Indore, the financial capital of MP is very costly now. In past 2-3 years in terms of development only roads have been made. Rest all is on paper and in minds of people.
MoUs were signed just for the sake of rising the property prices. Government's sincere effort of attracting IT/ firms simply did not kick off and none of the companies showed any commitment.

Now govt is trying to lure agro bases businesses.

Well to cut long story short, nothing seems to me materializing the way it should (i mean the pace). Compare Indore with any other Tier 2 or Tier 3 city and you will know the difference.

In last 5 yrs Hinjewadi Village (Pune) has more number of people working in firms then Indore can ever imagine in next 50 yrs to come.

But all these talks of Development and MoU has definitely raised the price of plots from mere 400 Rs/Sq FT to 2000 Rs/FT for no reason but JUST THE HOT AIR

So where did all this money came from. Indians are good savers. They save a lot. FDs were not fetching any returns and many burnt their hands in recent stock market crash of 2008. On top of this govt now track each and every PAN number. Plots in Indore provide you the option to convert the white and black money to black. Most of the plots on Bypass road are all purchased by investors and they are in no hurry to built houses here.
So you can easily assume that it would take 20 yrs for the actual resident to migrate here.

Hell lot of townships and buildings are coming up and you have plenty of options available.

Your comments please.
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  • Is there an industrial area coming up beside Singapore Lifestyle ? On the other side of the railway line? I have heard news of the same. So I was wondering if the noise and pollution will impact Lifestyle.

    I see lot of schemes on Super corridor which seem dicey (no registry, etc). Which ones are safe ? There is lot of talk about proposed ring road and proposed roads towards palakhedi and bada bangarda. They do show up on the master plan, but it seems they do not mention width. It seems strange but how will they build a road over the villages ??

    Nariman - heard rumours that some part of his land is going to be acquired by IDA.

    Saffron and Sakar - heard they had many fake non-registered plots sold.

    Millennium - Does he have a proper approach road. right now, there isnt any.

    Pinnacle - he has a nullah running right across the middle of his scheme, and a gas pipeline running along the main internal road. No proper approach road yet, but he says road is proposed.

    I am an end user (from Ujjain) but will shift there after some time when development begins in full swing.

    Overall, I see that super corridor itself is well made, but there is a lot more to be done. Areas around super corridor are still under developed. construction is going on, but they seem to be focussed on the railway station and overbridge. No proper roads are yet made to approach places nearby corridor.
  • Hi Sat234 - did you finally invest in Indore. I am exploring and any inputs will be helpful.