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Please post pics and vids of status of TCS and Infy construction on Super corridor? Are they really starting operations by March 2017?

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  • Hi Kiran Ji, last month I was there in Super Corridor and saw significant development in TCS campus. I think they will start operation and administration Dept is going to setup and start operation by Aug this year. Let's see but what I guess is Tier2 cities Luke Nagpur and Indore will see IT companies start up there operation. No idea of Infosys yet. Please share your practical information about Infosys. Cheers!
  • Any latest updates on these sites? did anyone visit recently? what is the construction status?
  • Not possible in Mar-17, construction is going on but it will take some more time.
  • Hi Ricky ji, how about Infosys updates, is there construction is also on fast pace like TCS. Thanks
  • seems like it will not meet the deadline as usual. Even if they start the operation it would be an eye was rather then a full fledged operation. They have built the real estate ;) at least. Land at cheap cost.. LOL
  • Itna Sannata kyun hai bhai".....Can anyone please update about the current status of TCS and Infosys in Indore?
  • Hi Tipto Jee, as i said earlier they should start the operation by Aug this year...also i came to know from few Agents that the govt grants of special economic zone with discounted price budget of Development (i am not sure what is called in technical terms will also be finished by this year), so Infosys should complete the construction by this year. So lets hope for the best.
  • As per Naidunia (today's edition) Infy has started operating from SEZ to meet march end deadline. TCS is also expected to start within a week. Check Naidunia today's edition.
    • tipto3 years ago
      thanks for the info. It is just an EYEwash. To be frank can not really be called as an starting operations. I read the full clipping. Just a formality to escape the ruling.
  • @tipto
    That's true however we cannot expect a big bang opening also as this is an upcoming area and basic infra is still missing. It seems IDA yet to start water supply (as promised) and not sure about electricity. So I am glad that something got started and we should see real progress now on. Dont forget Symbiosis has already started operating from new campus and NMIMS is expected to start this year.

  • I am not sure are they really interested the way they have grown in other cities? Do they really want to replicate same for Indore?

    They have not en-cashed the fact that many of their employees from GJ, MP, UP, RJ etc have show Indore as their first choice as LOCATION.

    They should try to expedite and resolve the basic issues with help from authorities. But probably they just want to delay.

    Frankly Super corridor is in much better shape then What HINJEWADI was couple of years back.
  • Thankyou Prashbglr and Tipto Jee for the updates. I am also positive about the TCS and Infosys to start the operation by atleast this year.
  • How many employees are working at TCS and Infosys Indore? Any idea?
  • Hi,
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    Yugansh Soni
    • ganeshbhave1233 years ago
      He is just using this post as an advertisement for his township. it has nothing to do with TCS and Infosys.
  • Hi All, updating you and also checking with you all, TCS started the work in Indore BPO maximum team and also slowly IT team is also started.

    So now you can see growth of people population in TCS Indore super corridor.

    Pls chk yourself anyone visiting that side. Now HR from Mumbai is been shifted to Indore office.

    I think all your relatives pls update them that TcS will hire fresh IT graduates in Indore TCS Campus so that it will help all of our Indorians IT kids.

    Pls update from your side also. Cheers!
  • Hi all my Indore friends in this group, did anybody got time to see and check the site of TCS super corridor. If you visit kindly help us post photo also. I heard from friends and some agents that TCS already started few hirings and the second building is also almost complete. That's the reason I posted above my reply because I got info from some friends and agents. Pls update if any have info. Many thanks