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Studio Apartment Versus 2 BHK, North Goa


Studio Apartment Versus 2 BHK, North Goa

Last updated: December 4 2014
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  • Studio Apartment Versus 2 BHK, North Goa


    I am thinking about buying an apartment in North Goa. My max budget is 60 lakhs. The main purpose is letting it out to tourists. Though I would also use it myself occasionally when I visit there. While browsing the properties, I noticed studios are often price almost half that of a 2 bhk apartment in the same area. The motive being renting out, it apparently feels like buying a studio gives better return rates because the rentals are only slightly different between the two.

    So, what would you guys suggest me? Studio or a 2 bhk apartment? Things apart from the return rate that I think one should consider are :

    1. Occupancy rate of studios vs. 2 bhk apartments (throughout the year, not just peak season)
    2. Resale of studios is difficult? (though reselling is not my main motive)

    A different but related question. I can see all the prime locations near beaches don't have new apartments coming up, at least within my budget. Is it advisable to buy resale properties 3-4 years old?

    Thanks in advance. Much appreciate your help.
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