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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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    ‘Master plan a must to save Old Goa’

    TNN | Dec 2, 2016, 03.38 AM IST

    PANAJI: The ‘Save Old Goa' action committee has reiterated the importance of a comprehensive heritage master plan for Old Goa which has been designated as a Unesco world heritage site.

    With novenas already under way, leading up to St Francis Xavier's feast on December 3, the committee has highlighted the need for a disaster management plan for the novenas and the feast that attract lakhs of devotes. The pandals at the fair, surrounded by a compound wall, with narrow gates and unregulated stalls compose a complete recipe for disaster, committee coordinator Peter Viegas said.

    The committee has written letters to the North Goa collector, public health centre, panchayat and superintending archaeologist at the ASI office, informing them about complaints from pilgrims regarding stench emanating from activities within the Old Goa complex.

    The committee, in a letter to the chief town planner, has also demanded that the road between Bom Jesus Basilica and Se Cathedral be closed permanently for a traffic-free movement and safety of people. The committee also demanded that the land in the vicinity of the monuments that has been purchased by builders and politicians be safeguarded with the help of a master plan for the complex.

    "The buffers of 100 and 200 metres by the ASI cover only as much of the area of the historic site. Consequently, the rest of the area is left to its own and is highly vulnerable. The international monitoring bodies under Unesco have indicated that the whole site be covered for the world heritage designation rather than individual monuments which is the case now," their letter states. The master plan must demarcate permanent parking for the feast and exposition, have a pilgrim house, heritage park, market, bus and taxi stand, deploy police and ASI officers, besides offering health facilities, the committee say.

    Stating that there are illegal piggeries operating within the complex, Viegas said letters have been written and inspections carried out but no action has been taken till date.

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      Debris dump in Merces is a mangrove forest: TCP

      TNN | Updated: Dec 3, 2016, 10.29 AM IST

      PANAJI: Town and county planning (TCP) department has stated that the heavily-dumped debris site along National Highway 17 at Merces, near a popular dance floor, is a mangrove forest (eco zone 1) and no development is permissible in the area.

      The town planning authority stated that the site, now full of debris and mud, was earmarked as agricultural (A2) zone as per the Outline Development Plan for Panaji and mangrove forest as per the Regional Plan for Goa 2021.

      Goa State Human Rights Commission (GHRC) had taken suo motu cognizance of a media report on April 7, 2013 about the "brazen dumping of construction debris in Merces" and issued notices to a transport company besides Merces panchayat, TCP and Old Goa police to initiate action.

      The commission had also directed U Balaswamy, police sub inspector, attached to its investigation cell to inspect the site on April 11, 2014. He confirmed that the plot belonging to Gaurish Dhond was being heavily dumped with mud from construction site.

      In its report dated June 9, 2014, TCP had stated that the reclaimed stretches were three to four metres wide and raised to a height of at least three metres.

      It had also filed a complaint at Old Goa police station seeking stoppage of work. "The filling and dumping of material is unauthorized and may cause damage to the mangroves and water body adjoining the plot," the TCP report had stated.

      Merces panchayat had claimed that a transporter was dumping debris at the site, but the charge was denied by the latter.

      After GHRC noted that the police failed to initiate any action in the matter, it directed the government on December 10, 2015 to initiate action through the chief secretary to remove the construction debris within 60 days.

      TCP responded to this after almost ten months on October 14, 2016, stating that the site is a 'no development zone' by virtue of being marked as agricultural zone and mangrove forest.

      Merces panchayat has been asked to initiate action in the matter, TCP deputy town planner, R N Volvoikar informed the commission.

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        Only 618 of 7,869 people paid compensation for land acquired for Goa's new Mopa airport

        Sinha informed that a total of 87 people have applied for enhanced compensation.TNN | December 09, 2016, 15:00 IST

        PANAJI: Of the 7,869 occupants/tenants entitled for compensation with respect to land acquired for the new Mopagreenfield international project, 618 people have been paid compensation ranging between 25 to 80 per sqm, the Union minister of state for civil aviation Jayant Sinha stated.

        Sinha informed that a total of 87 people have applied for enhanced compensation.

        The total area acquired by the Goa government for construction of the airport is 78,41,730sqm where the area marked for commercial utilization is 18.2% of the total project area.

        The information was provided to Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik.

        Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the plaque to lay the foundation stone for the airport, last month.

        With regards to Smart Cities Mission Guidelines, the government of India will provide financial support to the mission to the extent of 48,000 crore over five years which works out to an average 100 crore per city per year. An equal amount on matching basis will have to be contributed by the state/urban local body.

        Till date a sum of 2 crore has been allotted to the Goa government for Panaji under the Smart City Mission and a total of 4,572.20 crore has been released to cities under the Smart Cities Mission during 2015-16 and 2016, Union minister of State for urban development Rao Inderjit Singh informed Naik in a written reply.

        The total area acquired by the Goa government for construction of the airport is 78,41,730sqm where the area marked for commercial utilization is 18.2% of the total project area


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          Unoccupied houses in Goa up by 62% in 10 years on artificial investor demand

          Individuals buying properties solely for investment purpose in Goa is creating an artificial demand for housing, officials of director of census operations warned Goa’s town planners on Saturday.Gauree Malkarnekar | TNN | December 12, 2016, 13:30 IST

          PANAJI: Goa’s population has been growing at 8.23%, but housing structures in the state have come up at more than three times the rate at 25%, between the 2001 and 2011 census.

          Individuals buying properties solely for investment purpose in Goa is creating an artificial demand for housing, officials of director of census operations warned Goa’s town planners on Saturday.

          Percentage of unoccupied houses in Goa have grown at a rate of 62.39%, from 77,284 in 2001 to 1,25,503 in 2011, census officials pointed out. In contrast, occupied homes in Goa have gone up by only 18%.

          In an assessment of the housing situation in the state, Gaurav Pandey of directorate of census operations told officials of the town and country planning department that “construction of buildings is much more than the actual demand” in Goa.

          “High growth in number of vacant houses (residential or non-residential) is a burden on natural resources. And it is creating an artificial demand,” Pandey said in his presentation at the seminar, ‘Future forms of housing’ organized by Institute of Town Planners, Goa regional chapter.

          Pandey said that one in every five census houses in Goa is lying vacant.

          The data also shows that the number of vacant houses is more in North Goa at 72,527 as compared to South Goa, he said. Also, the percentage of unoccupied houses was higher in urban areas.

          “Reason for increase in the number of vacant houses could be the increasing trend of investment in property, as per the absence of the family members in the houses when the enumerators visited them,” he said.

          A census house is described as a structure commercial/residential/social/religious having walls and roof, which may be a building, part of building or an independent unit having separate entrance.

          Goa has 5,76,582 total census houses, out of which around 4.58 lakh are occupied. This works out to 20% vacant houses in Goa as against just 7.5% nationally.

          As against Goa’s 62%, nationally, the percentage of vacant houses have grown by 56% between 2001 and 2011.

          Census officials also pointed out that rapid urbanization, where villages are showing traits of urban areas may be another issue of concern in Goa and said that “it should be addressed with better planning”.


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            Real estate prices in Goa unlikely to fall, say builders

            Newton Sequeira| TNN | Dec 15, 2016, 04.12 AM IST

            Panaji: After the demonetization announcement and with the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) waiting in the wings to make an entrance, numerous aspiring home seekers across the state are stuck in a dilemma. Conflicting views and statements that the cost of real estate will fall drastically has made first times purchasers wonder whether to put the money down or whether to wait for prices to come within their comfort zone.

            The real estate sector however finds no reason for prices to fall, especially for reputed projects.

            "I don't expect prices to come down substantially in low income and middle income housing," director of Kamat Infra Tech Bharat Kamat says.

            CREDAI - Goa members assert that given the prohibitive land cost, high compliance and tax charges and a limited supply of land for development purposes, the price of real estate projects would remain more or less stable.

            "There has been a lot of talk that post demonetization, real estate will become cheaper. People are talking about developers making huge margins and laughing their way to the bank, but this is all nonsense," a reputed builder said.

            Builders do not seem to be in agreement on what a first time buyer should do. While some builders argued that now was the best time to purchase a flat, others advised a wait and watch approach.

            "There is a lot of uncertainty. It is best that if somebody wants to buy that he waits for clarity on GST, RERA and demonetization," Kamat said.

            Co-founder and director of Milroc Good Earth Property and Developers Kantipudi Kulasekhar has a different take on this. "If the need is there, then a buyer should go for it. In the last two years, the market has been dull and builders have taken a hit. Prices have not risen all this time so it's unlikely they will fall now," Kulasekhar said.

            A reputed construction company agreed that prices would remain more or less stable except for those projects that were either promoted by fly by night operators or where the prices had already been increased through speculation. "Buying such a project even if the builder gives 30% discount would mean that the project does not have much value or that the prices were jacked up to start with," the builder said.

            "Prices will drop where there is unrealistic pricing. There are certain projects which are not realistic and they will now see a correction," Kulasekhar added.

            Once RERA is in place, it will infuse a positive sentiment among buyers but will also increase compliance costs and thus only cause prices to climb up for the end consumer.


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              4th floor of Vasco flat lands on 3rd

              TNN | Updated: Dec 17, 2016, 08.05 AM IST

              VASCO: In a shocking incident, the fourth floor of an apartment building in Vasco, 'Happy Apartments', came down on the third floor flat. While eight members of the family occupying the fourth floor apartment suffered injuries, none sustained serious injuries.

              According to the owner of the flat Khurshida Shaikh, 40, whose 18-year-old daughter sustained a fracture to the hand, there were about 20 people in the flat, who had come from Allahabad and parts of Vasco to attend a religious ceremony that was to be held on Saturday.

              When one of the relatives suddenly complained of giddiness, the others rushed to the bedroom to help her.

              Station fire officer Dilip Bicholkar said, "As many people rushed into the room, the already weak floor, burdened under the weight, collapsed."

              Fortunately, the third floor flat of the building was lying vacant for a decade .

              The building is about 36 years old and there is no co-operative formed, which means there was nobody looking after the maintenance of the building structure.

              The security guard of the building opposite to Happy Apartment rushed to help those stuck in the rubble when he heard the noise. tnn"While we were climbing to the affected floor, the staircase seemed to be shaking," the security guard Karan Bahadur said.

              A passer-by, who also rushed to help, said, "We broke open the door of the third floor and brought the victims out."

              Immediately all occupants of the building's 12 flats were evacuated.

              The injured include Husna Shaikh, 40, Maijabin Shaikh, 38, Munni Shaikh, 30, Gulshan Shaikh, 25, Samreen Shaikh, 18, Salim Shaikh, 50, Kais Shaikh, 12, and Arshad Shaikh, 2. All are undergoing treatment at GMC.


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                New deadline setfor regularizing illegal structures

                TNN | Updated: Dec 24, 2016, 12.47 AM IST

                Panaji: With the deadline for applying for legalization of unauthorized structures coming to an end on Friday, the state government has extended the deadline by a month to January 23, 2017.

                Chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar told TOI, "Last minute we have received lot of requests to extend the deadline by three months, but I have taken the decision to extend it by one month," he said and added that the notification for the same was issued on Friday itself.

                Till date the state government has received 2,190 application of which the highest number of applications - 614 - have come in from the Quepem taluka followed by the Pernem taluka with 499.

                Structures constructed either without permission from relevant authorities or in violation of approved plans are covered under the Goa Regularisation of Unauthorized Construction Bill, 2016, which ought to bring relief to thousands whose constructions have been deemed illegal.

                Structures covered include any construction in one's own property, construction in a property held by co-owners (provided necessary written consent of such co-owner has been obtained), construction of mundkarial structure by a person duly declared as mundkar under the provisions of the Mundkar Act, or a farmhouse constructed by a tenant or owner on agriculture land.


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                  High court stays Outline development plan process for Margao

                  United Goans Foundation (UGF) had challenged the ODP for Margao, praying that the entire process should be quashed as due process was not followed.TNN | December 31, 2016, 16:00 IST

                  MARGAO: The high court of Bombay at Goa has issued directions restraining the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) from taking up the issue of the revised Outline Development Plan (ODP) for Margao as proposed by it in its meeting scheduled to be held on Friday.

                  “Since this is a case where at least prima facie there was no consultation between the SGPDA and the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) at the stage of preparation of the draft development plan…there is no point in permitting the SGPDA to proceed any further on this issue,” the court said in its order. United Goans Foundation (UGF) had challenged the ODP for Margao, praying that the entire process should be quashed as due process was not followed.

                  The matter has now been posted on January 4 to be heard by the regular division bench of the court.


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                    Goa issues 62 sanads for Mayem properties

                    TNN | Updated: Jan 3, 2017, 11.12 AM IST

                    Panaji: Defence minister Manohar Parrikar urged the state administration to resolve the long-pending evacuee property of Mayem issue by issuing 70-80% of the provisional sanads to the verified residents. Paarikar also suggested that the state could utilize several strategies to speed up the process.

                    The state issued provisional sanad certificates under the Goa Abolition of Proprietor ships, titles and grants of lands to 62 individuals on Monday. "This is around 18% of the total claims. This year, we should try settling 70-80% of the cases, maybe by hiring retired officers to resolve the issue. We can also ask the high court to take up the case earlier and resolve it so that these people don't have to worry about the judgment," Parrikar said.

                    The government has received 1,141 applications for sanads with 1,123 sent for scrutiny. The North Goa collectorate has processed 202 applications of which 62 sanads were issued by Parrikar.


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                      NGT seeks govt record on demolition of illegal shacks

                      TNN | Updated: Jan 11, 2017, 12.42 PM IST

                      PANAJI: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has asked the state government to submit a complete record of demolition of illegal shacks.

                      Applicant Aleixo Pereira has alleged that shacks and cottages have been erected along beach stretches in violation of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and non-compliance of NGT's 2014 order.

                      The tribunal has directed the deputy collectors of Salcete and Canacona to conduct joint site inspections on January 12 with respect to photo evidence submitted by Pereira. It has asked the applicant to report to the office of the Salcete deputy collector at 11 am on Wednesday to carry out the inspection.

                      Advocate general Saresh Lotkikar has submitted that a demolition drive for Salcete taluka was completed on December 17 and Canacona on December 15, 2016, but the applicant has disputed the claim.

                      He said shacks were not demolished and the member secretary of Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority was misleading the tribunal by filing false affidavits. He also submitted some photographs as evidence to substantiate his claim and requesting that Section 26 of Nation Green Tribunal Act, 2010, be imposed to penalize the respondents.

                      However, his plea was rejected with the tribunal maintaining that "we are concerned with the execution of the order as contemplated under Section 25 of NGT Act, 2010, which obliges this tribunal to execute its order as a decree as per provisions of the Criminal Police Code." The NGT has also directed the ministry of forest and environment (MoEF) to file a compliance report before the next date of hearing with regard to its December 2014 order. tnn

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