Bamaatech builder cheater builder in noida ,they have launched project in ghijjor vilalge near slum area , by mistake i have booked a flat in project.when i am asking for bank loan after booking amount ,they are giving false number of bank .i have enquired from bank no bank is giving loan,hen i am asking for refund ,they are threatning me to cancel my booking and threatining call from employee of builder to cancel booking and non refund of money.They are not professional and i am middle class man and i have given him my hard earned money.God is seeing everything .i am not powerful to take my money back.
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  • dear post in noida forum as members will help u there

    as far i remember i am hearing this name of builder first time

    moderators/ members plzzz help luckinnoida

    plzz move this thread to noida so he can get help
  • luckinnoida is fake...

    hi mr. "luckyinnoida", i m d spokesperson speaking on behalf of to your complaint, I tried to trace ur identity so as to give solution to your problem but none of our records or conversations with our clients generate any lead to your identity.So i request that you announce your id, and contact no. right here so that i can solve your problem.If you are unable to reply to this then i request all readers to consider this "luckyinnoida" as a fake id .I hope that in case he is fraud, our readers would understand that in this competitive world-competitors resort to any fraudelent means to affect the increasing reputation of hardworking and honest organisations.
  • Desperate Real Estate Agents stooping low to avoid competition...

    Actually ive replied to above complaint on various forums and websites but the lack of factual evidence and reply from so called victim is a cause of utter disgrace.I did not wanted to say this directly but these complaint generators are nothing but fake id's of real estate agents.Actually they have no projects to deal with so in there idle time they are trying to throw mud on promising builders.Logically,I ask every reader -If someone really has his money in jeopardy will he lodge a complaint in police office and do other necessary actions or run around from one website to another crying and telling other buyers.Well if he's so able,this LUCKYINNOIDA, JEEVAM RAM etc then ,why is he making false and shallow pretences???He wrote he had filed a case,then Yam i not busy running from police station to court.Why am i sitting peacefully at my office and replying to these rumours in the meantime.Sincere request to intelligent buyers,believe your eyes not rumours.Every single reader is most welcome to visit my office,whose address can be gathered from my website,"", and clarify minutest of doubts supported by complete legal documentation.