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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

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    Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

    Houses newly built by govt develop cracks, crumbling

    TNN | Jun 8, 2017, 07.42 AM IST

    Coimbatore: Houses newly built by the slum clearance board at Vellalore have developed cracks, shocking residents. As many as 1,293 people, living in makeshift dwellings and encroachments for years were allotted houses in the slum clearance board-built apartments. But the residents are in shock as the new tenements have developed cracks and in some houses the windows are broken.

    One of the residents who visited the house allotted to him was shocked to find the florring in the bathroom was extremely brittle. "I just tapped it and it cracked . The windows were broken, and in almost all the houses, they could not be closed," he said.

    Gowri, another resident, said she was shocked to find huge cracks on the walls of the buildings when she visited a few days ago. "The department has patched up in several places and painted the building again. But in many locations, we still could see the cracks. We are a little worried to come and stay here," she said.

    Kaliammal said that in her home, the flooring was neat but the windows were bent and could not be closed. "They were tied and kept. We are hopeful that they will repair all this before they hand it over to us," she said.

    The workers at the apartment said that three contractors were responsible for the construction. A model house was constructed, but one of the workers said other houses were not even close to the model one. "How can we expect quality from government buildings," he asked. Official of the slum clearance board said that the houses were ready but some civil work was pending.

    "We have painted just one coat of paint. Once they pay Rs 36,000 and get No objection certificate from the electricity department, we will do wiring and paint the house one more time. We will also do patch up work based on the complaints," he said.

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      Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

      269 trees to be axed for road widening

      TNN | Jun 21, 2017, 09.11 AM IST

      COIMBATORE: After the Pollachi highway lost its greenery following the chopping down of nearly 2,000 trees, it is now the turn of the Mettupalayam Road where the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) plans to axe 269 fully grown trees in three stretches that were identified as accident-prone.

      NHAI officials, however, said that for each tree cut down, 10 saplings will be planted and maintained by the department. "We are yet to finalise the location, but will plant them soon," said an official.

      The project, estimated to cost Rs 26.5 crore, is funded by the government under the road safety fund. It will be completed by March, 2018.

      "The first phase of the project will include three locations in a 5km stretch. Nearly 250 trees need to be cut down from the Gas company in Periyanaickenpalayam to Thekkupalayam pirivu, a distance of 1.5km. In this section, the four-lane road will be 36.5m wide and it will have service roads. The civil work for this stretch is estimated at Rs 13cr," said an official from NHAI.

      The second stretch will be between VG hospital near Vishwanathapuram and the police station. "The cost of this project is Rs 7.75cr and the 1.5km stretch will be widened," said the official. The third location is the Mathampalayam area from Kottaipirivu junction near Chinnamathampalayam to Thaneer Pandhal road, a distance of 2km, and the estimated cost is Rs 5.8cr. In the second and third stretches, a total of 19 trees will be chopped.

      "Since most of the trees on the Mettupalayam road are tamarind trees, they cannot be transplanted and there is no other option but to cut them," said the official. He said three neem trees along the VG Hospital and Thanneer Pandhal road can be transplanted. "We will approach the concerned people and transplant those trees," he said.

      Consumer activists in the city said that as per a court order, the highways department is supposed to replant trees on the edges of the road when the project commences. "We understand that trees need to be cut down for widening the road but they should be replanted. Norms should be followed and the planting should begin when the project begins so that by the time the project ends, the trees would have grown to a certain height," said K Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause. Apart from the three locations, Saibaba Kovil bus stop, Sarvanampatty junction and Ondipudur rail over bridge area have been identified as accident-prone zones.

      "The project along these locations will be taken up later," said the official.

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        Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

        Coimbatore: Slum clearance board delays allotting homes for Jeeva Nagar encroachers

        As per the records, the 1km stretch is part of a 70-feet link road that was designated as a cart roadKomal Gautham | TNN | Updated: July 13, 2017, 17:39 IST

        COIMBATORE: With just a week to go to abide by a high court order directing the district collector and the Coimbatore Corporation to remove 203 encroachments from a 70-feet link road in Jeeva Nagar, the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board is yet to allot them homes. Members of the residential welfare association who had filed the case in 2011 said that they would soon file a contempt petition if the officials did not take action.

        As per the records, the 1km stretch is part of a 70-feet link road that was designated as a cart road. The encroachment in the area began in 1980 and since then nearly 203 houses have been constructed. Slowly, their kin have also constructed homes in the same area increasing the number.

        The area is now buzzing with schools, layouts, shops and workshops. With one of the widest roads being encroached, residents said that it was difficult for emergency services to enter the area. "Even if someone requires an ambulance or a fire engine, it will be extremely difficult for us as none of these services can enter as all the roads leading to this area are narrow and not more than 10-foot wide. Moreover, no one has the right to encroach upon roads that are public property," said V Damodar, president of the K K Pudur Welfare Association.

        Corporation commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan when contacted said that they had completed the process of getting bio-metric and finger prints of beneficiaries. The list has been handed over to the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board (TNSCB) officials. He added that the TNSCB had to allot them homes. "Only after the homes were allotted, can the eviction process begin," he said.

        The superintendent engineer of TNSCB, Rajashekar told TOI that the list was handed over to them only on July 7. "The list was verified and sent to the senior officials of the department. As per the court order, the corporation has to evict the families. We have the housing unit in Keeranatham ready and once the eviction date is finalized, homes will be handed over to the beneficiaries," he said.Treasurer of the Jeeva Nagar Residential Welfare Association R Rajamani said that they would appeal against the high court order in the Supreme Court. "This road was never in use. The residential welfare associations and the school who petitioned the court on our eviction came several years after we settled here. Moreover, Indira Nagar residents who had also encroached were allotted patta. Former collector had also ordered the same for us but the court order is against us," she said. TNSCB held a meeting recently with the encroachers and half of them had agreed for resettlement.


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          Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

          Owners of land marked for acquisition approach MLA

          TNN | Aug 3, 2017, 12:45 AM IST

          Coimbatore: About 100 people, whose land have been marked for acquisition for the expansion of the Coimbatore airport, met Singanallur MLA N Karthik demanding a final decision on land price.

          S Bharathi, a resident of Uppilipalayam, said her house, on a three-cent plot, has been marked for acquisition. "They placed a guideline value ceiling on the land in 2012 but are offering to pay only twice the guideline value fixed in 1997," she said. "At least if they had decided then and there, taken the land and immediately paid the compensation, we could have bought another piece of land. Five years later, property prices have further gone up," she told TOI.

          "The land's value is Rs 8 lakh per cent, but they are offering us Rs 4.24 lakh, twice the guideline value. The amount will undergo IT deduction and only 80% of the remaining will be given to us immediately. With that amount, we can not buy another plot anywhere in the city," she said.

          Jothi Kanagar, a resident of Gandhinagar, who shares a compound wall with the airport, said land is sold at neighbouring MGR Nagar for Rs 8 lakh per cent. "But the government is offering us Rs 5 lakh a cent. There is no place in the neighbourhood to buy land either, and we can't live in a forest or on a hill and need an alternate land within the corporation limit. They should either pay us Rs 12 lakh per cent, which is required to buy an alternate property in the city, or give us an alternate land," she demanded.

          Others too said the government should pay at least 75% of the market value in one-time settlement. "They are offering us less than 50% of the market value and even that will be deducted after tax," said N Manickam, a resident of Irugur. " Many of are now stuck with land that we can not sell or pledge," he added.

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            Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

            CMC Colony residents up in arms against relocation

            TNN | Updated: Aug 22, 2017, 12:39 AM IST Coimbatore: Residents of CMC Colony, which is primarily occupied by conservancy workers of the Coimbatore corporation, approached the district collector on Monday and protested against the eviction notices served by the slum clearance board. They are not willing to shift to the slum tenements in Vellalore and want new houses in the colony, they said in a petition.

            As many as 450 families have been residing in CMC Colony for the last two decades, the protesters said. "On August 18, the residents got a notice with a token number, ration card holder's name and father's name directing them to move by the month-end and pay Rs 36,000 to be allotted a house. However, the letter lacked the Tamil Nadu Resettlement Board's letterhead or an official signature," said advocate E Pugazhendhi.

            The shifting will affect their children's education as many are attending local schools, the petition said. "They want us to move to tenements in Vellalore, which is far away. Moreover, the apartments are close to the dumpyard. It is well-known that people living near the dumpyard suffer from skin ailments, breathing problems and have to cope with flies," said Pugazhendhi.

            "Also, how can they arrange Rs 36,000, as the month is almost over?" he asked.

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              Re : IT is Hot Property in Coimbatore

              630 houses demolished in Coimbatore in drive against encroachments

              Around 630 encroaching houses in five locations in the city were demolished by the city municipal corporation with the support of the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board and the city police department.TNN | September 13, 2017, 18:30 IST

              COIMBATORE: Jamila looked on helplessly as the house where she lived for over 40 years was demolished on Tuesday. "When I got married I came to this house. I am very sad that it has been razed down," said the 45-year-old woman. K M Naseer, another resident, was equally emotional. "We settled here 72 years ago. If Hindus and Muslims lived in harmony, it was in this place. We have a temple and a masjid close to each other and we celebrated one another's festivals with fervour," said Naseer.

              Around 630 encroaching houses in five locations in the city were demolished by the city municipal corporation with the support of the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board and the city police department. This was part of a drive to remove all encroachments in the city. "We have shortlisted 1,418 houses in 18 locations in the city. We have allotted homes to all of them and have disconnected their sewage and electricity connections. This is the first phase. In a few days, the remaining houses will also be demolished," said town planning officer, Coimbatore corporation, Ravichandran.

              On Tuesday alone, 377 houses located at Anaimedu near Athupalam, 66 houses in Muthu Colony, 75 houses at Cheran Nagar and 45 houses at Azad Nagar were demolished and the occupants evicted. "After the demolition, we will clear the debris and widen the canals of the Noyyal river to ensure that water flows to the Kurichi and Vellalore tanks," said a slum clearance board official. He added that farmers had been petitioning the collector for the past decade, requesting them to remove the encroachments so that water could flow through the canals and reach the Vellalore tank.

              Farmers in Vellalore rejoiced the move. R Ganesh, a farmer who was not been able to tap water even after digging 30 borewells, said the region has seen a serious decline in not just farming but also the water level in the past 15 years. "Right now, even at 1,200 feet, ground water is not available. This land was the most productive in the district and all kinds of vegetables were once grown and exported from here," he said. But encroachments near the Rajavaikal at Athupalam clogged all entry points for water and it had been more than 10 years since they received water from the Noyyal.


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