Jaipur - Will the Heritage City Sustain the Investment Boom?

Jaipur is one of the fastest growing metros along with a rich cultural heritage, can even boast today of having the best-planned road infrastructure among many places in India. However, the skyline of Jaipur is also changing with times. And this makeover from a heritage city to a concrete jungle is justified with the co-existence of the majestic monuments of the Raj and the modern residential and commercial spaces that are coming up in the city.

To help it achieve its goal, the state government is taking initiatives like strengthening infrastructure and promoting IT & ITES policy in the city, considered the most comprehensive way of redefining financial growth. Besides, Jaipur’s easy connectivity to the prominent Indian cities and international destinations makes it a favorable business destination.

But will the heritage city sustain the investment boom?..... is the real question.
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  • Rajasthan is the most preferred destination for investments in major sectors. Easy availability of raw resources makes it the natural choice for agro and minerals based industries. Tourism is a thriving and vibrant industry in Rajasthan. The State attracts one third of the tourists coming into India. The State offers opportunities of large investments in a variety of areas ranging from hotels, amusement parks, ropeways, health resorts, transportation and other innovative tourism projects.
  • Film City: Exploiting Popularity..

    The govt. has plans to develop a film city in jaipur to exploits its popularity amongst the filmmakers. This will be an easy way to promote the location of jaipur. This will surely give ideas to the real estate investors for different places that might have been remain hidden from their froresightedness...;)
  • Improving the Infrastructure

    The Jaipur government is showing its concern in the realty sector and planning to make rig roads to joining the cities. The govt. interest attracts the investors making them feel pink... The government however dropped the idea of metro as that was not economically feasible for Jaipur....

    In the near future there is a sure dynamicity to bee seen in the realty sector...:)
  • what is average rate available in jaipur - for investment purpose. also, where in jaipur should i invest - so i can double my money in 3 - 4 years
  • In Prithviraj Nagar
  • Rates in Rajasthan cities are overhyped

    Take for instance, my native city, Udaipur. There new flats are charging 2000-2500 psf and you can't think of option of buying it to put it on rent and get altenative income because we won't get rent more than 5 to 6K for a 2 BHK flat (which would cost somewhere in the range of 20-30 Lakhs)