Hi, I have a house in Shimla that I want to sell off.
I, however, do not stay in Shimla and to sell the house I would have to give the house keys to a local broker for him to bring in prospective buyers.
My question - is it safe to handover the house keys to a broker? Can he misuse/sell the house himself given that he will have open access to the property? Are there any steps I can take to safeguard and ensure my property will not be misused if I were to handover the keys to a broker?
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  • Yes, keys can be misused . So, try giving them to a known Broker . Also, if you have any relative in Shimla, request him to frequent your house and keep a check from outside.

    You may also get some Security Cameras installed at the entrance and inside of your house and get them connected through internet, so that u can keep a watch .

    • Samr232 years ago
      Thanks for your help.