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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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    Bicholim water shortage: MLA demands probe

    TNN | Sep 17, 2018, 03:15 IST

    Bicholim: A meeting of PWD officials was held on Sunday at the Assonora water treatment plant to discuss the water shortage in Bicholim taluka, especially during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

    Present at the meeting were principal chief engineer Uttam Parsekar, chief engineer Gurudas Naik, superintendent engineers Ulhas Kerkar, E Baretto, VN Rao Chavan and other officials.

    Accusing the PWD of deliberately stopping water supply to Bicholim taluka and the vicinity, Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar demanded an inquiry into the issue and a thorough check-up of what’s plaguing the supply equipment such as outdated valves or holes in the pipelines.

    Stating that there was no water supply to the village on the first day of Chaturthi itself, Sal sarpanch Meghshyam Raut demanded proper water supply arrangement for the area.

    Parsekar said that three water pumps at the Assonora water treatment plant had broken down and have been sent for repairs.

    He then instructed PWD officials to undertake instant repair works without halting water supply.

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      Riders on seashore flout South Goa collector’s order

      Paul Fernandes and Nisser Dias | TNN | Sep 17, 2018, 08:15 IST

      PANAJI: Unchecked movement of vehicles on Goa’s beaches, especially amidst increased footfalls of tourists and locals on more popular spots, is leading to chaos and increase in chances of accidents.

      The drivers of four wheelers and also riders of two-wheelers brazenly continue to use the beach stretches of Colva, Benaulim, Candolim, Morjim and other places despite strict orders restricting movement of vehicles on beaches. “The drivers show least concern for the hundreds of people who visit the beaches,” a tourism stakeholder said.

      South Goa collector Tariq Thomas, on August 18, had prohibited movement of all motor vehicles on beaches, barring for beach cleaning, lifeguard services, among others.

      On Sunday, lifeguards were seen issuing instructions to vehicle owners at Morjim, not to venture out on the beach. But, a driver even picked up an altercation with Drishti Marine staff over the issue and grabbed their vehicle keys. These cases of arrogant attitude shown by tourists and even locals, who take their two and four wheelers on the shore, ignoring warnings are not stray ones.

      “The local visitors are equally rude and do not listen to warnings,” a source said.

      The police are aware about this violation, but tend to turn a blind eye to it. Last year, the monitoring was better and police presence had helped curb vehicle movement on shore.

      In Colva stretch, pick-up jeeps are still being used to load and transport fish from canoes. Two wheelers, too, are being used to move from one of the beach to the other. On September 14, crowded beach vehicles, loaded with fish, zoomed past hundreds of devotees present for Ganesha idol immersion in the presence of the police.

      Two constables attached to Colva police said they were aware about the collector’s orders, but cited that vehicles belonged to local fishermen. Thomas said that he had received a representation from the fishing community to allow fish transport and the matter is being considered.

      Solar prawns are also transported in trucks from Vaddy and Benaulim beaches. Canoes are brought close to two parking lots here. Thomas said that he would get it examined before issuing orders.

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        ‘NGT ruling will save houses of 50 fishermen’

        TNN | Sep 17, 2018, 03:30 IST

        Vasco: The Goenchea Ramponkaracho Ekvot (GRE) along with Baina Ramponkar and Fishing Canoe Owners’ Association has welcomed a National Green Tribunal ruling setting aside a demolition order dated April 4, 2017, issued on the basis that the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority does not consider Baina to be a fishing village.

        GRE general secretary Olencio Simoes said the ruling will save houses of more than 50 fishermen. “For the last 27 years, we have been urging the authorities to regularise the houses, but it is not being done,” he said.

        GRE president Agnelo Rodrigues said, “If the government continues to harass them, the entire fishing community will start working against the authorities.”

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          Panaji civic body asks pollution board to test ‘biodegradable’ bags

          TNN | Updated: Sep 17, 2018, 06:49 IST

          PANAJI: No sooner the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) announced the enforcement of a plastic bag ban from October 2, suppliers of alternate materials have been approaching the corporation with requests that their products be promoted.

          CCP has sent four such samples of alternate bags to the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) to test and ascertain whether these are biodegradable. “We have asked the suppliers to get certification from the board, and have also sent four samples from different suppliers to the board from our end. The suppliers claim the bags are biodegradable, but we are not in a position to authorise this. It is a technical matter and unless they get a certificate from GSPCB, they will not be permitted to sell these,” CCP commissioner Ajit Roy told TOI, adding that once the certification is received, the corporation will have four ready suppliers that will be permitted to sell the bags at Panaji market.

          The corporation is also facilitating in sourcing cloth and paper bags made by voluntary organisations and self-help groups, and will ensure these are available in the market in time for the ban on October 2.

          The enforcement of the plastic carry bag ban will be effective when alternatives are made available, Roy said. “These will not come overnight and that’s why a period of one month has been provided before the ban comes into force,” he added.

          Councillors have been told to involve citizens who can make paper bags from old newspapers and supply them to the corporation that will in turn supply these to the shops initially

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            Flying squad, ban do little to curb sand mining in Tiracol

            TNN | Sep 16, 2018, 06:32 IST

            On Saturday, nearly 60 canoes were seen extracting sand in broad daylight in the Tiracol river, despite the ba... Read More

            PERNEM: Despite the government having recently constituted a patrol-cumflying-squad to monitor and crack down on illegal sand mining, a large number of canoes were seen extracting hundreds of cubic metres of sand on Saturday in the Tiracol river, from the mouth till the border touching Patradeviin Maharashtra.

            Earlier this week, the high court of Bombay at Goa came down heavily on the government for lack of a regulatory mechanism to control the illegal activity and directed an effective enforcement mechanism be put in place immediately.

            The government’s half-hearted attempts to implement effective checks on illegal sand mining has emboldened the perpetrators over the years. Every time there is a raid, they stop their activities only to resume a couple of days later. It is time the officials were severely penalised for their negligent attitude that is resulting in rampant environmental damage. Also, control mechanisms without the backing of technology like GPS tracking and monitoring systems is as good as an eye wash.

            Following the court’s directions, a team of officers from the department of mines and geology and CoP has been tasked to raid known illegal sand extraction spots.

            No mechanism to monitor quantity of sand extracted

            Patrol vessels from CoP and coastal security police have been deployed. The directorate of mines and geology annually announces the end of sand mining season from June 1 and imposes a ban on mining till September 30. On Saturday, about 50-60 canoes were seen extracting sand in broad daylight in the Tiracol river.

            The government allows extraction of about 600 cubic metres of sand per canoe in three months. However, in the absence of a system to monitor the quantity of the sand being extracted, permit holders extract sand much beyond the permissible limit during the allowed period itself and also addition during the ban period, said a source.

            The court has also directed the flying squad to check whether stipulations listed by the Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority while giving environmental clearance are being enforced.

            Hundreds of canoes extract sand from the Tiracol river at Kiranpani, Paliem, Bhalkhajan, Devsu, Korgao, Paraste, Konadi, Naibag, Poraskade, Tamboxem, Ugvem and Torsem villages. Unofficial estimates suggest extraction in the Tiracol river constitutes about 35% of the total sand extracted from rivers across the state.


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              Final coastal mgmt plan to be delayed

              TNN | Sep 18, 2018, 03:23 IST

              Panaji: The issue of finalizing the state’s coastal zone management plan (CZMP) is likely to be delayed further, as the Goa government is yet to hold consultations with the public on the draft plans.

              At a recent meeting of the National Coastal Zone Management Authority (NCZMA) in New Delhi under the chairmanship of C K Mishra, secretary, ministry of environment, forest and climate change, the status of submission of coastal management plans by various coastal states was discussed.

              Goa, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are among the coastal states that are yet to finalize the plans.

              When the matter was discussed at meeting on July 18, the authority was informed that the three states are in the process of holding public consultations on the draft CZMPs. It was indicated that about three more months would be required to complete the process.

              During the meeting, the minutes of which have been confirmed only recently, the NCZMA asked the states to speed up the process in consultation with other related agencies. The NCZMA is expected to take up the draft CZMPs for approval by the end of September, 2018.

              With only a fortnight left, sources said the delay in announcing public consultation on the coastal zone management plan is likely to delay the entire process.

              The NCZMA meeting also noted that Odisha and Karnataka have complied with the timelines and submitted the revised plans to the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management,(NCSCM) within the specified date.

              The Chennai-based institute has scrutinized the plans and recommended them for approval by NCZMA, which has been duly accorded to the CZMPs of both states.


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                A massive beach clean-up drive by the Coast Guard

                Sep 17, 2018, 17:16 IST

                The Indian Coast Guard District Headquarters in Goa organised a massive clean-up drive across several beaches of Goa on Saturday, where they were joined by staff members from various Goan hotels, as well as locals. The drive, coordinated and conducted by the Indian Coastguard from Goa, was organised to mark the International Coastal Clean-Up Day as part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative. The annual event, supported by over 12 hotels and resorts in Goa, took place at Bogmallo, Miramar, Sinquirim, Arossim, Vainguinim, Verca, Benaulim, Uttorda and Majorda.

                It was flagged off at Bogmallo beach by DIG Himanshu Nautiyal, Commander Coast Guard Goa.

                “On this day, the beaches around the world are cleaned on volunteer basis in an organised manner. This event will inspire and motivate our people to keep our beaches clean by bringing awareness amongst the general populace about the importance of keeping beaches clean, more so as Goa is one of the most coveted tourist destination on the map of India,” he said.

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                  Forest officials, flying squad inspect Chimbel illegal road

                  TNN | Sep 19, 2018, 06:32 IST

                  The one-km long road appears to be an alternative route to the site of the intended IT park proposed by the state government

                  PANAJI: A team comprising forest department officials and the flying squad inspected the site at Chimbel where many trees were uprooted and a kutcha road laid illegally late last week.

                  “Officials conducted the inspection on Monday and compiled a panchanama, but details are not yet known,” a village activist said.

                  On the third day of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, some Chimbel villagers noticed the activity after labourers cleared vegetation and paved a path from the Old Goa-Panaji bypass, southward to the Xirent lake.

                  The one-km long road appears to be an alternative route to the site of the intended IT park proposed by the state government. The other access to the site, which was originally acquired by the agriculture department and is partly agricultural/horticultural land, runs through the village on the western side.

                  In addition to laying the road, the villagers alleged that many trees had been cleared above the Chimbel lake, on its northern side. The lake, an age-old water body, had been sourced in the Portuguese era to supply tap water to Panaji city for a few years before the second project, at Opa, was commenced.

                  The thick forest area comprises the catchment area around the lake and villagers are opposing the project as it is one of the few remaining green patches for local biodiversity, flora and fauna.

                  Other parts of the village, especially its hill slopes, are under threat from development activity. The area where over two decades ago, small plots were allocated under a housing scheme for the poor, is now a sprawling slum.


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                    Smart e-waste mgmt system for state on anvil

                    TNN | Sep 19, 2018, 03:54 IST

                    Panaji: An intelligent e-waste management system is set to be launched for handling electronic waste generated in the state.

                    The project has been titled ‘E-Waste Management Plan for the State of Goa’, for which Toxics Link has been chosen as the implementing agency.

                    Speaking during an event held recently to unveil the project, the managing director of Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC), Sanjit Rodrigues, emphasised on the need for improved awareness, as well as a robust and efficient collection mechanism supported by an online system.

                    “We will come up with a model system in Goa, which can be replicated all over the country,” he said, while stressing on the need to put a stop to the e-waste flows to the informal sector, given its hazardous nature of processing.

                    Elaborating on the issue, associate director, Toxics Link, Satish Sinha said, “A robust e-waste management system will enable consumers to dispose off their e-waste at a click of a button and track it down, thus bringing in complete transparency.”

                    This two-year project to set up a sustainable e-waste management system will assess the quantum of this waste generated, and also device a model for collection, storage, safe transportation and disposal of e-waste in the state.

                    The project team stated surveys to map the e-waste generation patterns and volumes have been initiated.

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                      Water crisis at Mulgao after pipeline bursts

                      TNN | Sep 19, 2018, 03:53 IST

                      Bicholim: After Sal, it is now the turn of the villagers of Mulgao and Assonora to face acute water shortage.

                      A pipeline to the two villages burst at Par in Mulgao-Bicholim on Tuesday evening.

                      Villagers were left without water for hours even as several hundred litres of water spilled along the roadside. PWD employees who were alerted by locals rushed to the spot and immediately took up work on repairing the damage.

                      Sources said many water pipelines have become old and rusty which makes them susceptible to damage when the flow is heavy.

                      Villagers have demanded that the government replace the old pipelines. Repair work was on till late night.

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