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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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    Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

    Bambolim-Dona Paula four-laning begins

    PANAJI: The PWD has begun work of four-laning the 7 km-long Bambolim-Dona Paula road, PWD principal chief engineer J S S Rego said on Thursday.

    The four-laning will be done on the existing road from the Goa Medical College & Hospital (GMC) in Bambolim till the NIO circle at Dona Paula.

    Almost 3km of the road runs through the Goa University campus. The project has worried Goa University academics and students over the loss of green cover as about 700 trees have been earmarked for felling, academics claim. The four-laning is likely to gobble up 45,000 sq m of green cover in the form of trees and vegetation in the campus, academics said.

    The project will cost 33 crore and is expected to be completed within 210 days. Rego said efforts are on to achieve maximum possible results in time for the Lusofonia Games due in January 2014.

    "It was a long-pending demand as traffic has increased tremendously. Chief minister Manohar Parrikar has also directed us to expedite work due to the Lusofonia games," Rego said, adding that the road is important due to the presence of one major sports stadium near the Goa University.

    The project envisages the straightening of the alignment and laying of footpaths on either side in time for the January 2014 Games. The total width of the road is around 25m. This includes two lanes on either side, footpaths, median and drains.

    Bambolim-Dona Paula four-laning begins - The Times of India
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      Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

      River Mhadei diversion: 28-member delegation in Goa to study 'lifeline'

      KERI/BICHOLIM: A three-member team of the Mhadei water disputes tribunal along with 25 officials of the Maharashtra and Karnataka governments are in Goa to study the socio-economic impact of the River Mhadei on the little state.

      The delegation arrived on Thursday in response to an invitation of the state government to understand how this river, called the Mandovi in Goa, is a lifeline as it flows towards its final destination, the Arabian Sea.

      Goa is opposing its neighbour Karnataka's moves to divert and dam tributaries of the river. The group will be joined by local officials as they visit the Mormugao port trust ( MPT), the Cumbarjua canal where the Rivers Mandovi and Zuari meet, and the island of Divar on December 13.

      They will also visit the Amthane dam in Bicholim, the Anjunem dam in Keri, Sattari, and various water treatment plants, including Opa, that rely on water of the Mandovi.

      The Goa government has submitted before tribunal that Karnataka, illegally and without any approvals or consent from Goa, is creating infrastructure to divert a large quantum of water from the tributaries of the already water deficient River Mhadei to the Malaprabha river basin.

      It has prayed that the works under way at Kankumbi-the diversion of water into a nullah of the Mhadei's main tributary, Kalasa-should be stopped by the tribunal through a clear, adequate and unassailable restraint order.

      It has further stated that if the works are allowed to continue and in the event that Karnataka is not able to construct the Kalasa dam, water flowing into the Kalasa nullah through most of its sub-tributaries would automatically flow into the Malaprabha even without the dam.

      The tribunal team is headed by former SC judge, Justice J M Panchal, and has as members former judge of the Madhya Pradesh high court, Justice Viney Mittal, and former judge of the Andhra Pradesh high court, Justice P S Narayana.

      On December 17, the panel will visit Virdi in Maharashtra where work on an irrigation dam is under way, and from December 18 to 24, it will visit the Kalasa canal and diversion work site in Kankumbi, the proposed Kotni dam site near Jamboti and the proposed site for the Bhandura dam and diversion at Nerse near Khanapur. Meanwhile, in Bicholim, Sakhali MLA Pramod Sawant told reporters, "We will submit a memorandum to the visiting tribunal panel along with copies of the resolutions passed unanimously by various panchayats of North Goa opposing Karnataka's plan of damming and diverting Mhadei's tributaries."

      River Mhadei diversion: 28-member delegation in Goa to study 'lifeline' - The Times of India
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        Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

        New bill to give land to Mayem residents: CM

        PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday announced that the government will introduce and pass a bill in the forthcoming assembly session that will give residents of Mayem the 'benefits of total liberation'.

        A draft bill will be placed in public domain within a month for public comments, Parrikar said in his liberation day speech at Campal, prompting the Mayem Nagarik Kruti Samiti ( MNKS) to withdraw its chain hunger strike in Panaji.

        The new legislation will empower the state to acquire land in Mayem and hand it over to the people with a clear title.

        Parrikar said most of the land in Mayem stands in the name of the government. He said the problem arises as some people claim ownership over it as it has been in their family even before the Portuguese came to Goa, and the people of Mayem claim that their land was given to the Conde de Mayem. "I am not going into is in the name of government, except some of it, that land which is in the name of government will be acquired," Parrikar said.

        He said the land acquisition is so as to handover a clear title to the property to the people of Mayem. "Some people may fight cases against those who get that land, so I am clearing the title before the land is given," he said.

        "Any claim of anyone on that property will be wiped out with the law and the land will become of the government. Then we can allot the land to the people of Mayem as compensation," he said. With this the people of Mayem need not fight cases in court over any counter claim as any claim will have to be made with the government and the government may settle it either directly, through the court or reject the claim.

        The chief minister said there would be a mechanism in place, such as a tribunal, where Mayem residents will have to stake their claim once the law comes into force.

        Parrikar said even after 52 years of liberation from Portuguese rule, residents of Mayem are still deprived of their rights as their land comes under the Evacuee Property Act.

        New bill to give land to Mayem residents: CM - The Times of India
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          Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

          Goa tourism minister denies wrongdoing in land transaction

          PANAJI: Goa tourism minister Dilip Parulekar has denied any wrongdoing in taking possession of 599 square metres of Serula communidade land along the Chogm road at Porvorim.

          Parulekar told TOI that he has followed all procedures, paid the necessary fees to the Serula communidade to get the land regularized to his ownership.

          Political parties like the state NCP and other social activists have criticized the tourism minister by alleging that he used state machinery and his political office to acquire the land illegally.

          But Parulekar said he is occupying the land for over 20 years and that he has a favourable ruling from the court regarding the possession of the land. The tourism minister reminded that he has in the past, challenged his critics to prove any illegality in the land transaction and that he would resign from office if they proved any illegality.

          The Goa NCP has been very vocal on the issue. NCP vice president Trajano D'Mello, a political opponent from Parulekar's Saligao constituency, has claimed that on November 9, 2011, Parulekar wrote to the attorney of the comunidade requesting regularization of the 'encroached area'. The attorney, in the general body meeting, claimed the occupied land, with a structure and a deep stone quarry, "is not fetching any rent nor value and is a loss to the defendant" and the meeting resolved to go with the request.

          On July 15, 2012, shortly after Parulekar became minister, the attorney moved an application to the administrator of comunidades, North Goa, for the land's regularization.

          The administrator was asked to forward the proposal to the Administrative Tribunal, which granted the order on September 27, 2012.

          The attorney issued a certificate to Parulekar on October 28, 2012, five days after the minister paid, via draft, 3,41,430 for the land.

          The final possession was given on July 29, 2013, in a civil suit. D'Mello alleged that the land is worth a minimum of 30,000/sq m as against the 570/sq m that Parulekar paid.

          Parulekar denied the charges. "Communidades are giving so much land to non-Goans. I am a Goan and followed all procedures in getting the land," he said.

          Goa tourism minister denies wrongdoing in land transaction - The Times of India
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            Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

            Get land records at click of a button

            PANAJI: The user friendly website Dharnaksh - Directorate of Settlement & Land Records, Governement of Goa introduced by the directorate of settlement and land records in June, 2012 has received tremendous response from the users globally. The website facilitates any user in the world to view and print extracts of land records at the click of a button.

            The website has so far received more than 50000 hit and about 3500 registered users succeeded in getting copies of land records through payment gateway without having to visit office of land records.

            Mihir Vardhan, director, directorate of settlement and land records said everyday about 200-250 hits are recorded. The present statistic revealed that web service has been used by more than 4295 people from United States, 2384 from Australia, 1632 from UAE and Gulf countries, 517 from UK, besides large number of people within India.

            For this achievement, the department has won Geospatial World Excellence Award 2013 which was presented at Rotterdam, Netherlands on May 15, 2013.

            Get land records at click of a button - The Times of India
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              Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

              Building collapse: CM Manohar Parrikar says guilty won't be spared

              PANAJI: Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar assured on Saturday of stringent action against the builder and municipal officers concerned in connection with the collapse of an under-construction building at Canacona near here.

              At least 40 people were feared trapped under the debris, even as eye-witnesses claimed that rescue workers have pulled out six bodies.

              However, no official confirmation on this has been received so far.

              "Police have filed an FIR against the builder and municipal officials concerned who had sanctioned the building," the chief minister said.

              More than 50 workers were on the site when the accident occurred around 3pm.

              Parrikar, who was near Canacona to attend the state-sponsored folklore festival, rushed to the site.

              Subsequently, the government announced cancellation of the event.

              "Current priority is to rescue people trapped under the rubble and the government has also taken help of Army to clear the debris," Parikkar said.

              Building collapse: CM Manohar Parrikar says guilty won't be spared - The Times of India
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                Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

                Illegal houses issue dominates Pilgao meet

                BICHOLIM: The issue of illegal houses kicked off much heat and dust at the gram sabha on Sunday at Pilgao as members demanded razing of all the unauthorized structures in the village.

                The issue cropped up after one member, Deelip Gawas asked sarpanch Jayant Kavelkar to revoke the approval (NOC) issued to a ship building company operating in Sarmanas area to construct the bridge near the traditional pedestrian's way at Pilgao-Sarmanas.

                Kavlekar chaired the gram sabha in the village panchayat hall and a large number of members attended. Six out of seven panchas were present.

                Gawas said there were two possibilities of either revoking the NOC issued to the ship building company to construct a bridge, endangering the traditional pedestrians using the path from Sarmanas to Pilgao or to direct the owner to widen the existing traditional passage into a road.

                "It would be a death trap for pedestrians with the proposed bridge," he said.

                But Kavlekar instead of considering the alternatives, suggested that Gawas demolish his own house, alleging that it was an illegal structure. At this juncture, there was chaos as the villagers and Gawas came down heavily on the sarpanch, stating that his allegations were baseless. They urged him to demolish all the illegal houses existing in Pilgao village.

                Confusion prevailed for some time due to arguments over illegal houses.

                But, Gawas remained firm on his stand to demand that the sarpanch revoke the NOC given to the shipbuilding owner to construct a bridge near the existing traditional pathway.

                After realizing the gravity of the situation, the sarpanch agreed to do either of the things and said that the village panchayat authorities would inspect the pedestrians' way on Wednesday to decide the future course of action.

                Issues like sanitation in the panchayat area, frequent power-cut problems, cleanliness of stormwater drains and other matters were discussed during the meeting.

                Illegal houses issue dominates Pilgao meet - The Times of India
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                  Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

                  Mayor demands package of Rs 200 crore for Panaji infrastructure

                  PANAJI: Panaji mayor Surendra Furtado urged the 14th finance commission to provide a special package for Panaji in the form of a grant-in-aid of 200 crore. On Wednesday, Furtado met members of the commission and submitted a memorandum to them.

                  He said, "CCP pays 2,000 crore as non-corporate income tax to the Center. To achieve equitable growth, it's only a fair request that 10 % of funds be given to us to create largescale infrastructure that will address the issues of acute shortage in the supply of potable water and implementation of a city-wide fire-hazard mitigation system.

                  He claimed that there is an immediate requirement to revamp the garbage management system of the city, for which the CCP would require 100 crore.

                  There are detailed project reports (DPRs) in place requesting funding for a solid waste management project under JNNURM of the ministry of urban development.

                  He also told them that the corporation is largely overburdened with the payment of salaries of 18 crore annually. This has been the main impediment in employing senior technical staff, he said.

                  He said funds are also needed for street lighting, development of the beach front and cleanliness. The CCP would need 150 crore for these works, he claimed.

                  Stating that Panaji is a tourist attraction, the mayor claimed that CCP can't undertake any works due to budgetary constraints. "There is no scope to undertake extended development works, and regularly monitor the beach front," he said.

                  Mayor demands package of Rs 200 crore for Panaji infrastructure - The Times of India
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                    Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions


                    Such a huge information get about real estate in Goa. Like Mumbai or Delhi in Goa too real estate prices are increase. Goa is the best place for travelling. Gradually businesses also established their. This is the reason for real estate price increase.



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                      Re : Goa Real Estate News & Questions

                      Dilapidated heritage buildings can be saved through restoration: Experts

                      PANAJI: The panic over the Canacona tragedy has not gone down well with some heritage lovers, as a few unsafe buildings facing demolition in urban areas are heritage landmarks that can be saved through restoration.

                      The local self-governing bodies, including the Corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP) pulled out their old lists to bring down unsafe buildings after 31 workers were killed in the Canacona disaster.

                      But a few of the buildings belong to the golden era when they were built to last for centuries and boasted of solid masonry. They are enduring landmarks in the urban landscape and are part of the city's glorious past, sources say.

                      "Some of these buildings may not have been included in the heritage list, but as they have heritage value, they can be conserved through a meaningful intervention. This will help preserve them and make them the safe and habitable for the occupants," Tulio de Souza, former chairman of Indian institute of architects (Goa chapter) said.

                      Agreed architect Dean D'Cruz, "A few of them can be easily restored as the masonry is solid, but minor interventions may be needed to replace the damaged sections and replace the woodwork," he said.

                      Heritage lovers are wary about the further loss of heritage character in Goa's towns, as new concrete buildings keeping dominating the urban setting. "No sentiment has been paid to heritage structures in declaring them unsafe. They can be restored instead of just pulling them down," points out Rohit Phalgaonkar, a history lecturer.

                      The policy of declaring the buildings unsafe without considering their heritage value or a proper assessment of their structural stability is likely to encourage their neglect. "Owners will live in rented premises, neglect their buildings till they almost fall down and ask authorities to declare them unsafe for demolition. This will only help builders step in to destroy the last landmarks," Phalgaonkar said.

                      Heritage buildings entail heavy maintenance costs. Adaptive reuse is an option for building owners to economically sustain their properties. "But the facades should be maintained at all costs while changes can be made inside as per new requirements," D' Cruz said.

                      Demolition of old buildings for redevelopment has its pitfalls, as the heritage character of the city is lost. "A new architect may be clueless about recreating true heritage architectural elements and the heritage of any place during reconstruction," D'Cruz added.

                      The civic authorities should compel the owners to carry out maintenance if they can allow them to raze their structures, sources said. But CCP mayor, Surendra Furtado disagreed, stating that there are legal complications. "Some of the owners are waiting for the collapse of these buildings. The tenants are not moving out, as they fear losing their business and place in the building," he said.

                      CCP authorities have issued notices after apprehensions over safety to human life and property. "The district collector, as the head of the disaster management authority can order the demolition. We can't take risks, and the ball is in the government's court," he said.

                      But some say the argument about maintenance costs is misplaced. A concrete building is monolithic in nature but old buildings are an assembly of various parts and easier to restore, he explained.

                      "Everything has to be maintained, and it has been proved that concrete is much more difficult to repair than a traditional building," Ketak Nachinolkar, a conservation architect said.

                      Dilapidated heritage buildings can be saved through restoration: Experts - The Times of India
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