Have just joined this forum. I am planing to buy a plot in Kundli with an investment horizon of 5-7 years. Is it a good investment? The options are TDI, Ansals Sushant City and Jindal. Which one do you think is the best option. Look forward to hearing from senior members your valuable thoughts. Will make a visit to Kundli today itself. Kundli is probably the cheapest option in NCR apart from Bhiwadi.
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  • last Sunday I visited Eldeco and omaxe, Eledeco gains all the points except the distance from Delhi and comparing the prices I feel its better to Invest in Ansals or TDI
    Ansal Has better standard so even if you want to turn you investment to end use, it makes sense
    TDI K block would be better choice because of KMP
    Why not Villa
    For investment or end use both ways land is better, if its a Villa then you cannot change the map according to your own requirement.
    Second sale purchase is always more on plots rather in Villa so easy liquidity
    Villa you will get bound with construction plan
    I think its better to stretch you budget and buy a bigger plot as in anyways after registry you will get 3 years and you are comfortable to decide wether you want to sell the plot of just complete 25% or start your own
    thats the most comfortable option
    Now today if you are looking end use go for ansals they are going to be inhabited fast, as the price are increasing and slowly the registry time will get over and as you can see people started building up house so investors will come out.
    Second option is Kundli but it will take time to investors come out as its a big project
    but good in terms of price.

    am almost sold out to ansals, only thing which is backing me is the registry issue as Ansals office satff told me that most of the plots have crossed three years and there will be a huge penality per annum from huda + builder
    whereas Dealers told me that Builder is just sending notice to make more money otherwise Huda can only take penalty which is very minimal
    Hope My study will help other like me who are falling under same category
  • Loved your assessment Ajay Kr and can't agree more with what you have mentioned. Plots always better than Villa for investment/ enduse and Ansals/ TDI better than Eldeco/ Jindals/ Omaxe...........
  • as per my study case of bawana the same happend in that area let me explain you ..
    People ,investor financer bought 5-6 PLOT AS PER capacity but when the time given for construction started coming closer the area saw a huge sell off because investor never want to build the plot as it rrequires huge amount of money and headache too ..
    if ansals plots have reached 3 years after registry time then we could see price getting stagnant for short term in ansal ..
    choice vary from person to person ..
    My choiced are villa wherever they are in NCR .. They would be in high demand ..
    One has to wait for 3 years ..
    Projects like sobha international city ,unitech nirvana villas , vipul tatvam villas , vatika villas , eldeco , ajnara villas , jindal villas all would fetch a huge premium once these projects get complete ..
    And give the investors a world class community living feel ..
  • Ajay/Saurav,

    Out of TDI H,I,J,K Plots, what do you guys think is the better sector in terms of proposed KMP and rajiv gandhi education city.

  • k block brother .
  • H/I/J/K all are at the same level, equidistant from National highway.K block may hold an advantage if internal roads are connected to Rajiv Gandhi Education city. For access to KMP expressway, one has to come to National Highway, so distance will be more or less be the same. As of now, H/I blocks are better developed than others and people have started building plots in these blocks. There is not much difference in rates though. Please go and see yourself, its close to 2 months when I last visited there, things might have changed a liittle bit now.
  • Ajay,

    I just talked to my TDI broker ( he is a big player). Per him, there is no sell-buy in last one month. He offers 15K/sq yard in J block for 350 and 18K for 250sq yard. These are the real rates. What do you think about E block. I can get 25K in E block
  • Hey Tanisha, buy 10-20 plots at this rate. You will make a lot of profit. I would request you to please refer number of that broker, I will be happy to buy one as well. And why don't you ask your TDI broker(big player) for his recommendations. I have very little knowledge about the area.
  • Ajay,

    where are you located. We may wanna meet and can take you to my broker. I dont know why there is hugh discreapancy between this post and my broker rates

  • bhai 15000 mein TDI ka possesion wala mil rha hai
    Toh. Fatafat khareed dalo seller palat na jaye apni baat se ..
    Pradeep bhai mujhe bi broker ka no message krdo ..
    20.5 mein jindal 194 are excellent and
    Also 15000 mein tdi possesion plots are awesome lelo ab mat socho zyada .
  • Brother 15000 mei to Express city aur Omaxe ka bhi nahi mil raha. I am ready to pay 20000 if he is offering possession.
  • Good point. It is non-possession in J block. Was wondering does it matter that much?
    I thought difference was 1k between poss. and non possesion
  • I am not raising any issue. just surprised by my broker comment.
    He is offering close to 25K in E block?what do you think?
  • I will be happy to buy non possession one 15k. Please please forward me that brokers details. Please Tanisha do not fool around here and make a deal. There is nothing available (possession or non possession) less than 22K.
  • can we do somewhere online chat to discuss more about this now