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Buying 2 cents of Agricultural land for pathway


Buying 2 cents of Agricultural land for pathway

Last updated: April 18 2019
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  • Buying 2 cents of Agricultural land for pathway

    I have recently bought an agriculture property in Tamil Nadu near Hosur. It already has 12ft way to access from the main road which is registered under my name but with a right of use to the sellers too (it is a Vali Pathiyam). Now, I need at least 25ft road at the entrance and the landlord agrees to provide 2 cents for this purpose. But he also says it cannot be registered because his land valuation goes in Sq. ft and he doesn't want this deal to be registered but just put an agreement to use the land by paying the required sum to the landlord.

    But I have couple of questions..

    1. Is there any such thing that valuation becomes in Sq.Ft, if so what are the disadvantages of it for the landlord?

    2. what is the alternate solution to get these two cents without attracting this particular provision. Will this provision still gets attracted even if it is registered as vali pathiyam instead of sale deed?

    3. or Can we do this by way of a simple agreement of right to use/ lease agreement , but what if the current landlord sells his property to a third party? will my agreement still hold good?

    Requesting you to help me with an appropriate solution.
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    Re : Buying 2 cents of Agricultural land for pathway

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