Anyone from Chhattisgarh having updates of this scheme or location or from the investment pov.

pls suggest..
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  • I had visited their web site Chhattisgarh Housing Board but in their there are so many types of flats in different locations like Raipur,Durg,Bilaspur etc. So its very confusing that in which city and which type of flat should be apply for investment point of view.
    I think people from chattisgarh can suggest better on this. Also what is the current market price at this locations can we get the prmium if we alotted in the draw or what is the reponse to this scheme from the people living near by these cities.
    All this information will definately help to apply in this scheme.
  • I think there are very limited or i can say no members of this region who can give real feedback for this investment.

    So its a 100% risk investing here without any knowledge being its a chattisgarh govt project.