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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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    Housing board land now part of Mopa airport area

    TNN | TNN | Updated: Jun 15, 2019, 4:58 IST

    Panaji: The state government has notified the inclusion of 1.68 lakh sqm of land at Dhargal that belongs to Goa Housing Board, as part of the Mopa airport planning area, stated the town and country planning department.

    The inclusion of the land, chief town planner Rajesh Naik said, is in addition to the 2,093 acres acquired by the government earlier for development of the international airport.
    “Goa Housing Board had requested the government to include the land in the Mopa international airport planning area,” said Naik.

    The inclusion of the land was approved by the Goa Town and Country Planning Board. The area was declared as a ‘planning area’ by the state government in January 2018, and has been notified as ‘Mopa international airport planning area’.

    A 12-member Mopa Airport Development Authority (MADA) headed by the chief minister is responsible for the Mopa airport planning area.

    The planning area includes parts of villages in Pernem including Mopa, Varconda, Casarvanem, Chandel, Uguem and Amberem.

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      St Inez creek encroachment: Magistrate seeks report from Tiswadi mamlatdar

      TNN | Updated: Jun 17, 2019, 10:57 IST

      PANAJI: The sub divisional magistrate (SDM) has directed the Tiswadimamlatdar to file an action taken report regarding the alleged illegal reclamation on a 40m stretch of the St Inez creek recently by a Panaji builder.

      The mud-filling activity, carried out to widen an existing narrow road at Tonca, had almost reduced by half the creek’s width at that spot.

      Taleigao comunidade, which has stated that the creek is its property, and the village farmers club, had complained to the authorities regarding the illegal reclamation.
      In March, deputy collector, Vivek H P, in his capacity as SDM had first issued a “stop work” order to the builder under section 133 of CrPC to discontinue with “the hazardous excavation and construction with immediate effect.”

      A show cause notice pertaining to the restoration of the creek by the builder to its original condition had also been issued.
      When the matter came up for hearing recently, the SDM called for proper details of the matter, including the extent of the reclamation. He also sought a report from the mamlatdar.

      Taleigao comunidade had also demanded that the authorities clear the mud in the creek before the monsoon, as the heavily silted water way is prone to flooding during extreme weather events.

      The construction of a concrete wall on the edge of the reclamation, to fortify the embankment, was also in progress when the notice was issued.

      Haphazard development on either side of the creek without any setbacks and concretisation of its banks by builders along the water body has already shrunk the width of the creek.

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        MMC collects only segregated waste

        TNN | Updated: Jun 17, 2019, 10:47 IST

        MARGAO: Margao Municipal Council (MMC) sanitary workers collected only segregated wet waste and refused to pick up mixed waste provided by many houses on Sunday. Chief officer Siddhivinayak Naik said the exercise has received favourable response.

        “While many houses have started giving segregated waste, there are some pockets like some shanties where people refuse to cooperate. We hope to increase the quantum of waste segregated at source within the next few days,” Naik told TOI.

        MMC had issued a public notice on Saturday urging residents to segregate garbage into dry and wet waste at the household-level. While dry waste will be collected by the municipality every Tuesday and Friday, wet waste will be picked up everyday.

        While door-to-door collection of waste is undertaken by a private agency in wards 1 to 11 of Fatorda, the MMC was mulling outsourcing the task to the rest of the 25 wards of the municipality. Sources said the issue is likely to come up at the meeting of the council to be held on Monday.

        With Fomento, the concessionaire of the solid waste management plant at Sonsoddo, serving a termination notice on MMC, the civic body now faces a daunting task on the garbage front. Besides, MMC’s notice inviting tenders for covering the Sonsoddo garbage dump with geo-textile membrane failed to get any response from contractors the second time as well. It has been tendered afresh the third time.

        Sources said that contractors are apprehensive about the covering the garbage dump with the geo-textile membrane owing to the probability of the recurrence of fire incident.

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          NIO to study sand mining impact on rivers

          Murari Shetye | TNN | Updated: Jun 21, 2019, 10:29 IST

          The study will be conducted by the institute phase-wise

          PANAJI: The state government on Thursday decided to conduct a study to assess the environmental damage due to sand mining in Goa's rivers before allowing further sand extraction. The National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) has been selected for carrying out the impact assessment.

          NIO, which will conducted the study phase-wise, will first assess the Mandovi, Zuari, Chapora and Tiracol. Based on the study, the state government will decide in which rivers to allow sand mining.

          Officials of the mines department and NIO held a preliminary meeting at Porvorim on Thursday to discuss on the study. "Once everything is finalised, we will give NIO the letter to start the study," a senior officer with the mines department told TOI.

          As per environmental clearance (EC) norms, the state has to conduct a study of rivers to assess the impact of sand mining activities, the officer said. With no such study having been carried out by the state government, NGOs had approached the high court seeking restriction on issuing of sand extraction permits, the officer said.

          Resultantly, the directorate of mines did not renew permits from May 2018 and illegal sand mining has been rampant ever since, with over 150 canoes being seized by the directorate.

          For sand extraction, the state government had created five clusters comprising the Chapora, Mandovi and Tiracol in North Goa and the Xelvona and Macazana in South Goa.

          Accordingly over 300 permits were issued to extractors in January 2018. The state government had placed a cap of around 6,000cum on the extraction of sand.

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            Speaking to garbage management experts to handle emergency situations at Sonsoddo: Vijai Sardesai

            Lisa Monteiro | TNN | Updated: Jun 21, 2019, 12:05 IST

            MARGAO: Deputy chief minister Vijai Sardesai on Friday said that he is speaking to experts in garbage management and is putting in place a backup plan in case the garbage crisis at Sonsoddo go out of control.

            "I have called some experts on my own to handle an emergency situation in the event that Fomento decides to abdicate its responsibility," Sardesai told presspersons.

            The experts being consulted are from outside Goa, who have dealt with bigger issues than Sonsoddo, he said.

            "At the moment, it appears that everyone has abdicated their responsibility," he said blaming both Fomento and the Margao Municipal Council.

            "Both have been passing the buck," he added.

            The unsegregated waste, lying in the shed at Sonsoddo, will be cleared within 24 hours, he assured adding that everything will be put in order over the weekend.

            Sardesai was speaking to presspersons at Ravindra Bhavan on the sidelines of a programme observing International Yoga Day.

            Margao has been grappling with a garbage problem since the mountain of unsegregated waste at Sonsoddo caught fire recently and couldn't be put off for over a week.

            Despite giving residents two bins for dry and wet waste five years ago,the municipality began collecting segregated waste only last week.

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              Margao residents offer to assist MMC in waste management exercise

              Govind Kamat Maad | TNN | Updated: Jun 21, 2019, 22:22 IST

              MARGAO: Residents of Margao on Friday decided to join hands with the Municipal Council in the task of segregation of waste at source. The residents decided to take upon itself the task of sensitizing the people over the issue of providing segregates waste to municipality’s waste collectors.

              At a meeting organised by Shadow Council for Margao, it was decided to form a team of volunteers to educate the people over the issue. The volunteers will accompany the waste collectors during their waste collection hours to ensure that the exercise is carried out properly.

              A resolution was later passed urging MMC to formulate local committees to participate and assist in the waste management of the city. A resolution urging councilors to assist municipal waste collectors to encourage and convince people to hand over segregated waste was also passed.

              The meeting also passed a resolution exhorting MLAs of Margao, Fatorda and Curtorim to intervene to thrash out an early resolution to issue of Sonsoddo garbage treatment plant which has been lying shut for the last five days.

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                Goa government moves to correct flawed town and country planning notification

                The earlier Goa Regulation of Land Development and Building Construction Regulations, which were notified by the TCP department in September 2018, permitted the reduction in open spaces from 15% to 7.5% in only new industrial estates.Newton Sequeira | TNN | June 21, 2019, 18:00 IST

                PANAJI: The state government has finally moved to correct a flawed Town and Country Planning (TCP) notification by releasing a draft notification on Thursday which permits the reduction in open spaces in existing industrial estates too.

                The earlier Goa Regulation of Land Development and Building Construction Regulations, which were notified by the TCP department in September 2018, permitted the reduction in open spaces from 15% to 7.5% in only new industrial estates.

                “The government plans to amend the regulations and has pre-published the draft rules for objections and suggestions which have to be submitted in 30 days,” said chief town planner (administration) James Mathew.

                Grappling with a shortage of industrial land, the Goa Industrial Development Corporation wants to utilise open spaces in industrial areas for development of industrial plots.

                According to senior officials, when GIDC wrote to the TCP department to amend the Goa Regulation of Land Development and Building Construction Regulations it failed to specify that the reduction in open spaces should be applicable to existing industrial estates.

                The fresh norms released by TCP now seek to amend rule 12.4 by specifying that GIDC “may realign, revise, reduce the open spaces maintained by it in any existing industrial estate” in the state.

                The draft rules also state that aside from the requirement of 7.5% of the total area being kept aside as open space, the remaining area in industrial estates shall be “deemed to be zoned as industrial area.”

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                  Involve citizens in waste management: Shadow Council

                  TNN | Updated: Jun 24, 2019, 12:00 IST

                  Image used for representational purpose

                  PANAJI: In view of the ongoing Sonsoddo garbage imbroglio, Margao Shadow Council has proposed involving citizens in the planning and execution of waste management systems.

                  ‘Count Me In’, a people’s initiative to tackle the garbage problem, will be presented before Margao MLA Digamber Kamat, Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai, Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco as well as the chief officer of Margao Municipal Council (MMC) on Monday.

                  “We hope they can put aside their egos and assure those interested in contributing towards the city’s welfare,” Shadow Council convenor, Savio Coutinho, said.
                  Coutinho said it is important for MMC to involve like-minded people to participate in waste management through local committees.


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                    Goa: HC disposes PIL against outline development plan of Mapusa

                    A division bench of the Bombay High Court comprising Justices S.C. Gupte and Justice Nutan Sardesai disposed the PIL filed by the Mapusa tenant associations of the Mapusa Town Planning Scheme in tenanted lands.TNN | July 08, 2019, 17:00 IST

                    PANAJI: The high court of Bombay at Goa has disposed of the PIL challenging the outline development plan of Mapusa after the north goa planning and development agency stated that it is revising the Mapusa ODP.

                    A division bench of the Bombay High Court comprising Justices S.C. Gupte and Justice Nutan Sardesai disposed the PIL filed by the Mapusa tenant associations of the Mapusa Town Planning Scheme in tenanted lands after the member secretary of the NGPDA produced an order from the chief town planner (planning) dated December 28, 2018 directing it to revise the ODP for Mapusa planning area afresh and prepare a land use map and land use register indicating present use of land use of land under Mapusa Planning Area.

                    As of the date of the order, the notified TPS in the Mapusa ODP has ceased to exist. The PIL filed by the Camarcasan Bundh Tenants Association and the Goa Foundation challenged the Town Planning Scheme notified under the ODP of Mapusa on November 28, 2016.

                    The PIL was filed in public interest to challenge the demarcation of land assigned for the Town Planning Schemes (TPS) for Mapusa as shown in the notified Outline Development Plan of Mapusa 2021, in so far as it included within it large tracts of agricultural and khazan land to be diverted for non-agricultural purposes, an activity not permitted by law. Such diversion was in violation of the Goa Land Use Act, 1991, as majority of these fields are covered by the provisions of the Tenancy Act, 1964.

                    The PIL alleged that if these land use changes are allowed, Mapusa city would lose more than 80% of its agricultural lands (nearly 18 lakh square metres). Further, part of the area under the TPS II which is khazan area was protected and categorised as a No Development Zone under the CRZ Notification 2011 when the ODP was notified.

                    Further, a Town Planning Scheme (TPS) can only be taken up if the majority of owners agree to the scheme and other conditions are met. Petitioner No.1 had already objected to the scheme at the time of preparation of the ODP. Subsequently, on behalf of its members, it has formally withdrawn consent to the scheme under section 67 of the TCPA Act, 1974.

                    The tenants of the association, for the first time in several years, put their fields under tractors for cultivation this year. They claim that for many years the fields had been obstructed from ploughing because of hastily erected embankments and roads.

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                      No untreated sewage being released in River Sal: Goa govt

                      Gauree Malkarnekar | TNN | Updated: Jul 27, 2019, 22:55 IST

                      PORVORIM: No untreated sewage is being released directly into river Sal by the Sewerage & Infrastructure Development Corporation Goa, the Goa government has said. A report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), aimed at restoring water quality in rivers, had revealed that certain stretches of 11 rivers in Goa are polluted by sewage, the Sal being the worst affected.

                      “No sewage line laid that connects to river via manholes from Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) directly. No sewage is released in the river from STPs. As per the information provided by the Sewerage & Infrastructure Development Corporation Goa, no untreated sewerage is released directly into river Sal by the Corporation’s STPs. However after treatment of sewage, the treated effluent/water is released into existing nallah after following norms,” the state has said, in a written reply submitted in the state assembly.

                      The river rejuvenation committee has prepared an action plan of rejuvenation for river Sal. The plan is prepared as per order of National Green Tribunal dated September 20, 2018, the Goa government has said, the reply tabled at the ongoing state assembly session.

                      The Sal, stretches of which were found to be highly polluted, is the third largest river in the state and the lifeline of Salcete taluka.

                      Over a year after former Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar received a letter from the Centre sanctioning Rs 60 crore exclusively to clean the Sal river, the crucial waterbody continues to reel under neglect.

                      In a recent report, the state government’s river rejuvenation committee stated that urbanisation along both banks, coupled with inefficient collection and treatment mechanisms for sewage and solid waste, have resulted in high levels of faecal coliform in the state’s third-largest river.

                      In its order dated September 20 last year, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had directed all states to prepare action plans within two months to make all polluted river stretches fit at least for bathing.

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