The best time to invest in any market is at the initial stage when the pricing is still low. This rule applies to all investment avenues. Once the market gathers momentum and prices start upward spiral, scope for benefiting from that increase reduces in direct proportion.
Property prices have been rocketing sky high over the past few years in all metros. Even rates at prime locations in Tier II cities like Pune are rapidly rising beyond the reach of individual investors.

ITES-BPO sector companies are increasingly targeting Tier III cities like Nashik precisely because of these price constraints. Nashik offers all the benefits that a property investor looks for. The city has been insulated from the sharp upswing in prices till date, but now stands on the verge of a property boom that could well rival Pune's performance over the past five years, so the timing is perfect at present.

Highway four-laning has commenced and the drive to Nashik from Mumbai will then be just a couple of hours and air links are also being strengthened.

Nashik, Mumbai, Pune Golden Triangle will be an example for the entire Asian region and it will generate high levels of employment. The reason why Nashik is such a good investment option today is that the city is even cheaper than others like Jalgaon and Dhule. With plots becoming exhausted in the NMC areas, the areas of Adgaon, Makhmalabad, Chehdi, Pune Road, Igatpuri, Sinnar are also being preferred. At certain locations, rates are even as low as Rs 50 per sq. ft., peanuts compared to similar Tier III cities.
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  • Does anyone follow this market? Specifically, what are land prices like in small towns like Jalgaon for e.g. or Aurangabad? Also, what are the future prospects like?
  • Any one know about the Jalgaon market? Its an industrial town and has many daal mills and other industries - garments, plastics etc. Jain Irrigation is a well known name that is based out of here. Any knowledge on this forum about RE in Jalgaon? Pls share.