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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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    Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

    363 high rises in Coimbatore, but no aerial ladder

    COIMBATORE: Though the city has more than 363 high rise buildings, the fire and rescue services department does not have a single aerial ladder platform or a sky lift vehicle if some major fire breaks out. The department also lacks foam tenders to put out industrial fires. The existing foam tenders were condemned long ago, but have not been replaced. Officials said that they have sent proposals for over two and half years but so far they have not received any updates.

    Officials have been sending letters to the Secretariat almost every month. Of the 363 high rise buildings, 86 are apartments and 80 are IT parks. In the last few years, the city has seen the construction of 68 hotels, 39 commercial complexes, 37 business buildings, 22 colleges, 16 hospitals, nine industries and six schools which are high rise buildings.

    "In most of these buildings, exits are inadequate and staircases are narrow. Many of these buildings were constructed several years ago when the norms were different. If any major fire breaks out, a sky lift machine can manoeuvre around the building and help us rescue people with ease," said a senior official at the fire and rescue services department. These machines are mainly used for high rise buildings as the ladder is operated using a hydraulic mechanism and is fitted on a custom fire tender.

    In the fire that broke out at the three-storeyed Vigneshwar Cresta located at Lakshmi Mills on April 25 in 2013, the fire department used only makeshift ladders. "We have written to the government and are hopeful that it gets sanctioned soon," said M Shahul Hameed, joint director, western region, fire and rescue services department.

    "This attitude of the government should be condemned, especially after what happened in 2013. They should have bought these tenders soon after the incident. Their apathy is shocking," said K Kathirmathiyon, secretary, Coimbatore Consumer Cause. "If such a mishap happens again, i have no idea what would happen to the public," he said.

    As of now, the fire department has 79 water tenders, six water lorries, three emergency rescue tenders and two foam tenders. "Even these foam tenders are not adequate. The normal tenders can extend up to 16ft and scale up to 33ft which is just three storeys," said one activist. The older machine, Simon Snorkel, is also not adequate to deal with major fire accidents in high rise buildings. The new machines known as the Bronto or sky lift vehicle are manufactured in Finland. This can scale up to 300ft, said officials. Officials have requested for two Bronto vehicles that could go up to 54m.

    363 high rises in Coimbatore, but no aerial ladder - The Times of India
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      Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

      Civic body to start drafting smart city proposal in July

      COIMBATORE: Joining the race to become one of the first places to become a smart city, Coimbatore municipal corporation will start to prepare the proposal, that needs to be sent to the Centre for approval, in July.

      Though Coimbatore has found a place in the list of 100 cities across the country to be developed under the smart city project, only a few places will be chosen for Phase I. This selection depended mainly on the proposal that the civic authorities of the respective city will be sending.

      To begin with, Coimbatore corporation authorities will set up an advisory forum comprising district collector, MP, MLA, technical experts and representatives of associations.

      "The advisory forum will meet in July and get suggestions from all the stake holders. The proposal will be prepared based on the suggestions. The proposal then will be sent to the state government and later forwarded to the ministry of urban development,'' said corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan.

      According to sources, the corporation will get Rs 2 crore for preparation of the smart city proposal. "If Coimbatore is selected for the project, the city will get Rs 200 crore for the first year. Thereafter Rs 100 crore will be provided to the corporation every year for four years,'' said a senior official.

      Civic authorities are confident that Coimbatore will sail through easily.

      "The city has adequate water supply including waste water recycling and storm water reuse. The smart cities should have assured electricity supply and at least 10% of the energy requirement should come from solar power. Proper sanitation, solid waste management, efficient urban mobility, public transport, affordable housing especially for the poor, digitalization, IT connectivity, e-governance, health and education are other parameters,'' said Vijayakarthikeyan noting that these will prove to be advantageous for Coimbatore.

      "We have been implementing various projects including 24X7 water supply, total solid and liquid waste management project and making the city slum free. Coimbatore corporation will clear the first two stages and for sure be selected for the smart city project," said Vijayakarthikeyan.

      Corporation authorities will set up an advisory forum comprising district collector, MP, MLA and technical experts.

      Civic body to start drafting smart city proposal in July - The Times of India
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        Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

        Coimbatore civic body plans to clear encroachments near Vellalore tank after eight years

        COIMBATORE: After nearly eight years, the corporation plans to clear the encroachments and allow water to flow to the Vellalore tank. Thousands of farmers who have agricultural land in the 15km radius of the tank are delighted hearing the news.

        The district administration has decided to de-silt the Rajavaikal located near Athupalam and also remove 57 houses in one stretch and 99 houses on another stretch. The Public Works department officials have already begun the de-silting process from the lake towards the upstream. "We inspected the encroached areas and did a survey on the number of houses. We have asked the corporation to begin the bio-metric process for these beneficiaries who would be allotted houses in a few weeks," said a senior official.

        The officials of the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) said that tenements were getting ready at Malumichampatti, Kovai Pudur and many other places. "Based on the requirement and availability, we would allot homes," said a senior official of TNSCB. The residents in the encroached land said that they felt for the farmers and were willing to shift if homes were allotted to them. "Most of us are daily wage workers and work in the city. So we would be happy if authorities allotted us a tenement closer to the city," said Mumtaz, a resident. 41-year-old Kalimuthu who was born and brought up there said that they were willing to shift even within a week if provided with finished homes.

        R Ganesh, a farmer who has not been able to get tap water even after having set up nearly 30 bore well connections said that the region has seen a serious decline in not just farming but also the water level in the last 15 years. "Even at 1200-feet ground water is not available. This land was most productive in the district and all kinds of vegetables were once grown and exported from here," he said. But encroachments near the Rajavaikal located near Athupalam had clogged all the water entry points and it had been more than eight years since they received water from river Noyyal.

        Agitated farmers demanded the district administration to remove the encroachments or de-silt the Rajavaikal allowing the water to reach Vellalore water tank. "We even told them that we were ready to do it ourselves," said a farmer. Generally in the region, various vegetables, coconut varieties, banana and pulses are grown. "In the past few years due to the lack of availability of water nearly 40,000 farmers have either sold their land or shifted to odd jobs. Most of them rear cattle for a living," said C V Sashi Kumar, another farmer. On hearing the news, farmers said they were happy that their grievances were finally heard. "Even back in 2007, water was was let after 28-year wait," said a farmer. "There has not been a single grievance meeting when the farmers have not brought this issue up. Moreover, since river Noyyal received adequate rainfall and was overflowing with water, we decided to make it a priority and remove the encroachments within 20 days," said a senior official.

        Coimbatore civic body plans to clear encroachments near Vellalore tank after eight years - The Times of India
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          Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

          TN is removing bottlenecks in approving construction projects, minister says

          COIMBATORE: The Tamil Nadu government is doing everything to make the state a preferred destination for investment, especially in the construction section, said minister for housing and urban development R Vaithilingam on Friday.

          "We are removing bottlenecks in giving approvals for more floors, parking lots and others," he said while speaking at the CREDAI Statecon 2015 here.

          "All your genuine demands and recommendations are being considered," he told developers.

          Speaking at the event, CREDAI national president Gitambar Anand said, "Coimbatore city has 22 lakh people. Even if every five or six people stay at a house, it means the city has a market for three to four lakh houses."

          "However, people have to understand that Rs 3,500 per sq ft, which is the approximate prevailing rate, is a good price and they are receiving a quality house for it," said Anand.

          "People should be encouraged to invest at this juncture, instead of being given wrong information that prices will come down in future," he added.

          Housing secretary D P Yadav said Tamil Nadu was far ahead in providing housing stock at affordable prices. "They have given at least 50,000 houses. However, we want to create more housing for slum development and want to get into public private partnerships," he said.

          Coimbatore mayor P Rajkumar said he had submitted a proposal to the housing minister to reduce the cost for issuing building licences.

          TN is removing bottlenecks in approving construction projects, minister says - The Times of India
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            Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

            Realty trade fair expects better business this year

            COIMBATORE: The sixth edition of Fairpro, organised by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association (CREDAI), opened on Saturday morning here at the Codissia Trade Fair Complex. Real estate developers will be seen exhibiting their projects across the state at the exhibition.

            Mayor P Rajakumar and corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan inaugurated the exhibition. The three-day event will see 33 members of CREDAI showcase close to 75 real estate projects across Tamil Nadu. The price of the properties range from 20lakh to 3crore.

            Speaking to TOI, CREDAI president Rajesh B Lund, said, "Every year we have about 75 projects displayed at the expo. Last year we made business worth 68-70crore, and this year we are targeting around 85crore... The rise in business will come from more customers, and we are expecting footfall of around 5,000 people as compared with 3,000 last year."

            CREDAI has also put some offers for customers who make spot property bookings. As many as six banks are participating in the expo, offering home loan options to buyers. "An interesting option is a 2% waiver on home loans for the first two years. However, there are some terms and conditions that vary from one bank to another, and the property dealer," said Lund.

            This year's focus is on motivating buyers to make quick decisions on properties. "At a time where there are umpteen options available on online property portals, such expos help customers get a real time experience of analyzing multiple properties in their desired location," said Rajesh Lund. "Most dealers have arranged for site visits for prominent buyers," he said.

            Realty trade fair expects better business this year - The Times of India
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              Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

              8 months on, Coimbatore residents struggle with water woes

              COIMBATORE: Even after eight months, residents of Amman Kulam who were shifted from Valankulam tank bund said that they were not provided with adequate drinking water facilities. Nearly 200 residents petitioned the district collector on Monday seeking her intervention into the matter. The residents said that a 500 litre tank was provided for two households but they are supplied only with salty water every day. They have petitioned the mayor and the ward councillor several times but there has been no response, they said. A 35-year-old man who was bringing two pots of water from Sowripalayam in his two-wheeler on Sunday met with an accident and the residents blamed the slum clearance board and the corporation for it.

              "Every time, we require drinking water, we need to travel nearly 2km from our place and fill pots. We spend nearly Rs400 for bringing 12 pots of water in an auto which lasts only for a couple of days," said Maheshwari N, a resident. Another resident, S Thulasi said that they were all daily wagers so do not get time during the day to go et water. "Moreover, we cannot afford to buy water every day," she said. Children in the area said that most times they did not have enough water at home to take to school. "When we try to fill water from nearby pipelines, other residents fight with us and sometimes the quarrels turn really nasty. I do not understand why we are being made to go through all this," said A Arumugham, a resident.

              The slum clearance board officials said they had set up seven drinking water pipes in that housing unit. "Once in four days water is supplied to them and the night before the water is supplied, the sump is cleaned up," said the official. But residents said that though they claim to clean it, the water is always salty. "They never empty it fully before giving fresh supply of water," said V Saran, a resident. He added that with drains constructed on all four sides of the housing unit, they were facing mosquito menace and also several buildings showed cracks that looked dangerous.

              The slum clearance board officials said they had asked the housing unit to form a resident welfare association. "They have formed three groups and fight among each other. Their demands are varied as well," said an official.

              When the ward councillor was contacted, he said that he was planning to implement a drinking water pipeline in their area. "We have planned to set up a drinking water pipeline for the cost of Rs27 lakh. Once it is passed in the council, we will implement it soon," said P Ganeshan, ward councillor. When asked why there was a eight-month delay, he refused to comment and said he was doing what he could to solve the issue.

              8 months on, Coimbatore residents struggle with water woes - The Times of India
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                Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

                Erring buildings in Coimbatore stay put on jumbo corridors

                COIMBATORE: The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) and Local Planning Authority (LPA) have issued notices to more than 80 educational institutions and resorts since 2011 for constructing buildings on elephant corridors and forest fringes without getting approval from the forest, mines or agricultural departments, but most continue to function even today.

                An elephant corridor is a narrow path connecting two landscapes which are usually separated by roads or human habitation. Elephants are known to travel long distances for food and water and the corridors also facilitate interaction with other elephant groups which negates the risks of inbreeding. Keeping such corridors free from human habitation is necessary to avoid man-animal conflict and secure long-term survival of these animals.

                The DTCP has sealed two colleges and the LPA sealed one resort in the past, while the rest of the buildings continue to function. While some have applied to the directorate for approval, a few colleges and resorts have filed review petitions stating they had panchayat approval. But a major chunk have not even applied or tried to get an approval even after being issued the notices, said senior officials.

                "More than 30 institutions and resorts have not even filed their applications with us and 25 have not at all submitted their proposals. Seven buildings and resorts have filed a case in the court which is pending," said a senior official. "Since 2011, we have been constantly sending notices to these buildings," added the official.

                While officials in the DTCP and LPA pointed fingers at the forest officials and the local panchayats which provided these buildings with basic amenities, forest officials blamed the district administration for lack of action. As per the Tamil Nadu Municipality Act, buildings cannot be constructed 150 metres from the hilly region and 60 metres from the reserve forests as these are called buffer zones.

                Moreover for an approval, the owners need to take a no objection certificate from the forest, mines and agriculture department after which the district collector would inspect the site and send a report to Hill Area Conservation Authority (HACA). "What most owners do is break their plot or land into smaller units and sell them like the recent case where a DMDK functionary P A Matheshwaran tried to sell 62 acres of HACA land and a case was registered against him after a complaint was filed with the Economic Offences Wing," said an official.

                Activists said that the lacuna lay not in inaction of officials but with the government policy and laws. "Everyone talks about conserving an elephant corridor but the state government has not even recognised these corridors so far. We only have HACA which is highly ineffective in taking any action. Neither the forest department can take action nor can the administration unless a strong law is passed," said K Kalidasan, president, Osai, an environmental organisation.

                Forest officials said in the year 2012-2013, 14 people were trampled to death by elephants while in 2013-2014, 18 people were trampled to death. This year, there have been 5 deaths so far, said an official.

                But when some of these colleges and resorts were contacted, they said that these rules of getting a HACA approval came in only after 1999 and was implemented in 2003. "Most of our buildings were constructed several decades ago," said an official from a renowned university in the city. But officials argued that even after issuing notices these building owners did not take any step to apply for approvals.

                Erring buildings in Coimbatore stay put on jumbo corridors - The Times of India
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                  Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

                  Coimbatore Corporation lunches online initiative to clinch smart city tag

                  COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore Corporation wants to leave no stone unturned when it comes to clinching an entry into the list of top 20 smart cities that would be announced in January next year.

                  The first criterion for this is to submit a smart city plan which would involve public participation. To fulfill that, the civic body launched the smart city Facebook page and the smart city suggestions tab on their official website on Friday to gather views and suggestions from the public that could be incorporated into the smart city plan.

                  City corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan said that a meeting would be scheduled with the district collector in which various top officials from various departments, NGOs, corporates and general public could participate.

                  These portals will be open for public suggestions until November 30 as the civic body will have to submit the smart city plan by December 15. "By mid-January, we will know if we have been shortlisted for the Rs 200cr grant," said K Vijayakarthikeyan.

                  However, various NGOs and corporates said the civic body seemed quite laidback and slack in its approach as other major cities had already begun public meetings.

                  "Rajkot has already announced an award of Rs 25,000 for the best smart city proposal for its citizens. Kochi has conducted several public meetings and council sessions to discuss smart city proposals and Madurai corporation has also conducted various public meetings. We have set up our Facebook page and website only now. Moreover, we have not even entered into the where public opinion could be gathered and which will also be major criteria in the smart city selection," said a city-based civic activist who did not want to be named.

                  The government had set up website as a tool for the cities to rope in public opinion. Civic body officials said that had already submitted their details to become a part of the website. "There are some technical issues which will be resolved soon," said K Vijayakarthikeyan.

                  The state government appointed consultant ICRA management consulting services have already prepared a schedule of activities to rope in public opinion.

                  "We have decided to conduct zonal level and ward level meetings in which public representatives and corporation officials would ask public for their suggestions. Apart from this, we will hold several stake holders' meetings with NGOs and general public to decide on issues that pertain to the city," said Rammesh Ramakrishnan of ICRA.

                  The civic body plans to hold essay writing contests among school and college students on the topic - 'En Nagaram En Kanavu' or 'Mera Sheher Mera Sapna' (My city my dream) to get suggestions from them.

                  "Prizes would be given to the best essays and those ideas also would be incorporated," said city engineer G Rajendran.

                  After entering the top 98 cities, the corporation will now have to submit the smart city plan in which it will have to find out a particular issue and give a 'pan city solution' for that issue.

                  The second part is to give a proposal for an area based development in which a 500-acre area in the city should be selected and developed.

                  "Under the smart city proposal the major category is area development under which are city improvement (retrofitting), city renewal (redevelopment) and city extension (greenfield development) plus a pan-city initiative in which smart solutions are applied covering larger parts of the city," said a civic body official.

                  Apart from this, the city will have to create walkable localities with better footpaths, reduce congestion, reduce pollution, and ensure security. It will also have to develop the open spaces such as parks and playgrounds.

                  E-governance, public transport system, housing and inclusiveness and giving the city an identity based on its main economic activity will have to be addressed.

                  Coimbatore Corporation lunches online initiative to clinch smart city tag - The Times of India
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                    Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

                    Discussion on smart city proposal held in Coimbatore

                    COIMBATORE: The first discussion for identifying the schemes and plans for the smart city project was held at the district collectorate here on Wednesday.

                    Suggestions ranging from better transport system to addressing basic needs were proposed.

                    The meeting was chaired by district collector Archana Patnaik, corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan and deputy commissioner of police R V Ramya Bharathi. Officials from all departments, members of the public and representatives from NGOs provided their suggestions.

                    Deputy commissioner of traffic police T K Rajashekaran said, "As vehicular population rises by 1.5 lakh every five months, regulating traffic in the city without a sophisticated system is difficult. An exclusive control room for traffic monitoring and an integrated traffic control system is needed."

                    Another member of public proposed a sewage treatment facility for all lakes in the city. He said, "With city's lake being a prominent destination for migratory birds, treatment of sewage water before it enters lakes is essential."

                    An official from the Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited suggested that ducts for underground telephone cables be laid. He said, "Frequent digging of roads leads to damage of the optic fibre cables. A separate duct that could carry all network cables will prevent this damage."

                    Other suggestions made for the proposal that has to be sent by December this year are- ring rail system- train route to connect Irugur, Peelamedu, Podanur, Coimbatore North and Coimbatore Junction, underground electric lines and covering it with concrete slabs like in Mumbai to ease repair works and prevent digging of roads.

                    Discussion on smart city proposal held in Coimbatore - The Times of India
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                      Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

                      Coimbatore 10th among tier-II cities for promising real estate

                      Coimbatore has made it to the top ten tier II cities, with regards to promising real estate hot spots in the country, according to a report by a Gurgaon-based real estate data analytics firm.

                      The report, which takes into account seven parameters including number of projects launched every year and size of the real estate market, gives residents a reason to smile, as the realty sector in the cotton city is yet to emerge from its sluggish phase.

                      The report titled Top 10 Cities in Indian Real Estate Market has placed Coimbatore at tenth position ahead of some of the bigger Indian cities.

                      Kochi tops the list, followed by Nashik and Vishakapatnam. Coimbatore is the only city from Tamil Nadu that has found a place in the list of 19 cities surveyed across the country by PropEquity, a real estate data analytics and consulting firm.

                      According to the report, there was an average launch of 40 new projects every year from 2013 to 2015.

                      The number of projects granted possession annually since 2013 was 50 (includes projects launched before 2013) and the average residential units launched annually since 2013 was 4,000.

                      However, some realtors are skeptical of such growth. They say that only if the growth is gradual, it would be stable.

                      Coimbatore 10th among tier-II cities for promising real estate - The Times of India
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