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Land Prices in Goa


Land Prices in Goa

Last updated: November 27 2016
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  • Land Prices in Goa

    Goa has witnessed a lot of action in real estate developement in the last 5 years. Many new residential and commercial projects have come up; giving great returns to the investor community. Prices in some cases have nearly multiplied 5-10 times in this period. Even today, many new projects are being launched and being sold out in the pre-launch stage. This shows how attractive the real estate sector is in Goa.

    I was wondering how the Goan market will do in the next few years?

    Will the prices continue to rise, remain stable or a correction is expected; like in the case of other cities in India.
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    Re : Land Prices in Goa

    They are banning foreigners from buying and locals are protesting against the concrete jungles , Mumbai and Delhi builders are building over there.

    In my opinion, Goa should correct in short / medium term, but it remains a good investment for long term investors. If you are looking for a plot, you could keep an eye on Mopa, where a new airport is coming and should returns in long term.


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      Re : Land Prices in Goa

      M-Tech developers

      wats da status of M-Tech Deveolpers project at Goa?


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        Re : Land Prices in Goa


        It is such a nice stuff and I really like it. Thank you so much for sharing.



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          Re : Land Prices in Goa

          The property rates are almost equal to the ones in chennai

          dear friends..

          even i am on a look out for a 2bhk flat in goa.. in and around panjim.. I am originally a goan and want to a flat there but the rates are so high its very much out of my budget. even the resale flats (20 yrs old) cost about 22-25 lakhs..

          Can some one advise me if the property rates in panjim will come down???
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            Re : Land Prices in Goa

            Plot in Goa

            I'm planning to buy a small plot of land in Goa and my budget is around 15L. Most of the ad's that I see online is in the > 50L to a crore range. Can anyone guide me where to look for ad's that are within my budget?


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              Re : Land Prices in Goa

              This seems to be a new trend in Goa where builders have stopped new developments and simply divide the property into small plots of 500 to 1000 sq.mts and sell them. When you are in Goa, check the classifieds of local newspapers like oHeraldo, I remember seeing an ad for a 500 sq.m plot for 10-15 lakhs (can't remember exact figure) and a place like Usgao is in interiors and almost 30-40 kms from Panaji. In most cases, it is the locals who are snapping up these places.


              just checked oHeraldo has a epaper version of their newspaper and you can check the classifieds here is the link,

              Places like Usgao,shiroda,Pednem are totally in the interiors so rarely you will find non goans living in these places.
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