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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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    Slum clearance drive: Jeeva Nagar residents demand land within city

    Coimbatore: Around 200 residents of Jeeva Nagar in the city demanded on Monday that they be evicted only after being given alternate housing or accommodation within the Coimbatore Corporation limits. They came to the district collectorate to submit their petition in this regard.

    The residents have been promised alternate housing in multi-storied apartments at Keeranatham following their eviction.

    Jeeva Nagar is located just off Mettupalayam Road next to the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation office.

    The residents say they will not vacate their houses unless they are provided alternate housing near their current dwellings.

    They had been living on poromboke land in the corporation for decades.

    Former councillor Purushothaman said, “Under a land lease agreement, they had been paying for the land in installments to the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board. They have been paying Rs 44 per sqm per month since 1990. It has been slowly increased up to Rs 450 per sqm as recently as two years ago. At least 30 of the 204 houses have paid the full amount, for the land to be registered under their name.” “They were served eviction notices despite paying all their installments and in the nick of time to register the land in their names,” he said.

    Purushothaman, who is also a resident of Jeeva Nagar, said most families have paid at least 60% to 70% of their installments to TNSCB for registration of the land in their name.

    “So, if they want to evict us now they have to give us alternate accommodation or housing that matches this land’s value. Instead, they are giving us apartments at Keeranatham, which is outside corporation limits and far off from most of our residents’ jobs in the city,” said Purushothaman.

    Residents say corporation owns 34 acres of poromboke land adjacent to Jeeva Nagar, of which 4 acres was given to a project, 1.5 acres for a cemetery and some more land for a school. “But they have more than 20 acres remaining which is unoccupied. They can give us alternate housing on that land. We occupy 2.71 acres currently, which can easily be accommodated on that vacant land,” said Purushothaman. “If we get that, we will vacate immediately,” he said.

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      Corpn notice to residential complex a mere eyewash, say social activists

      Coimbatore: The Coimbatore Corporation has issued show-cause notice to remove encroachment in Parsn Sesh Nestle residential complex on Nanjundapuram Road under section 258 (4) of the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) Act. But activists claim that there is no subsection 4 under the section 258 and the notice was mere an eyewash.

      The civic body has issued about 10 notices to the residential complex as buildings, including car shed, ATM centre, pump rooms and other structures, were constructed on the open space reservation (OSR) land, said an official from the corporation.

      As per the norms, 10% of the land in a layout should be allotted for OSR. It should be used for establishing playgrounds or parks, said the official.

      In this layout, OSR land has been split and buildings were constructed on them. Moreover, it is difficult to identify the OSR land in the layout.

      Signed by the assistant town planning officer of eastern zone Manoharan, one of the notices said, “A guest room and RO power plant have been constructed on a land owned by the corporation. As it is disturbance to the public, it should be removed within 15 days. Upon failing, prosecution would be charged by the corporation on October 4 and recovery of expenses would be made as per section 441 of the CCMC Act.”

      But section 441 deals with the provisions pertaining to penalties. What expense is the corporation going to recover by slapping penalty, questioned one of the petitioners, who raked up the issue of encroachment inside the layout.

      Citing that the notice was issued under 258 (4) of the CCMC Act, he said that there are only two sub-sections under the section 258 and there is no fourth sub-section.

      Acknowledging that the section deals with removal of encroachment, he said it took the corporation almost eight months to issue removal notice. In January, field inspection was conducted at the layout.

      When contacted, town planning officials said they were unaware of the issue and would look into it.

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        Under water: Why does the city sink?

        TNN | Updated: Sep 27, 2018, 12:53 IST

        Huge traffic jams choked the city following downpours on Monday and Tuesday

        COIMBATORE: Following the sudden downpours on Monday and Tuesday, huge traffic jams choked the city in the evenings. Motorists struggled as six subways were inundated with more than two feet deep water. Even main roads, including Thadagam Road and Avinashi Road, were waterlogged.

        Traffic came to a standstill from Uppilipalayam signal till Kavundampalayam signal for two hours. Sirens blaring and lights flashing, ambulances were caught in the jam. Police intervened and made way for an ambulance on its way to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Avinashi Road and State Bank Road and Puliyakulam Road were also flooded.

        Commuters and consumer activists blamed the city’s infrastructure. Water logging in portions of Thadagam Road occurs only because there are not enough drains, said K Vaidyanathan, a resident of R S Puram. “As a result, subways and underpasses in low-lying areas become prone to water stagnation, especially Lanka Corner, underpass on Trichy Road and Brookebond Road. Those places need large drains and inlets,” he told TOI.

        Roads and pavements have to be designed in such a way that water flows down to the sides and directly into the storm water drains, consumer activist K Kathirmathiyon said. He suggested constructing two more flyovers or rail over bridges to allow people to drive from the eastern part of the city to the western part, one connecting Ramnagar to Mettupalayam Road and another one connecting Sanganoor Road to the city centre. “With only two routes available and both their underpasses getting flooded, commuters have no other routes available. Ramnagar-Mettupalayam Road Flyover was proposed in 2009, but it remains on paper,” he added. But the city corporation as well as the police blamed it on the sudden downpour. The city received heavy rain within an hour instead of a gradual rainfall, police commissioner K Periaiah said. “Traffic was blocked at Lanka Corner under the Avinashi Road Flyover, Trichy Road Uderpass and Ram Nagar Uderpass near Kikani School as rain water collected there rapidly. Those roads are critical for smooth traffic flow. So, two-wheelers that usually go under the flyovers had to go above the flyovers or choose routes without underpass. Besides this, in places like Thadagam Road, two-wheeler users avoided the sides of the roads that were under water and as a result, wide roads could accommodate only single lane traffic,” he told TOI.

        City corporation chief engineer Lakshmanan said the civic body handled the situation well. “The motors provided in the underpass were switched on and water was drained out within two hours. The underpasses and subways will get inundated for some time if there is a sudden heavy downpour,” he said.

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          Corporation commissioner inspects three parks under construction

          Nivedha Selvam | TNN | Updated: Sep 27, 2018, 12:56 IST

          Representative image

          COIMBATORE: City corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan, who inspected three parks being constructed at Ramanathapuram in the city on Wednesday, directed corporation officials to expedite the work.

          The parks are being constructed at Ruckmani Nagar, Sivaram Nagar and South Sivaram Nagar in the 74th ward at a cost of Rs 2.92crore under the smart citymission project. The cost of establishing a park is estimated to be over Rs 94lakh.

          The civic body is also getting ready to inaugurate parks at Cheran Managar in ward 32, Maharaja Nagar in ward 36, PLS Nagar in ward 35, Elango Nagar in ward 34, VKL Nagar in ward 2 and Srinivasa Nagar in ward 42, renovated under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transmission (AMRUT).

          Meanwhile, Ramanathapuram residents demanded basic amenities in the locality. Acknowledging that a few roads are being laid around Ramanathapuram, S Meenakshi, a resident, told TOI that most of the interior roads are damaged beyond repair and pose as a threat to the commuters. “Instead of establishing parks, the corporation should use the fund to lay roads for the convenience of residents. What is the point of having lavish parks, when the roads are completely damaged?”

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            Metrobikes to launch bicycle rental service at Vadavalli in a month

            Nivedha Selvam | TNN | Sep 28, 2018, 00:36 IST

            Coimbatore: Though China-based bicycle-sharing platform Mobike has decided not to offer its service in the city after the civic body refused to take responsibility for the bicycles, Metrobikes, a Bengaluru-based rental start-up for two wheelers, plans to launch a three-month pilot project at Vadavalli within a month.

            Metrobikes plans to deploy 500 bicycles and is identifying parking lots in the area, a senior corporation official said. “With the Bharathiyar University nearby, the locality is one of the most suitable places for a bicycle-sharing system. We wanted to test the region specifically before implementing similar systems across the city,” the official told TOI.

            The company might introduce up to 5,000 bicycles at Vadavalli, depending upon the demand. “Metrobikes plans to charge Rs 10 for the first one hour of use and from then, Rs 5 per hour. Users have to pay Rs 99 as deposit. The bicycles could also be taken out on monthly rent. Moreover, the company plans to introduce battery-operated bicycles here,” the official said.

            Operators in this segment are worried about theft and vandalism. Over 200 bicycles owned by Ofo, one of the world’s largest bicycle-sharing platforms that had launched its service in the city some months ago under a pilot project, had gone missing. The company withdrew from the city in July.

            Metrobikes will be locked with metallic locks to check theft. The company plans to introduce a mobile-based app to lock the bicycles as well extra security measures. It has sought the assistance of the police department to safeguard them.


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              NGO to spend Rs 20cr for accident-free city

              tnn | Sep 28, 2018, 00:53 IST

              Coimbatore: Industrialists have come together under one umbrella to make the city accident-free by helping officials overhaul the traffic management apparatus.

              UYIR, an NGO formed by leading industrialists to make the city accident-free, will donate CCTV cameras, barricades and traffic management equipment worth Rs 5 crore to the city police. The NGO will spend Rs 20 crore in four years to better the traffic management apparatus in the city.

              The NGO has sought a proposal on how the city traffic police wanted to utilize Rs 5 crore this year and in response they had sought 400 CCTV cameras, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and some rubber poles, which will be fixed on roads to provide free left. UYIR has subsequently informed the city traffic police its readiness to spend Rs 3 crore on advanced CCTV and ANPR cameras and another Rs 2 crore on barricades and other traffic management apparatus.

              UYIR has hundreds of industrialists, educationists and doctors as its members. According to sources, the NGO will spend Rs 5 crore each per year for four years to develop roads and improved traffic management system in the city.

              “We have sought more than 400 CCTV cameras and some ANPR cameras in the first phase. We have identified 13 major junctions to fix ANPR cameras, which would help us detect number plates of vehicles round the clock. Three major roads – Avinashi Road, Trichy Road and Mettupalayam Road -will be covered with CCTV cameras and within four years all major junctions in the city will be covered,” said a senior police officer, who didn’t want to be named.

              He said the NGO has agreed to provide a lot of barricades and other traffic management apparatus. “This will help us reduce the fatal accidents in the city. We have already sent a proposal to district collector T N Hariharan to revise the speed limits in the city and this will be implemented very soon.”

              The NGO also unveiled its plans to ink a memorandum of understanding with the city police, city municipal corporation, state and national highways and a few more stakeholders within a month period to implement the project. “We are taking steps to install the CCTV cameras within a month. This will be done with the city police’s help. We will also approach chief minister Edappadi K Palaniswami to launch our activities,” a source said.



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                Flyover to ease congestion at Periyanaickenpalayam Junction

       | Sep 29, 2018, 00:34 IST

                Coimbatore: Bumper-to-bumper traffic at Periyanaickenpalayam, the quaint thickly-populated suburb, would soon end.

                The national highways department has sent a proposal to the Union ministry of road transport to construct a flyover at Periyanaickenpalayam Junction on Mettupalayam Road.

                According to NH officials, more than 40,000 vehicles are using the stretch every day, making it one of the most congested roads in the city.

                The 1.72-km flyover would reduce congestion to a large extent. Vehicles headed for Mettupalayam and Ooty would take the bridge while local vehicles would use the existing road.

                According to sources, the NH conducted a study between Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College and Jothipuram Junction and sent a proposal to the Union ministry of road transport. The flyover will start from the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College and end at the Jothipuram Junction. It will be a four-lane flyover.

                “We are not having any plan for land acquisition as it would take too much time for the construction of flyover. We have enough space in the stretch. Each lane will be 4.5-metre in width. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 85–Rs 92 crore,” said a senior official.

                He said Periyanaickenpalayam is one of the important junctions on Mettupalayam Road. It has many cut roads.

                Many motorists entering the Mettupalayam Main Road from cut roads often meet with accidents. Fatal accidents were also reported in the stretch.

                After the construction of the flyover, the rate of fatal accidents is expected to come down in the area.

                The national highways department has been trying to construct the flyover since 2016. It then roped in a private company to design the flyover.

                So far, two companies were roped in by the NH and both the companies had failed to prepare the designs of the flyover. Now, the department has given the task to a third company, which would complete the design work soon.

                “We have sent the proposal for the flyover a few months ago and sought funds from the ministry of road transport. After the sanctioning of the fund, we would start the tender work,” said the senior officer.

                The national highways department is also planning to expand Jothipuram Junction- Mathampalayam stretch on Mettupalayam Road into a four-lane. The total length of the stretch is 5.5 km.

                From Gas Company near Narasimmanaickenpalayam to Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Educational institution will also be turned into a four-lane. The length of this stretch is 600 metres.

                “For the four-lane expansion work, we have to cut 530 trees in the above two stretches. We have approached the revenue department to get permission to cut the trees,” said the officer.

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                  Added areas to be covered in underground drainage project

                  Nivedha Selvam | TNN | Sep 29, 2018, 00:33 IST

                  Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board is all set to implement the underground drainage project (UDG) in all the 11 newly-added areas of the city .
                  To start with, TWAD officials would implement the project in 14 wards of Kurichi and Kunniymathur areas.

                  “Tender to lay sewer lines and construct manholes in these two areas was floated and work on the project, the cost of which is pegged at Rs 577.77 crore, is likely to commence within 15 days,” said a TWAD official. The project, which will be funded by the Asian Development Bank, is designed in a way to meet the requirement of population in these areas in 2035, which is expected to be more than 3.41 lakh.

                  “Under the project, sewage connections will be provided to 69,600 households. In total, sewage pipelines will be laid for 439km. As many as 17,754 manholes, 11 main sewage pump stations and 10 sub-stations will be constructed in this phase,” the official said.

                  Presently, sewage from these areas is let out in the open. Once the project is implemented, sewage could be properly collected and disposed using the latest technology, the official said. The project is expected to be completed within three years from the date of commencement.

                  A separate sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 300MLD (million litres per day) will be set up to treat sewage from Kurichi and Kunniymathur areas and the treated effluent will be discharged into the Noyyal river, the official said. He hinted that the sewage treatment plant will be set up at Vellalore dump yard, which is 2km away from Kurichi and Kunniymathur. “A separate tender will be floated to construct the sewage treatment plant at the dump yard at the earliest,” the official said.

                  TWAD board has also started groundwork to implement the project in other added areas. “Design is being prepared for seven of the nine remaining added areas and we are waiting for fund to be approved. The project cost is roughly pegged at more than Rs 12,000 crore. We have proposed three additional sewage treatment plants in these areas,” the official said, adding, “Tender will be floated after the fund is sanctioned. We are also working on the design and cost estimation aspects of the project in the remaining two areas of Villankurichi and Kalapatti.”


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                    Land to lay pipelines for Pillur III scheme to be acquired soon

                    TNN | Updated: Sep 30, 2018, 12:59 IST

                    Representative image

                    COIMBATORE: Land acquisition process for laying pipelines under the Pillur III water supply scheme is likely to commence soon.

                    To lay pipelines for a distance of 30km from the Bhavani to Pannimadai on the outskirts of the city, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board has already identified a total of 162 acres land. Out of this, 125 acres land are owned by 411 individuals in nine panchayats, including Kurudampalayam, Panimadai, Gudalur south and Thekkampatti. The remaining 37 acres are owned by the government.

                    After holding several talks, more than half of the land owners have come forward to part with their land at a reasonable price fixed by the revenue department. The remaining land owners have been demanding prevailing market price for their land, said a TWAD officer. “The land owners might be given about 1.25 times more than the guideline value of the land. But, the value is yet to be fixed.”

                    The talks would come to a conclusion in a couple of weeks and the land acquisition would be done in another three months, the officer said. “The project is expected to be completed in one-and-a-half years from the date of commencement.”

                    The Pillur III water supply scheme would bring to the city an additional 178 million litre of water per day, the officer said. Though the project is mainly proposed to improve the water supply in the added areas, water from the project would also be used for 24x7 water supply scheme in old corporation limits as water from Pannimadi would be distributed to several areas, including Bharathi park.

                    Also, TWAD board has proposed to construct a water treatment plant with 178 MLD capacity to treat raw water before distributing it, the officer said. “Tenders have been floated for implementing the project, which would start soon after the land acquisition.”

                    The project cost is pegged at Rs 750 crore and it will be funded by the Asian Development Bank.


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                      Forest officials to turn barren Chennamalai into lush greenery

                      tnn | Oct 1, 2018, 00:00 IST

                      Coimbatore: The barren Chennamalai hillock in Sirumugai forest range would soon come alive with greenery, thanks to the tree planting programme of the forest department.

                      Under the programme, the department has decided to plant around 25,000 saplings on the hillock and the surrounding areas.

                      Officials from the Sirumugai range said the project was sanctioned last February and they had been raising the saplings in a nursery at the range.

                      Forest range officer of Sirumugai range E N Manoharan said, “The saplings of pungam, neem and tamarind, which are hardy and will grow even in arid regions, will be planted along with a few saplings of banyan, peepal and bamboo.”

                      Forest workers had already dug around 10,000 pits and the department would start planting from Monday, said Manoharan. “As the northeast monsoon is expected to start from October, we have scheduled the planting accordingly,” said Manoharan, adding, “The range had already received four to five showers and waterholes as well as check dams are full to the brim.”

                      The Chennamalai hillock and surrounding areas are home to deer population. The department would erect tree guards, a net-like structure, to protect the saplings from being eaten, said Manoharan. “The trees will be fed by monsoon rain. In January and February, we will provide irrigation for the saplings,” he said.

                      Under the programme, the forest department will plant 7 lakh saplings across the state, said officials. Saplings will be planted not only in forest ranges, but in institutions like schools and colleges. From this year, the department has decided to carry out reforestation programmes in degraded forest areas to bring them back to life.

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