I have booked a flat in Dwarkadhis Projects Dharuhera on NH8. I want to discuss the future of this project. Any valuable comments are invited.

Thanks in advance
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  • They have suddenly increased the rates to 4000/- . What is going on? Any idea?
  • Any updates regarding this project, now it comes under RTM.
    How's life in Dharuhera and any markets near to Aravali Heights?
  • Originally Posted by s_rathore
    lets talk in this way.. what is per capita of Pune its 1000$ in 06, which double of the nations average. Not considering IT guy as they are less then 10% of city's population.

    Median home price range in Pune - 20 Lakhs to 70 Lakhs

    Per capita range of US 17K to 37K

    Median home price range in US - 157k to 250k i.e. 78.5 Lakhs to 1.25 crore.

    So per capita is 17 to 37 times of Pune and home price just 2 to four times?????

    take whatever considerations population density etc ... but truth is truth.

    while 3-5 years back the prices are realisitic 5 - 15 Lakhs.

    If a person buys home of 40Lakh today and expects price to go 80Lakhs in 5 years how this is possible. Who will be buying your home at 80L when you yourslf wont be able to afford buying a better one at 1cr.

    Earlier it happened because of WTO - GATT etc. there was a sudden inflow of good salaries leading to profits to corporate.

    What you forsee now ???
    Diamond mines being discovered when you dig earth?

    so if population doubles in 5 years, prices cannot follow the same. jobs will be more competitive, and lesser salaries.

    Really Fraud Company, still under construction after 8 years. Currently 5 groups (total 82 people) have filled cases against Dwarkadhis in NCDRC.