Anyone invested in wave estates mohali or any info available??

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  • Wave floors

    Got an e mail for wave floors
    Starting 40 lacs
    Any comments
  • Size?
  • Floors

    200 gaj
    It's in sec 99
    Near ews area
  • Floors?

    Considering the price, it seems it is a budget housing scheme, also I think it a construction linked scheme of 2 years. I have no idea about the location inside 99 sector, do you think it is a safe investment bet?
  • Is someone interested in shared buying
  • What are your views on the following?

    a) Is any one aware of the location or it is immaterial considering the price and location of sector 99?
    b) Also as it is construction linked plan, linked to construction of different floors, I think chances of money getting stuck is low.
    c) Also does the property dealers give 1-2% discount (from their commission) in these kind of soft launches?
    d) Shared buying can be considered, if it is a decent project.
  • Dealers are giving 2% discount
    Construction quality would not be great
    Should not expect wave garden type quality in 40 lac
    Local builder I guess
    No power backup
  • What's the resale price of wave gardens vs mgf views 3 bhk
    How much cash flow has is involved.
  • Floors-99

    Friend came to know from some broker, that company is not taking cheque of floors from market..

    Any Update friends
  • Guys don't give it to hype
    The market is dead slow
    Caution before you give check
  • koi nayi khabar?

    Invested friends especially Harsimranji,

    how is this property for investment? a relative is interested...would appreciate if someone can share some latest info...

    What is happening in this project? what are the resale rates? when is this area expected to be livable? aur yeh 5 star hotel ka kya hua? any info which hotel? what about the mall etc? other than the residential tit-bit koi badi khabar kabh aayegi? :)
  • i think they are doing well
    the tragic incident did have an impact on the premium but its inching back
    over last one year they have stopped selling plots, sucessfully launched wave gardens, villas and 99 sec floors
    have not visited site but i think harneet visited it and the last i know is they were doing basement parking work, infact just called them yesterday and they are expecting next payment by april which will be ground floor roof
    experience with buying with them has ben satisfying they always take calls reply e mails within 24 hrs
    i dont think they are going to sell their hotel land or make mall soon they are there most profitable assets which they will keep tlll end

    shapoorji is doing constructions and you know its a no mess company so construction quality is going to be good

    with this slow chandigarh market they have done well and as compared to gurgaon builders i would again rate them better as construction was actually started in 6 months.

    this project is now run by brother in law of manpreet chadha and he is giving attention to every detail

    has some one lately visited the site
    have they completed the boundry wall of the whole sector as it will be a big assett it they can do that. i have not heard of a sector with boundry wall in punjab.
  • Yes harsimran ji,
    Wave is doing well at this point of time. customers in the market are very positive about this project. quality of construction will be very good as shapoorji is the builder. who all have invested in wave estate should feel happy about their investments.
  • Guys what happened to the 99sector floors hype
    Kuch premium aaya
    Have they done some work or put it in a pillow and slept over it
  • As usual story of wave, no work at site.
    they sell and sleep..

    Came to know they offering possession of some plots in April. hope they do so.