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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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Goa Real Estate News & Questions

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    Act against illegalities in NDZ: Villagers

    TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 03:22 IST

    Margao: Cavelossim Villagers Forum (CVF) on Thursday requested the government and Goa coastal zone management authority (GCZMA) to act against illegal activities being undertaken in the village’s no development zone (NDZ) bordering Sal river. They also raised the issue of health hazards due to open defecation by workers.

    CVF president Iris Passanha demanded that GCZMA immediately demolish all illegal structures and cut off power supply to those running businesses in the area without permission.

    “All sorts of garbage is burnt and the discharge dumped in the river. There are no toilets for the workers. Several complaints have been lodged, but no action has been taken,” Passanha said.

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      Will complete 300 more projects before term: North Goa MP

      TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 03:21 IST

      Mapusa: Union Ayush minister and North Goa MP Shripad Naik has assured that around 1,000 projects would be completed before his term as an MP ends. Naik was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the newly constructed classrooms of Janata high school at Mapusa under the members of parliament local area development (MPLAD) scheme on Thursday. The cost of the new classrooms is estimated to be around Rs23 lakh.

      Also present at the occasion were chairperson of the Mapusa municipal council (MMC) Ryan Braganza, officials of the school and councillors.

      Naik said, “Our country is making immense progress in education and we will try and give full support to the school.Almost 700 projects have aldready been completed in my previous three terms and in the fourth year around 300 more projects will be completed, taking the tally to 1,000 projects,” Naik said.

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        CCP clears 10 of 38 blackspots in 2 weeks of starting garbage helpline

        TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 03:17 IST

        Panaji: Two weeks after it launched its 24X 7, toll-free garbage helpline, corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP) has managed to wipe out ten of the 34 black spots identified around the capital city.

        Four telephone operators working in shifts have been receiving around eight calls a day from households and commercial establishments with requests to pick up garbage from their homes and that lying around the city.

        The team put in place is also equipped with two trucks to pick up large quantities of garbage and has been prioritising collection of wet waste.

        “We conducted a training program for supervisors informing them that CCP collects all kinds of waste except construction debris. Some were not aware about this,” CCP commissioner Ajit Roy said. He appealed to the public to give the workers advance intimation when it comes to picking up waste that is not generated on a daily basis like tubelights, e-waste, furniture, cardboards, etc, so that adequate manpower could be sent along with a truck.

        The requests can either be made to the worker collecting garbage from one’s doorstep or on the helpline number.

        The corporation is using a multi-pronged approach to keep the capital city swachh. Along with the helpline, it is also encouraging public interaction with the CCP officials who have been tasked with visiting multiple wards each week to understand on ground problems and personally appeal to people to segregate waste and not dump it.

        The measures were taken up after CCP studied the garbage problem in the bin-less city. It found that in some instances families are not present at home when municipal workers come to collect garbage. “We found that in some instances dogs made a mess of people’s wet waste, while some who don’t want to keep it in the houses for the night prefer to throw it out. This would lead to black spots. That’s why the need for this helpline was felt,” a CCP official said.

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          Govt depts urged to replace PET bottles with water filters

          Lisa Monteiro | TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 03:16 IST

          Panaji: After discontinuing the use of PET bottles, and bouquets and gifts wrapped in plastic, the corporation of the city of Panaji has appealed to central and state government offices as well as various institutions and colleges to assist it in implementing the three R’s — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

          The corporation has requested all government departments to replace packaged drinking water with water purifiers and coolers so as to do away with plastic bottles and cups.

          It has also appealed to cultural centres, including Institute Menezes Braganza and Kala Academy, to wrap gifts in paper instead of its plastic counterpart and also avoid plastic in the bouquets they present during function.

          “Use of paper must also be minimised in order to reduce generation of waste to sustain a healthy Panaji,” CCP stated.

          “Till last year PET bottles were being used by staff and during programmes at CCP. We have stopped this practice. We procured water coolers, glass jugs and enough glasses and crockery for council meetings and functions. We either offer a single flower to guests, or a potted plant. If we do present a bouquet, it is without the plastic wrap,” CCP commissioner Ajit Roy said.

          The 8th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific held at Indore earlier this year laid stress on the 3Rs, which are being followed in all advanced nations for effective waste reduction and management.

          CCP workers are all too familiar with PET bottles thrown around the city, which eventually land up in drains blocking them. “When we start desilting drains in the months leading up to the monsoons, we noticed three major components in addition to the mud — PET bottles, plastic and rubber materials, including chappals. Through this appeal, if we can even reduce one component — PET bottles — it will help the city manage its garbage better,” a CCP employee said, adding that the corporation finds them in drains around the city, especially on 18th June Road, M G Road, Miramar and Dr Atmaram Borkar road.

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            Deforestation of hills leaves most parts of state vulnerable to floods

            Gauree Malkarnekar

            It may seem like a cruel coincidence that the flooding that ravaged Sakhali in 1996 and Canacona in 2009 both occurred on the same date, October 2.
            | TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 07:15 IST

            Deforestation of the hill slopes near the upper stretches of the rivers and siltation of the rivers were outli... Read More

            PANAJI: It may seem like a cruel coincidence that the flooding that ravaged Sakhali in 1996 and Canacona in 2009 both occurred on the same date, October 2. But the circumstances under which the floods drowned Sakhali and Canacona were no coincidence.

            A large part of the catchment area of the rivers in Goa is located on hill slopes and if the state receives normal rainfall, the soil in these forested areas get saturated with moisture by September. In these circumstances, any sudden bout of rainfall can slide the soil down with the overflowing river water, leading to floods.

            This was found to have been the case in 1996 in Sakhali, where a loss of property worth Rs 2 crore and three lives was recorded, and in 2009 in Canacona, where 100 houses collapsed and two people died.

            The state government committee which submitted its report on what led to the flood in Canacona in 2009, had stated, "There are no records to suggest that flooding of this magnitude occurred in Canacona taluka in recorded history. Nevertheless, the elements that contributed to the event are not uncommon in Goa."

            Despite these conditions that can make Goa the victim of floods any year now, PWD officials admit there is no map identifying the specific areas in the state that can be submerged by floods. The disaster management plan for the state only identifies the talukas that can be flood-prone like Tiswadi for instance.

            "Floods can occur at any time and at any place for many reasons. Flooding can happen once in 50 years or may not take place for a 1,000 years. A phenomenon like a cloudburst during the monsoon can lead to a flood. A low-lying area like Panaji can easily flood with unusually heavy rainfall. So it is difficult to earmark areas prone to flooding," said chief engineer of water resources department, Sandeep Nadkarni.

            Deforestation of the hill slopes near the upper stretches of the rivers and siltation of the rivers were outlined as the major cause of the flooding in Sakhali and Canacona.

            And while some steps to desilt the bed of the Galgibaga and Talpona rivers in Canacona and the Valvanti in Sakhali were taken immediately following the floods, there is no confirmation of afforestation on hill slopes in forested areas being carried out. "Despite the major floods that swept away cattle and houses in Canacona in 2009, the government does not seem to have woken up to such natural disasters. As per the government committee's recommendations post the floods, the constant monitoring mechanism involving locals and students from nearby colleges etc is not taking place," said Manoj Prabhugaonkar of Loliem in Canacona.

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              End parking woes: Hoteliers, charter operators tell AAI

              Bindiya Chari | TNN | Updated: Aug 24, 2018, 12:58 IST

              The contractor is willing to allow operators to park coaches for four hours, provided more space is made available

              PANAJI: Hoteliers and charter tour operators held a meeting with the AirportAuthority of India officials on Thursday over the parking issues. The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) president Savio Messias, who led the delegation, said the issues need to be addressed before the onset of the new tourist season in October.

              A meeting with the vice chairperson of Goa state infrastructure development corporation (GSIDC), Sidharth Kunkalienkar has also been fixed as most of the space used for parking has been occupied by the contractor for the grade separator work at the Dabolim airport.

              “A request will be made to the corporation to ensure that the space is made available for parking,” said Messias after the meeting with airport director, B C Negi.

              Messias said the issue had arisen as the new contractor, who has though not changed parking fees, reduced parking hours for a slot. “Earlier, any operator could park a coach for four hours, but now it is limited two hours even as fees remain unchanged at Rs 250,” he said.

              The TTAG chief said the contractor is willing to allow operators to park coaches for four hours, provided more parking space is made available. Earlier, space was available for 15 coaches to park. “The grade separator project has been delayed to a large extent,” said Messias, adding, “In the past, airport authorities had approached GSIDC over the issue, but it didn’t work’’.

              Messias informed that at other airports, coaches drop passengers and depart. “The rule can’t be applied here as the coaches dropping charter tourists also pick up passengers on way back,’’ he said.

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                Mumbai NGO to help recycle soaps from Goa's resorts

                Newton Sequeira | TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 21:21 IST

                PANAJI: Every year tourists from all over the globe swish into the thousands of hotel rooms in Goa and when they leave, they leave behind barely used soaps that make their way to landfills and waste treatment plants in Goa. All this is set to change.

                Sundara, a Mumbai-based NGO, has offered to partner with Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) and Goa Waste Management Corporation, to clean up the mess. GWMC will collect the discarded bars of soap from the hotels and deliver them to Sundara, which can then recycle the soap.

                “This is an industry driven initiative. Goa Waste management corporation wants to step in logistically and provide a collection system,” managing director of GWMC Sanjit Rodrigues said. “Through a logistical exercise we will map all the hotels so that the collection route can be decided.”

                TTAG, GWMC and Sundara officials met with Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s tourism cell. Hoteliers, who were present for the meeting, showed their willingness to be part of the initiative.

                “We have already told stakeholders to segregate and collect the soaps. So by the end of the month the soap will collected,” TTAG president Savio Messias said.

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                  Identification of pvt forests: Committee gets more time

                  TNN | Aug 25, 2018, 03:29 IST

                  Panaji: The work of identifying private forests, which the Supreme Court had ordered in 1996 in the Godavarman case, may be delayed further as the state government has granted the review committee an extention to submit its report.

                  The forest department, in a press release, stated that the period for submission of the report has been further extended by six months (excluding the monsoon) till March 31, 2019.

                  The department has cited technical difficulties and limited resources and manpower for the extension.

                  Twenty two years ago, the SC directed all states to identify areas of private forests, even those with degraded cover, to protect them. However, the work has progressed at a slow pace while the status of forest land has changed, often with political support, say sources.

                  After the top court’s order, a couple of committees, the Sawant panel in 1999 and the Karapurkar panel in 2002, together identified only 67 sq km out of the estimated 256 sq km of privately-owned forest in Goa.

                  Subequently, two more committees constituted by the government continued the exercise for a few years. “The last two committees have identified and suggested inclusion of more patches of green forests,” a source said.

                  The work of the new nine-member committee, which was appointed for five months, is to look into grievances from citizens and NGOs regarding inclusion and non-inclusion of some areas as private forest. A forest department official said it would ensure a uniform approach towards the issue if the committee hears grievances of stakeholders.

                  But greens are wary of the committee’s brief. “The significant reduction of Goa’s forest cover is already leading to a rise in man-animal conflicts and affecting the state’s biodiversity. Efforts should be made to preserve what’s left,” said environmentalist Avertino Miranda.

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                    Airport multi-level parking facility likely to open in November

                    Newton Sequeira | TNN | Updated: Aug 25, 2018, 07:19 IST

                    The airport authority also wants a designated parking area for tourist taxis and black and yellow cabs

                    PANAJI: The airports authority of India (AAI) expects the Rs50 crore, multi-level car park at Goa International Airport to be ready by early November. Officials are yet to finalise a date for the much-needed car park to be thrown open for use by the public, AAI officials said.

                    The Rs 50-crore parking facility was built three years ago and was supposed to be inaugurated in December 2017, but it missed the deadline as the bureau of civil aviation security, declaring it a security and safety risk for aircraft, withheld approvals. Sources in the AAI said that after wide-ranging consultations, it was decided to build a blast protection wall between the parking facility and the airport’s terminal bays.

                    “Work is progressing smoothly. By end October or a week after that, the car park should be ready,” airport director Bhupesh Negi said.

                    “The tender for handling the multi-level car park is being processed and by November we will start operations.”

                    Once the blast protection wall is built, AAI will ask the parking contractor to operate the facility and collect parking charges, which will be fixed by the agency in consultation with AAI.

                    The car park is expected to provide parking for as many as 500-odd vehicles and could help ease the congestion at the terminal ramp.

                    Given the scarcity of land, AAI’s had decided to build the car park in available space, which was next to three aircraft bays.

                    Defence research and development organisation, which conducted a blast impact assessment, recommended building of the blast protection wall.

                    “Initially, it was proposed to have RFID tags for vehicles, but this was found to be expensive and impractical. Instead a log of vehicles will be kept,” an official said. AAI has also suggested to government officials that a designated parking area should be provided for tourist taxis and black and yellow cabs.

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                      Centre may amend Act to restart mining ops in Goa

                      Murari Shetye | TNN | Updated: Aug 25, 2018, 06:58 IST

                      Representative image

                      PANAJI: The mining sector in the state seems to have got a new lease of life as the group of ministers appointed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to look into mining-related issues is likely to put up a proposal in favour of restarting mining in Goa.

                      A senior officer from the ministry of mines said the group of ministers is likely to recommend to the Union government to amend the Goa, Daman and Diu Mining Concessions (Abolition and Decalaration as Mining Leases) Act, 1987 that will allow mining operations to continue till 2037.

                      Mining activities in the state came to halt from March 15 after the Supreme Court in its February 7 order quashed the second renewal of 88 mining leases in the state.

                      The senior officer also said the group of ministers may also propose an amendment to the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act that forms the basic framework for mining regulation in the country.

                      “The group of ministers is examining whether to propose an amendment to the abolition act and MMDR Act to restart mining in the state,” the officer said.

                      Earlier this month, Modi had assured chief minister Manohar Parrikar of looking into the issue of restarting mining activities in the state. A delegation comprising Parrikar, Union minister Shripad Naik and MPs Narendra Sawaikar and Vinay Tendulkar had met the Prime Minister and the group of ministers and presented him with a copy of the private member’s resolution passed by Goa assembly recently for resumption of mining operations.

                      The ministerial group had told Parrikar that the Centre would take legal means to restart mining activities in the state.

                      A mainstay of Goa’s economy with the mining sector’s annual turnover touching Rs 4,000 crore, the closure of operations has hurt the state for the second time in a decade. The Supreme Court’s scathing judgment has extracted a heavy economic price and could not only lead to Rs 400-450 crore revenue loss for the state government over the next two years, but it will also impact allied industries and rural employment impacting 11,000-30,000 direct and indirect jobs.

                      In the resolution passed in the state assembly, Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral had said, “This House strongly recommends that the government of Goa shall urge the central government to take appropriate steps to suitably amend the Goa, Daman and Diu Mining Concessions (Abolition and Declaration as Mining Leases) Act, 1987, and make it applicable prospectively with effect from May 23, 1987, that is the day it was enacted, instead of retrospective effect from December 12, 1961, so as to enable the current mining leases to remain operational up to 2037.”

                      Cabral had also said that the House should “resolve to urge the central government to amend the MMDR Act, 1957, suitably in such a way as to give the benefit of the 50-year tenures introduced retrospectively in 2015 by way of Sec 8A (3), to the mining concessions in Goa, which though were converted into mining leases only in the year 1987, were given a fictional date of grant of 1961 so as to allow collection of dead rent and royalty for the past by the government of India”.

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