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HUDA has announced new schemes for Karnal and Pinjore. The scheme for Karnal is for developed sectors 32/33. The secondary market rate appears to be between Rs 25,000 - 30,000 sq yard while the scheme price is around Rs 14 - 15 K. Couldn't find much secondary market details for the Pinjore Scheme. Just wanted your help on the potential of these two schemes. Is the Pinjore project over-priced?
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  • Originally Posted by bharat3668
    I had financed from PNB for this.

    But i have not received any communication from them regarding more interest.

    Any more people who have taken loan from PNB.

    How about making a whatsapp group. So that we can talk real time.
    Please msg me ur no and i'll add.

    If your loan account linked with saving account then your bank will automatically deduct ineterst before 31 march.
  • My perspective is that case will continue for few more years and there will no conclusion until then. People will have to wait with blocked money!
  • Any news .. what done in today's court haering ????
  • Next court date scheduled for 1-Apr
  • Tarikh pe tarikh ....
  • YESSUNNY .. 13th ko kuch bhi ni hua kya ????

    Pata ni kab tak clear hoga
  • April 1st ko bhi court april fool banane wala hai.. Court hai toh tarik pe tarik toh hogi hi... Dont really expect any resolution before next year
  • Guys please open your eyes and understand that it is your money which is struck with HUDA.....who is losing on this extension...ONLY YOU.........please apply for refund and get your money back before it is too late...

    Dates will keep on passing like this and nothing will happen atleast for the next 1 year,,,,
  • Karnal Refund

    Thanks a lot Sodhi84. I checked that the list showa my name for refund.

    Anyone has any idea by when the refund will be paid?

    I had sent the application online. Will i get paid by fund transfer or by cheque through email?

    Thanks for the info in advance.
  • I just received my refund in my bank account. it took about 21-22 days to get it after sending the formal application to HUDA estate officer Karnal.
    I am not sure how they have calculated the interest amount but anyway that hardly matters coz the principal along with some extra has reached the bank account.
  • Can someone who has got refund, help others like me by telling what we need to do in simple easy steps. Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Refer the page 42-45 of this thread for the process for getting a can expect to get the amount in your bank account within a months time from the date HUDA gets your documents

    Originally Posted by sam tam
    Can someone who has got refund, help others like me by telling what we need to do in simple easy steps. Thanks a lot in advance.
  • next date is 6th april
  • Any update about the new hearing date?
  • Any update abt the new hearing date?