the sub-channels that originate from Kil Chithirai Chavadi channel from Chithirai Chavadi Anaicut,” the petition said.

      Public works department (PWD) officials said while the lakes and channels were used mainly for irrigation, due to urbanisation, sewage is let into them. “But, whenever there is inflow of fresh water, we do the needed to fill the tanks,” said a PWD official.

      The official said they had desilted the channels of Chithirai Chavadi. “We cleared some obstructions in the channel this year also,” an official told TOI. “We have been desilting channels in the city over the last two days. We have been making the necessary arrangements to ensure water flow in Kuniamuthur Vaikal and the channels that feed Sottaiyandi Kuttai and Ganganarayanan Samuthiram,” he said and added that they have also been clearing vents below bridges. “We have been working on clearing up Vellalur channel. But, as there are encroachments on it, it is taking up time.”

      Responding to environmentalists’ concern that desilting work would be obstructed as water has already started flowing, the official said they have made available equipment to clear obstructions.

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        Study under way in Coonoor for ‘Smart water distribution system’

        TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 00:30 IST

        Udhagamandalam: In a bid to augment equal distribution of water in Coonoor town, which has been reeling under water scarcity and inequity distribution of water due to the difficult terrain of the town, a study by the Tamil Nadu Water Investment Co Ltd (TWIC) is underway, thanks to the relentless effort of the Citizens Forum of Coonoor. Soon, Coonoor town will fall under the ‘smart water distribution system’.

        Besides 11 other resources, Ralliah dam is the main source of drinking water to the residents of Coonoor. Many residents get water supply in the municipal pipelines once in 20 days. Other water schemes like Gymkhana and Garanji help in alleviating water crisis.

        With around 6,200 waterline connections in Coonoor town, the municipality requires at least 41 lakh litres of water a day for sufficient supply. But according to municipal officials, as of now, their limit is only 25-35 lakh litres of water from all the sources. Hence, water is supplied to the residents on regular basis but in some areas, it is once in 15 days as they are in steep hillocks. According to them, the problem in the hilly terrain is that water cannot be supplied uniformly. Certain downhill areas get water supply easily while uphill areas get only when the pumping motor runs, at least, for eight hours.

        President of Citizens Forum Coonoor Jabarathinam said, “Keeping the future in mind, a report by the forum to tackle the water situation in Coonoor when monsoon fails was handed over to the municipal authorities and the government but in vain.” He said, “But now we have succeeded in bring in officials to find a solution for the perennial problem of water supply in Coonoor town.” He said, “The Nilgiris collector’s effort to bring together the municipal administration and the TWIC for a project study has given us hope.”

        Nilgiris collector J Innocent Divya told TOI: “We have asked the commissioner of municipal administration (CMA) to set right the water distribution system in Coonoor town. Due to lower and higher gradients of the terrain, water is not supplied equally. This issue has to be resolved.”

        She said, “Hence, the CMA has agreed for a study report by TWIC and the study is underway.”

        According to Divya, IIT-Madras has been given a project to study the feasibility of increasing the capacity of Ralliah dam.

        Ralliah dam, the main source of drinking water to Coonoor town, was built in 1938 (completed in 1941) with a capacity of 1.5 TMC meant for a population of around 10,000 to 15,000 people then. Now, the population of Coonoor town is around 55,000. Though there are around 11 other natural water sources in and around Coonoor, the Coonoor municipality is not able to meet the daily requirement of water for residents.

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          Flood alert sounded along Bhavani, ban on coracle ride

          TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 00:31 IST

          After the release of water from Pillur dam in the Nilgiris district, the Erode district administration on Monday issued flood alert to people living along the Bhavani river and banned bathing and coracle riding in the river until further notice.

          “Nearly 1,000 cusecs of surplus water were released from Pillur dam into the Bhavani after heavy downpours in the Nilgiris district in the past few days,” said a public works department (PWD) official. On Monday morning, the inflow to Bhavanisagar dam crossed 10,000 cusecs.

          The administration has deployed police and fire and rescue services personnel along the banks of the river to prevent people from entering it. A team of officials from revenue, PWD, police and forest departments will monitor the situation.

          Besides, officials used mike and ‘tom-tom’ to urge people to vacate their houses along the river. “We asked farmers to move their cattle and their properties away from the river, as water released could lead to flash floods,” said an official. TNN

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            Realtor found dead on city outskirts

            TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 00:39 IST
            Coimbatore: A 47-year-old realtor was found dead with multiple cut injuries near a famhouse at Mettukadu in Anaimalai on the outskirts of the city on Monday.

            The deceased was identified as K Kandasamy of Vadugapalayam near Pollachi. “He was engaged in real estate business, sale of used cars and private finance ,” a police officer said.

            Anaimalai police have registered a case under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC.

            Two special teams have been formed to arrest the murderers, police superintendent Pa Moorthy said. tnn

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              Ukkadam flyover: Residents continue to be apprehensive

              Pratiksha Ramkumar| TNN | Jun 12, 2018, 18:03 IST

              COIMBATORE: Even as highway officials began work on the Ukkadam flyover and have been releasing maps, people living in the area continue to have apprehensions regarding the project.

              They say the highways department hasn’t still confirmed if the four-lane flyover will be extended up to Aathupalam, as per the original plan, or if it will end at Karumbukadai Junction. They also say relocation of families, whose houses are being encroached, to Malumichampatty will destroy their livelihood.

              A month after the bhoomi puja for the project was completed and a week after traffic diversions for the same were put in place, the Ukkadam People’s Livelihood Protection Collective has issued a statement that the highways department is yet to show them a clear design of the flyover.

              They say the flyover was originally designed to be from Oppanakara Street to Aathupalam. But suddenly a few months ago, highways officials modified the design of the flyover making it begin at Ukkadam and end Karumbukadai Junction.

              Residents say the new design does not serve any purpose because the Karumbukadai Junction already sees heavy traffic. “Highways officials did not give a reason for the change in design,” says activist M Parthiban.

              “The Karumbukadai Junction is already full of traffic and ending a flyover there will increase the congestion,” he says. “When we approach the highways department directly, they say the flyover will end at Aathupalam, but it remains a verbal commitment and not in writing,” he says.

              The highways department has released a map which shows a ring road being created opposite to the Ukkadam Bus Stand, with exits to the Selvapuram bypass, Sungam and Oppanakara Street. “But more people go from Aathupalam to Sungam, and that is the connection we require, rather than Selvapuram to Sungam,” says Parthiban.

              The creation of this ring road has also led to land acquisition notices being issued to 437 residents in CMC Colony and 150 residents in Dhobi Khaana. “They have not given a written statement about where these residents are going to be relocated. Highways department officials and slum resettlement board officials have not held proper negotiations. Verbally they have mentioned Malumichampatty,” says Ponnaiya Chandran, another activist.

              Residents say living in Malumichampatty will not be economically viable for them. “CMC Colony residents are conservancy workers in the corporation. They have to submit biometric attendance at 6am and 1.30pm. They cannot even go back home if they live in Malumichampatty. The Dhobi Khaana residents already have a solid clientele in this area. If they are moved, they need to set up another dhobi khaana there and then start finding clients which is dangerous to their business,” said Parthiban.


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                Collector, corpn commissioner inspect desilting of channels

                TNN | Updated: Jun 13, 2018, 00:33 IST
                The official machinery sprung into action and initiated measures to desilt water channels and clear the blocks to ensure free flow of rain water in the city on Tuesday.

                Collector TN Hariharan along with corporation commissioner K Vijaykarthikeyan and a team of officials from the public work department inspected the water channels in the city. They instructed the workers to clean blocks in the channels to ensure smooth flow of water to the lakes.

                Hariharan and Vijayakarthikeyan inspected the desilting works on Rajavaickal that takes water to Vellalore. The official team found that the channel was narrow at several spots and was also blocked at few places.

                The inspection comes in the wake of demand from residents as well as farmers that it was imperative to desilt water channels and clear the shrubs that block water in the wake of heavy rain. Since the lakes in the city were interconnected, ensuring a cascading flow of water from one to another, blockages in the channels would obstruct the flow resulting in overflowing of lakes upstream.

                Officials said that the desilting work was in in full swing and it would continue for the next few days. TNN

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                  33 shops in Ooty municipal market sealed

                  tnn | Updated: Jun 13, 2018, 00:44 IST

                  Udhagamandalam: Thirty-three shops in the Ooty municipal market were sealed by officials on Tuesday for two years of rent arrears.

                  All the shops in the market downed their shutters to protest the municipality action. Shopkeepers also staged a demonstration in front of the municipal office.

                  As per a government order, there should be an increase of 15% in rent payable to the municipality by the merchants for every three years starting from July 2007. The municipality also must renew the lease agreement with a new rental pattern as prescribed by the PWD from July 2016. The rental amount should be fixed for each shop based on plinth area.

                  “We followed the government order and issued notices to the shops falling under the municipality control for a new rental pattern prescribed by the PWD. Final notices were issued to 400 shops out of 1,589 shops in the municipal market and outside the market area,” Ooty municipal engineer and commissioner in-charge C Ravi said.

                  He said, “Out of 53 shops for which the last date lapsed for paying the rental, 33 shops were sealed on Tuesday with police protection. We couldn’t seal the rest of the shops as shopkeepers gathered and staged a protest.”

                  Braving the rain, around 500 shopkeepers gathered in front of the Ooty municipal office and staged a demonstration. A meeting took place between municipal officials and office-bearers of the municipal market merchants’ association. Later, the shops in the market were opened in the afternoon.

                  “We have asked the merchants to pay the revised rental due in installment basis. Shopkeepers of the 33 sealed shops paid 50% of the rent arrears. The revised rental is effective from July 1, 2016,” said Ravi. He added, “Final notices will be issued to the rest of the shopkeepers in the municipal market.”

                  A team will be formed by the office of the Commissioner of Municipal Administration (CMA) to review the matter further.

                  Mustafa, president, Ooty municipal market merchants’ association, told TOI: “Normally, there is a revision in rent every three years by 15% besides 18% surcharge on it. But, now the renewed rental pattern is very exorbitant.”

                  A yearly rental of Rs 2 crore from all the shops in market has now been revised at Rs 13 crore, from which we seek considerable reduction, he added.

                  He said, “Ooty municipal market is more than a century old. We have been running the shops there since from our ancestral period. Hence, we seek reasonable consideration in revising the rental value”.

                  With different sizes of plinth area, there are around 1,327 shops located within the Ooty municipal market besides 200 more shops in different complexes located in various places in the town. According to the municipal officials, the municipality spends nearly Rs 14.5 lakh per month to clean the garbage within the market area.


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                    Rs 3cr allotted to study feasibility of flyover on Perumanallur Rd

                    tnn | Updated: Jun 14, 2018, 00:52 IST

                    Tirupur: The state government has sanctioned Rs 3 crore for conducting feasibility study for the proposed flyover on Perumanallur Road in the city and preparing a detailed project report.

                    The move comes as a relief to the dollar city, the roads of which have been witnessing heavy traffic snarls due to the manifold increase in the vehicles hitting the roads every year. If the state highways department were to be believed, Perumanallur Road is placed second only to Avinashi Road when it comes to handling the most number of vehicles.

                    The highways department had recently submitted its preliminary report before the government, suggesting that the flyover could be constructed for about 6.4km from Puspha Theatre junction to Pandiyan Nagar.

                    “A bridge with single giant pillars at the centre of the road and service roads on either side will be ideally suited. There can be at least five-six junctions at important pockets such as Puspha theatre junction, Shanthi theatre junction, new bus stand, Sirupooluvapatti four-road junction and Pandiyan Nagar,” said a state highways department official, who didn’t want to be named.

                    The official, however, said it was a tentative plan and it could be modified or completely changed at a later stage. “Presently, we are asked to conduct a feasibility study, for which we would consider various factors such as vehicular traffic and flow,” he added.

                    The project, he said, may require land acquisition in some places, considering the flyover’s width and facilities. “The government will take steps to both acquire the land and remove encroachments,” another official said.

                    Tirupur south MLA S Gunasekaran said the project was proposed with an objective to reduce traffic congestion, since Perumanallur Road was one of few arterial roads of the city administered by state highways department. “We will hire a consultant to conduct the feasibility study and prepare detailed project report within this year itself. After that, we will request the chief minister to allocate funds for the project in the next budget,” the AIADMK leader said.

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                      SPV to get more power to speed up smart city proj

                      TNN | Updated: Jun 14, 2018, 00:40 IST

                      Coimbatore: Coimbatore Smart City Limited will soon be able to sanction projects up to Rs 15 crore, thanks to a decision by the state government to entrust additional powers to the special purpose vehicle (SPV) created to implement ‘Smart City’ works. The current upper cap for the company is Rs 6.5 crore.

                      With increase in the cap, the corporation will be able to roll out smart city projects at a faster pace.

                      An official from the corporation said, “SPVs are only allowed to clear projects up to Rs 6.5 crore. But most of the projects including solar panels, multi-level car parking, park renovation and various other projects cost more than Rs 6.5 crore.”

                      “We have to travel to Chennai to get sanction for every project above the cap. It consumes time and delays the projects. Also, every time senior bureaucrats suggest changes in the proposal further delaying the projects,” he added.

                      The Chennai Corporation has an upper cap of Rs 10 crore. Chennai corporation’s upper cap will be extended up to Rs 25 crore. “The state government has decided to empower SPVs to grant sanction to projects up to Rs 25 crore. This will fast track the sanctioning process as well as the implementation of the projects,’’ said a senior officer from Chennai Corporation.

                      The officials of the greater Chennai corporation said that a meeting was held recently regarding this and the top government authorities have agreed for the change. “Earlier the SPV board from Chennai and other 10 corporations in the state can sanction projects up to Rs 10 crore and Rs 6.5 crore respectively whereas projects above that would go to the state high power committee. The committee would meet only once in three months. Only then the projects would be sanctioned, delaying the whole process,’’ said an officer in the corporation.

                      The state high power committee comprises municipal administration and water supply secretary, finance secretary, chairman of the Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation (TUFIDCO), among others.

                      “The SPVs are formed as a company and should comply to companies act. But they continue to be run as an extension of a government department as there is a three-tier system for approving the projects that are stuck due to red tape. But other smart city SPVs across the country such as the company in Bhuvaneshwar have been given complete authority to sanction projects worth any amount at any time. Unless such independence is allowed, it is difficult to implement projects such as smart city,” said a smart city consultant.


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