Hi all,
There is no thread here about this company. I have invested some amount in Zaire Sparkle Valley, and Samridhi Gullak project of this company. I have got some negative review about it from two of my friends in real estate. Here is its website : Home-Shine City Infra Project Pvt. Ltd.
It has many projects running in Allahabad, Lucknow, Barabanki, Varanasi and Kanpur. So it seems genuine. I am sure many of you may have heard about this company. Please share whatever, positive or negative, information you may have about this company.
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  • Originally Posted by rishhk
    Hi all,
    There is no thread here about this company. I have invested some amount in Zaire Sparkle Valley, and Samridhi Gullak project of this company. I have got some negative review about it from two of my friends in real estate. Here is its website : Home-Shine City Infra Project Pvt. Ltd.
    It has many projects running in Allahabad, Lucknow, Barabanki, Varanasi and Kanpur. So it seems genuine. I am sure many of you may have heard about this company. Please share whatever, positive or negative, information you may have about this company.

    Hi Rishhk,
    I went to see their Paradise garden project near BKT. So following are my inputs or may be my questions:
    1. How many projects they have delivered? I am asking for delivery, not the current status.
    2. How attentive they are at their site office? I went at the site and hardly see any construction there. A single guy showing least interest was sitting there who have no answer other than saying - "visit our Gomti nagar office".
    3. Common guys you must show some progress to get some investment. On asking he told me, LDA is coming up there and they are in deal with them, so thats the reason for delay :D
    4. Let me tell you an example. Post my Btech I went to Nehru place in 2006 to get a feel of consultants for job. They were charging around 200rs as registration fees, to get you a call from the company. However that amount was too much for me or for any guy who is looking for a job. Then there was a guy, who charged only 20 Rs, that too because he said, he needs to call, make photocopies e.t.c . So I was (alongwith many others) thought it was genuine and happily paid him Rs 20. But I never got any call! Do you see a similar story. Not many people will take out a huge amount , but one will be happy to invest few thousand without even thinking too much.

    So as an investor, I will put my money in any project only if
    1. Developer has delivered some products in the past.
    2. He is making progress in the current project.
  • rishhk;


    Please don't get me wrong. But if you are being lured by the small ticket size and trying to invest in Shine, then that is no reason to invest. If you have heard something bad about the project. The next step is to withdraw all your money ASAP. I am a local here and i can tell you you've made a bad choice. Sorry if i have hurt your sentiments. !!

    Do let me know, If you need further assistance.
  • rishhk; Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately the current real estate market is not very conducive for investment. Gone are those days when your money god doubled in 3 years even if you invested in any 'Tom, Dick and Harry' project. Current climate warrants due diligence and thorough research- Warning: you could still be fooled!!!

    That is not to say that you should not put your money in real estate at all. I believe that its still the best investment you can make provided you do your research and consider it from a long term perspective..
  • Hi Rishhk what is current status now with your investment with Shine City
  • I bought a plot in shine city (Xevahir society) 3 year ago where builder told me that I have to pay 3 lakh 80 thousand and now they are asking for 4 lakh 40 thousand for plot. There is no any construction started by builder since last 3 year also when I call builder they do not pick the call and if by chance they pick the call then they behave very rudely. I asked for the property document which was also not provided by Shine city infra builder. I feel like cheated and suggest do not buy any property from this builder.
  • Its not like that, Shine City is a very reliable company and has shown immense potential in last years. All the comments written down here are just spam comments laid by Shine City competitors. They have even posted the same material multiple times on different forums / sites to mar the value of Shine city. Please dont look into such trolls and investigate yourself and invest. I am telling to go blind folded but atleast meet the team in Shine City and then decide. Although Shine City is a new company but still they are striving hard to perform their best. Lately there has been a confusion on the name of Shine City. So i decided to take out time from my busy schedule and put my opinion on the topic. I am not sure why people have placed so many negative comments for Shine City. May be that could be a marketing gimmick from Shine City Competitors but the reality is Shine City is a very friendly company in terms of business relations and have been very cooperative for the buyers and sellers. I am a real estate consultant and been working in real estate sector since 2000 after passing out my graduation. I was not from a rich family background so obviously i started out as a sales person in real estate industry. I had literally worked with every real estate company in Northern India. I cant name them here as that wont be ethical but i can assure you that among those, Shine City Infra Project Pvt. Ltd. has been the best company i ever worked with. In my consulting life, you cant even imagine that i have seen so many cases where the companies have vanished after taking the money from the buyers or are just not delivering the project. This really breaks the confidence of lower class and middle class buyers like us. In present market, even i am not sure whom to trust but here i can say proudly that Shine City has always delivered what was promised. The Founder of Shine City Mr Rashid Sir has himself being a very modest and down to earth personality and has always worked for benefits of the buyers. The staff of Shine City is very cooperative and has always taken immediate action in case of any buyer Emergency. Let me provide you the example:
    There was one my middle class household client which is a locale of Lucknow came to me for buying a 2BHK in Lucknow. He was an micro businessman with small earning capacity. After scrutiny of various projects from various companies i referred him for Shine City Projects. He had confidence in me so he immediately fulfilled all the requirements and i personally maintained him the EMI of Rs 15,000 per month. Now everything went fine for around 6 months but after that he had this major loss in his business and he lost most of his savings in medical treatment of his wife and mother. By the virtue of great God, his mother and wife saved but this major cost of treatment and other things made him lose the business. This left him on the brink of being bankrupt. He survived his business but he was surely not in a position of paying Rs 15,000 per month to retain his home in the project. He requested me if i could get him a meeting with Mr Rashid Sir so that he can make him understand his position. I was not sure about what would he will say as its nearly impossible for any company to relieve the EMI. But i said Ok and we went to meet Rashid Sir. He told Sir about his critical condition. To my utter surprise kind hearted Rashid Sir allowed him to submit the EMI after 1.5 years that too without any late charges or any other fee. This incident truly made me a great admirer of Shine City. Mr Rashid could have said no as i dont think losing a single client will lose him anything but he took the right way of helping others.
    So even after that, we have many deals with Shine City and obviously they have never been a cause of my grief in business relations. So i can say, Shine City is the Best Company in Northern India and comes in top companies in India.
  • @Rishik, you are right, shinecity Infra Projects pvt ltd is a fraud company, I invested 690000 in a project in Patna, and they give me a cheque of rs of 15,00000 in but the cheque got bounced, So I have filed a case in consumer court against Them .

    Also I request you guys please dont invest in Shinecity, they are fraud and criminals.

    I am putting some links below, these are the proof aggaint them, and more Important its Md and Director is a fraud and cheater.

    The company owner was arrested for sexual harrasment with a collegue.

    here is the news

    • sandyboss1 years ago
      Have you got your invested money? till now or what happen till now please share your experience.
  • Hello Dear,

    I want to send this message directly to Rasheed Nasim Ji (Owner of ShineCity- The man behind everything) but I cannot because I don't have his contact no. Anyways , I wanted to inform you that I have invested a sum of Rs.1,00,000/- in your R-SLP scheme during the month of Dec,2017. Till today I have received only 2 rents (around Rs.8000/-) during June &July. I don't know why you people give fake commitments to attract the public. You people are always delaying. Whenever your time comes to return the favour, you people always delayed. My customer ID is CTXL973. I request you to kindly pay the total amount which I will get till 29th Oct,2018. And one more request is that kindly try to "Keep your words".

    Mein kabhi nahi chahta tha ki mein company k bareme esa kuch likhu. Magar mein aaj majboor hokar likh raha hu. Mein thak gaya hu aapke employees se baat kar kar k. Roj ka 1 din rukiye, 2 din rukjaiye, jisko v approach karu, sabhi sirf time dete hai. 8months intezaaar kar chuka hu. Par abh nahi. Isiliye mein aaj majboor hu. Mene aapke employee Atri Mishra ji, Vineet Pandey ji, Dinesh ji, Abhishek ji, in sabhi ko approach kiya. Magar koi v mera madad nahi kar sake. Toh isiliye mein chahta hu ki mein sida aapko hi message likhu. I think ki abh jaake aaptak mera sandesh pohochega. Kripiya mera sara paisa dijiye jiska mein hukdaar hu. Jo rent mujhe milni hai, wo mujhe dijiye. Aur haan ek aur baat.

    Aapke employees na, saara din bechaare khat'te hai, mehnat karte hai apna sapna pura karne k liye, Magar kya aap samaj paa rahe hai. Jo aap kaam delay kar dete hai, time pe paisa nahi dete , time pe plot allot nahi karte uske liye un bechaare employees jo jee jaan lagake kaam karte hai unko kitne logo ka baat sunna parta hai, kigna logo ko time dena parta hai, hojaiga bolke. Please yeh sab thoda aap sochiye. Company atcha jaa raha hai. Magar esa hota raha na ,toh mausam badalne mein. waqt nahi lagegi. Jo vishwaas aapke employees ne bari mehnat se logo k dil mein dala hai usse ish tarah se delay kar k tutne mat dijiye.

    Aapko agar mujhe kuch v kehna ho call kijiyega.

    Thank you.
    • Malvish1 years ago
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  • They are fraud comany doing many different work to involving people through Network Marketing, if you get your land which means you lucky person.

  • shine city isa big froud company no cancelation or no ammount should refunded in the investment of shine valley project