I have booked a commercial office at Rs. 30 lacs and paid 10% i.e. Rs. 3.00 lacs. builder given receipt. this receipt mentioned deal value Rs. 30 lacs.

At the time of booking, decided in the deal value Rs. 30 lacs included taxes, parking, MPEB and others.

That time builder said with in 5-7 days will provide allotment letter, agreement but not provided any documents.

For the entereing into agreement and provide alltoment letter & various approvals we have sent 12-15 reminders in next 18 month through mail, Speed post, Registry and notice by Advocate. but builder not provided documents.

After that, builder sent a letter, mentioned that Sale Value is Rs. 35 lacs and Taxes, car parking and other cost will be seprate.

Now, i filled complaint against the same at RERA forum.

How should i deal this mater ?
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  • Who is the Builder & what is the name of the Project ? A thread may already exist on it and then this thread would need to get merged with the original thread .
    • MANOJa1 years ago
      Can u name the Project & The Builder? It would be beneficial for other members .

      We also need to shift this thread to Indore sub forum, once we have a Project name to the title .