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Raigad district


Raigad district

Last updated: July 23 2013
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  • Raigad district

    J.K.Patil and associates,Mumbai/Pune

    Raigad District of Maharashtra

    The world has now started taking notice of India ‘s progress and importance as a global world leader and its contribution to world economy. MNC'S are looking to India as outsourcing and production hub for Asian country because of the Low cost of labour,High rate of growth /development One of the largest consumers marketing of world.

    India is growing in economic power and Mumbai is known as the commercial capital of India. Raigad district, which is positioned as an alternate proposition to Mumbai.
    Raigad district will have unique distinction of being India's well planned district in terms of infrastructure, construction, development and transport.

    Why investment in Raigad District?

    1. Closer to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.
    2. Two major ports are in Raigad district namely JNPT and Rewas, which
    being developed by Reliance group and more than 10 minor port in
    the region.
    3. The International air-port is being developed near Panvel in Raigad
    4. Indian largest SEZ project of Reliance group is being developed in
    5. The Raigad is approachable by sea, road, air and rail services.
    6. There are more than 3500 large and middle class industries are
    already exist in the Raigad.
    7. Raigad is having more than 16 beaches spread across the costal area
    of Konkan.
    8. Raigad is known for historical forts, including Raigad, the capital of
    Great Shivaji,
    9. Plenty of contiguous land available with clear and marketable title
    suitable for commercial, housing, industrial and tourism project.


    This area has sub-tropical monsoon climate of humid-per humid to semiarid and sub humid type. Overall climate is equable with high rainfall days and very few days of extreme temperatures.

    The mean annual temperature ranges from 25°C to 28°C. The mean maximum temperature of the hottest month in this area varies from 30°C - 33°C in April-May while mean minimum temperature of coldest month varies from 16°C to 20°C. Extremes of temperatures, like 38-39°C in summer and 11-14°C in winter, may be experienced for a day or two in respective season.

    The area has marine humid-per humid climate with more humidity and less diumal variations. Relative humidity varies from 41 to 97%. Driest days being in winter

    Features such a presence of large water body (the creek), presence of hill ridges etc. influence the local wind patterns to some extent. No significant micro-climatic variation is noticeable in the region.

    The rainy season is mostly confined to southwest monsoon with 80 percent of the rainfall received during June to October (60-70 days). This area, on an average, receives 2500 to 3500 mm rainfall

    writeen by: Mr.J.K.Patil MBA,MS
    yes being closer to Mumbai, but not the only choice
    in future, yes
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    Re : Raigad district

    Konkan Beauty

    As discuss, Konkan is really beautiful and we should conserve it, investment can be flowed but keep in mind its beauty. The region is good holiday destination. Check beautiful pictures of Konkan at Konkan Tribune: Konkan Beautiful Photos


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      Re : Raigad district

      are there any NA Bungalow Plots available near Khopoli for Investment ?


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