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    Causeway project triggers controversy, stalled

    tnn | Updated: Jul 9, 2018, 09:37 IST

    The road was dug earlier, but was filled with mud later on.

    MOHALI: The causeway project triggered controversy as residents of Phase IV and V have been fighting over the construction of structure in their area first. The road has been dug up but the project has been stalled since June 28 when MC had started the construction of the causeway on dividing road between Phase IV and V. But, Phase V residents opposed the initiation of the work.

    The MC officials tried to pacify both the sides but failed to bring the parties at loggerheads to a consensus which resulted in deferring of work.

    MC has filled the excavated earth to make it motorable for the time being. But, the rain eroded away the mud in one day.

    The contention arose when residents of Phase V wanted the work on dividing road between phase V and Industrial Area Phase VIII Gurdwara to be constructed first. Their view is that the water from phase IV floods has natural gradient. However, it is disrupted at dividing road of phase V and phase VIII.

    Arun Sharma, councillor from phase V said, “MC should have studied the problem beforehand. The main hassle is on dividing road of phase V and phase VIII while the civic body initiated the construction work at Phase IV. Now, the work has stopped and we fear that residents might face fate as last year.”

    While, phase IV faction backed by the area councillor Kuldeep Kaur Kang were adamant to get causeway at phase IV and V dividing road must be completed first.

    Councillors Arun Sharma and Ashok Jhambh pressed for construction of causeway at road dividing phase V and industrial area phase VIII whereas councillor Kuldeep Kaur Kang wanted to expedite the work on ongoing construction site.

    “The engineering wing of MC have taken wrong step by initiating construction of causeway at dividing road of phase IV and V. There is a dire need to construct a causeway opposite Gurdwara. The water flows from phase IV side towards phase V and floods houses as the road opposite to the Gurdwara disrupts the natural gradient,” said Ashok and Arun.

    On the other hand, councillor Kuldeep Kaur Kang said, “Phase V is higher as compared to phase IV, so the cause way must be constructed on road dividing phase IV and V.”

    Recently, the MC had decided to construct 5 causeways on the airport road and other connecting roads to tackle the water logging problem during the monsoon season. These causeways were to be completed by June end before the monsoons. But, the work is yet to be started and it seems

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      Fresh construction at building collapse site sans NOC

      TNN | Jul 22, 2018, 13:15 IST

      Officials said they would tell the MC to get the construction stopped at Imperial Gardens, Peer Muchalla

      MOHALI: Plot owners of the site where an under-construction housing society building collapsed in Peer Muchalla in April have allegedly started fresh construction. Karunesh Sharma, director, local bodies department, said no construction can be carried out at the site as a no objection certificate (NOC) has not been obtained from the civic body.

      Sharma said, "The site was allotted for construction of single storey houses, not multi-storied. As the plots are owned by separate people, they can start fresh construction, but not before attaining the NOC. I will direct MC executive officer to check and stop the construction."

      He said the FIR was registered against builders and MC officials after the probe was completed in accordance with experts from PEC, Chandigarh.

      Local bodies minister Navjot Singh Sidhu had marked a probe into the building collapse by Sharma. In his report, Sharma had found anomalies like building licence had expired and that the design of the building was not certified from a structural engineer.

      The site was sanctioned for single storey houses, but builders started constructing multi-storied flats. Zirakpur municipal council executive officer Manvir Singh Gill said, "No construction can be undertaken at the building collapse site. I will get it checked."

      The main cause of the building collapse was due to sinking of the retaining wall supporting the main structure because of poor foundation. The retaining wall was on the farther end of the building adjoining the edge of the Ghaggar riverbed. Secondly, the structure was approved by the MC, but the building plan was altered without an approval and the construction was wrong, the report had stated.

      The report had stated, "As per the record of the department, out of the six structures (No. 139 to 144) that collapses, the licence of five had expired in October 2017 while that of the remaining building expired on March 31, which makes it clear that the builders had constructed the buildings without certified licences. The foundation stability and soil tests were also not done."

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        Overgrown trees pose a threat to Mohali residents

        TNN | Jul 24, 2018, 07:05 IST

        Overgrown trees in Mohali have obscured signoboards and traffic lights at many places

        MOHALI: The controversy around tree pruning machine has taken a toil on the residents of Mohali leaving them at the receiving end. Owing to the controversy, trees in Mohali have overgrown and now pose as a major threat to the commuters.

        Residents complain that the tiff between the political leaders has added to their sufferings. The tree pruning machine project was discarded after the Punjab local bodies termed it as overpriced, and alleged connivance of Mohali mayor with the dealer. However, the mayor had filed a petition against the show-cause notice issued to him and eventually won the case.

        After that Punjab local bodies issued orders to MC commissioner for initiating the proceedings of recovery of money paid to the dealer for purchasing the overpriced machine. MC had paid Rs 80 lakh for purchasing the machine after approval of the house.

        Councillor Sukhdev Singh Patwari said, "Many trees have exceeded the height of 35 to 40 feet which in no way is safe for the residents. If MC is not able to trim the branches with the help of a machine, it must get it done manually."

        Another area councillor Prem Kumar Sharma said, "Recently two overgrown trees had fallen in Sector 6 damaging the vehicles parked outside the houses. If those trees would have been trimmed on time, the mishap may have been avoided. MC must act immediately and not wait for another incident to take place."

        MC commissioner Sandeep Hans said, "We are planning to get the overgrown branches cut manually. We are short of manpower but now we will be employing more people in MC after which we will carry out the exercise."

        In June this year, around 100 overgrown trees were uprooted as a result of a few hours of thunder storm. Area councillor R P Sharma said he, along with MC, has been working round the clock to clear the area. Sharma said, "This has been the worst calamity for residents of Phase VI in Mohali. Over 100 trees fell due to thunder storm damaging 30 to 40 electricity poles bringing down the overhead power cables. All the trees were overgrown and had they been trimmed timely, the disaster could have been averted."

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          Mohali MC will try to set up garbage management plant again

          Harmandeep Singh

          Having failed twice, the municipal corporation here is planning to make another attempt to set up a solid waste management plant in Samgauli.

          | TNN | Aug 6, 2018, 09:54 IST

          Picture used for representational purpose

          MOHALI: Having failed twice, the municipal corporation here is planning to make another attempt to set up a solid waste management plant in Samgauli. In its third attempt, the civic body is also planning to float tenders of various project works by mid of August.

          "Only a few changes have been made in the terms of conditions after the civic body added Patiala as a beneficiary. Earlier, the plant was supposed to cater to Mohali and 18 other civic bodies, excluding Patiala," sources in the corporation said.

          The proposal to set up a solid waste management plant was floated in 2011. "The solid waste management plant will have a capacity to process 250-400 metric tons of waste everyday. The plant will be set up over an area of 50 acres with an estimated cost of Rs 150-200 crore," the civic officials had proposed. However, even after seven years, the MC has failed to set up this much-needed project.

          Sources said that the MC already had 20 acres of land for the project. "The civic body is now planning to acquire the remaining 30 acres of land. With this speed, it will take another two years to complete the project," sources added.

          It was learnt that Mohali generated over 125 metric tonnes (MT) of waste everyday. This waste is dumped at a 13-acre dumping ground located in Industrial Area, Phase VIII, Mohali.

          In 2015, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had directed the Mohali municipal corporation to complete its land acquisition process to shift the dumping site. However, sources said, it failed to receive any bid for the plant at Samgauli in its first two attempts.

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            Demolish 6 buildings near airport by August 10, says Gmada

            Barinderjit Saluja | TNN | Aug 7, 2018, 08:30 IST

            Representative image

            MOHALI: The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (Gmada) has issued notices to owners of six illegally constructed buildings near the Chandigarh international airport to raze the structures by August 10 or else they will demolish them.

            Gmada chief administrator Ravi Bhagat said, “The six buildings are near the boundary wall of the airport. The estate officer has been directed to identify high-rises constructed beyond the permissible norms. We had received complaints from the Indian Air Force and the airport authorities.”

            Bhagat said the action taken report will be submitted in the high court.

            The notices came after the IAF officials approached the district administration with a complaint of illegal construction and butcheries mushrooming near the airport. The matter was highlighted after additional deputy commissioner (ADC) Charandev Singh Mann conducted a survey and identified the illegal constructions and submitted his report to deputy commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra. The report was further submitted to the Punjab government.

            Later, Sapra had issued orders to ban the operations of butcheries within the radius of 1,000 metres from the airport on Mohali side. The orders would be implemented till September 19, she said.

            Sapra said, “We had received complaints regarding intrusion of birds like eagles in way of the landing approach made by aircraft. Two teams were constituted to look into the matter under the ADC after which the report was submitted. The report was forwarded to Punjab additional chief secretary government to take further action. We have banned the operations of butcheries operating in 1,000 metres of radius of the vicinity of the airport.”

            On July 12, the DC had constituted two teams to investigate illegal activity in the area. The action came after airport authorities approached the Mohali administration asking to remove illegal construction, butcheries and garbage dumps posing major threat to flights approaching for landing. The airport officials told that last year two aircraft sustained bird-hits while approaching for landings.

            Illegal butcheries and huge garbage dumps in Jagatpura village attract birds which forage for food in the path followed by an aircraft at the airport.

            The IAF raised alarm over illegal construction and butcheries during the recent hearing in the case in the high court. The IAF had expressed concern over butcheries coming up near the airport and haphazard construction activities going on in the vicinity of the airport.


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              Mohali struggles with its solid waste

              TNN | Aug 12, 2018, 11:35 IST

              Around 200-250 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis in Mohali, which at present is being dumped... Read More

              MOHALI: Shifting of the garbage dumping ground from Industrial Area Phase VIII has become a herculean task for the Mohali municipal corporation as the efforts to move it to an alternate site have not materialised.

              City industrialists have repeatedly written to the local bodies department of the state government to take action in this regard and get the dumping ground vacated for setting up of new industrial units.

              Acres along seasonal rivulet of Patiali-Ki-Rao is covered under layers of garbage generated in Mohali. Around 200-250 tonnes of solid waste is generated on a daily basis in Mohali, which at present is being dumped at the garbage dumping site.

              Municipal chief Bhupinder Pal Singh said, “I have been updated about this problem. I have called for a detailed report from the officers concerned about alternate sites identified for dumping of garbage. Efforts are being made to shift the garbage dump to city outskirts.”

              The dump site is the only place left for setting up of new industry in Mohali. The land in Industrial Area Phase VIII B has been earmarked for industrial units that has been encroached upon by the municipal corporation for dumping of garbage, allege members of the Mohali Industry Association (MIA).

              Owing to scarcity of land for setting up of new industrial units in Mohali, the industrialists are shifting to peripheral towns in Channalon near Mohali or to Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. They feel that the said land in Mohali, which is in acres, is suitable for industrial units.

              Past president of Mohali Industry Association (MIA) Gagan Chhabra said, “One of the major reasons for young industrialists not opting to set up units in Mohali is non-availability of land. There is a major chunk laying waste where the MC dumps garbage.”

              Several proposals were made to shift the dumping ground to some other suitable place to adhere to pollution norms, said previous MIA president Anurag Agarwal. “However, the civic body has failed in keeping its promises of shifting the dumping ground from Phase VIII B.”

              The dumping of the industrial, household and municipal solid waste by the civic body in Patiala-Ki-Rao and surrounding areas pose serious environment and health hazards with a constant fear of epidemic during monsoons, apart from the stink. The administration must think and act accordingly to use this land for development of industry, Aggarwal added.

              Mohali deputy mayor Manjit Singh Sethi said, “We have several times raised the issue in the MC regarding shifting of the dumping ground. Machines deployed at the ground only shuffle the garbage, but it seems that no proper layering is being done."

              Darshan Singh, a retired employee of the pollution board, said, “Currently, Mohali is not very efficient in waste management and that is leading to various complications. Proper layering of garbage at dumping ground is a must to prevent water contamination.”

              The solid waste management plant project is also going through a rough weather as the land to be acquired by the civic body in under litigation by multiple owners. The case is subjudiced.

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                Mohali Sinks As Rainwater Rises 3 Feett

                TNN | Aug 24, 2018, 06:15 IST

                Students headed to school stop for a fun break on a waterlogged street in Mohali

                MOHALI: The heavy downpour on Thursday sent jitters down the nerves ofMohali residents who were reminded of last year’s petrifying floods as the water rose 3 feet on the submerged roads.

                The most affected areas were Phase IV, 3B1, 3BII, Phase V and XI.

                As school got over, their parents rushed to bring them back safely

                The severe waterlogging brought councillors Kuldeep Kaur Kang, Harmanpreet Singh Prince, Kuljit Singh Bedi to the streets to help out the distressed crowd.

                On municipal commissioner Bhupinder Pal Singh’s call, fire tenders were pressed into service in Phase IV and XI for pumping out the water from the areas. Bedi said he used the tenders pumped out water from streets and parks.

                As school got over, their parents rushed to bring them back safely amid waterlogged roads in Phase XI, Mohali, on Thursday

                “Every time there is heavy rain, our phones start ringing. Residents are terrified after having suffered huge losses during last year’s flooding of the city. We had prepared ourselves this year by installing water pumping sets at key points which we used today to drain out the water from flooded areas,” said Bedi.

                Students on a waterlogged street in Mohali

                Councillor Kang told TOI that she stood in knee-deep water to help residents with pumping out the water. “The rainwater had once again entered the house in the morning. Luckily, the showers were not prolonged and saved the residents from facing losses just like last year. Tall claims made by the cabinet minister have fallen flat as the residents are still struggling with the problem of waterlogging,” Kang said.


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                  11 lose lives every month on Ambala-Zirakpur road

                  Harmandeep Singh | TNN | Sep 3, 2018, 06:55 IST

                  Deadliest stretch in Mohali

                  MOHALI: The Ambala-Zirakpur road is the deadliest in Mohali, recording nearly half of the fatalities in the entire district last year — 135 out of 295.

                  On an average, around 11 people are killed every month on this stretch passing through Zirakpur, Derabassi and Lalru towns of the district. Out of the 32 accidentprone spots in the district, 17 are located on the highway and its adjoining roads.

                  An official of the Punjab government has revealed that overspeeding, wrong parking of trucks along roadsides, non-existence of formal bus stops, lack of safe pedestrian and cyclist facilities are the key reasons behind the accidents. Experts said improper lighting, lack of road signs, speeding, drunken driving and high density of vehicles are also to blame.

                  At points where the highway is crossing through urban areas, chances of accidents are higher, according to experts, demanding immediate attention of the National Highways Authority of India and PWD authorities. A road safety analysis report of the Punjab government has pointed out that usage of helmets and seat belts is found to be minimal in Mohali district.

                  ‘Develop challan strategy’

                  Records reveals that 45% of road accidents out of 295 in Mohali district in 2017 had taken place in Lalru, Derabassi and Zirakpur. All are on Ambala-Zirakpur road.

                  “Strategies should be put in place to make more and more people use seat belts and helmets,” the report said.

                  It has also suggested that each police station develop its own patrolling and challan strategy to improve enforcement within the district. When asked, Harmandeep Hans, assistant senior superintendent of police (Derabassi), said SP (traffic) can tell the answer to the high rate of accidents.

                  However, when Harbir Atwal, SP (traffic), was contacted, he refused to comment.

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                    Over 7,000 properties defaults on taxes in Mohali

                    Mohali municipal corporation’s official list of property tax defaulters shows that the police department owes Rs 50 lakh to Rs 60 lakh to the corporation, thereby topping the listBarinderjit Saluja | TNN | September 07, 2018, 17:30 IST

                    MOHALI: The civic body here needs to recover approximately Rs 6 crore property tax from as many as 7,826 defaulters. What is more interesting is the fact that the buildings of Mohali administrative complex, police headquarters, Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (Gmada) and some post offices are the top defaulters of the district.

                    Mohali municipal corporation’s official list of property tax defaulters shows that the police department owes Rs 50 lakh to Rs 60 lakh to the corporation, thereby topping the list. The department is followed by Gmada with Rs 25 lakh. Similarly, post office buildings in Phases V, VII, VIII, X, XI and 3B1 together owe Rs 2 lakh.

                    It was learnt that the civic body here has recovered only Rs 4.5 crore from property owners. The governmentowned buildings owe approximately Rs 1 crore to the corporation.

                    There are 52,678 properties that are registered with the Mohali MC. Of these, 41,082 are residential, 4,929 commercial, 1,683 industrial and 4,984 are vacant plots. It was learnt that out of 24,406 taxable properties, 7,826 are defaulters.

                    The MC needs to collect Rs 1.2 crore from the owners of residential properties. Commercial and industrial properties owe the MC as much as Rs 2.8 crore and Rs 2 crore, respectively.

                    In the last one year, the MC was able to recover property tax worth Rs 2.5 crore from 5,859 defaulters.

                    “Property tax is a major source of revenue for the MC. The police department owes us money, so does government-owned Gmada and school education board. We have issued notices to them. The police department as of now is refusing to give any money,” said MC Commissioner Bhupinder Pal Singh.

                    All defaulters have been issued notices under Sections 138(c) of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act 1976.


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                      Remove encroachments in 21 days or face action: MC

                      Barinderjit Saluja | TNN | Sep 8, 2018, 07:54 IST

                      In many cases, fences have been identified as encroachments.

                      MOHALI: The municipal corporation (MC) has issued a public notice warningthose who have encroached upon government land to vacate within 21 days or face penalty of Rs 10,000, apart from a demolition drive. The public notice was issued on September 3 and now only 17 days left to take action, said MCcommissioner Bhupinder Pal Singh.

                      He said the MC has issued a public notice to all those who have encroached upon MC land by fencing it, constructing sheds or gazebos or demolishing boundary walls of houses to include MC land inside the residential plot area.

                      Bhupinder Pal Singh said, "Mohali MC recently conducted a survey, after which around 4,000 persons who have encroached upon MC land were identified. The survey points out that encroachments were made by administrative officers, police officers, politicians and city residents. Many people have demolished their walls to include MC land in their plot area, violating building bylaws. After demolishing the illegal structure and encroachments, we will also issue building bylaw violation notices."

                      The survey was done following RTI information desired by deputy mayor Manjit Singh Sethi regarding declaration of house numbers and nature of encroachments done by city residents.

                      Sethi said, "I have been pressing the MC for removal of encroachments from various residential and commercial buildings but MC officials came up with reasoning that whenever they go to remove encroachments, the violator calls some politician. Also, when a list of defaulters was demanded from the MC, the civic body failed to provide the actual report. So a fresh survey was conducted after which 4,000 violators who have encroached upon government land outside boundary wall of their houses were identified."

                      Sethi said according to the report, houses occupied by senior IAS, PCS officers, IPS, PPS officers posted in the state and living in Mohali have been identified in the survey report. House numbers of many high-profile political leaders and ministers have also been listed.

                      In Mohali, encroachments include fences or hedges on boundary walls. Erecting pillars to support the mesh also falls under encroachment. Residents have constructed staircases outside boundary walls of their houses on green belts, which are encroachments.

                      A few residents have demolished boundary walls to include MC land area inside their plots. Extending the main gate on MC land outside driveways to use it for vehicle parking also falls under encroachments.

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