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Any info about IDA Scheme no 165


Any info about IDA Scheme no 165

Last updated: April 27 2014
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  • Any info about IDA Scheme no 165

    It is a mega residential scheme coming in Rau (on bypass). But as with all govt projects, uncertainty lies. I tried contacting in IDA but didn't get satisfactory response about status of land acquisition and project timelines.I spoke to a T&CP official and he told me booking is about to start soon.

    Can anybody provide inputs about this scheme ?
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    Re : Any info about IDA Scheme no 165

    Yes, it would be launched 1 yrs from now at the rate of 3000 per sq ft. Where do you think IDA will get the refund of land they gave to TCS and Infy will come from. and also the cost of developing super corridor, water pipeline, sewage and power station, this all needs to be recovered from somewhere. right?


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?