Pathak Developers Mysore are a bunch of liars. Completing project on time is a different story. They will go to any extent to cheat you. They will sell same apartment to mutliple people by signing agreement with them. Since agreements are sign on just bond papers and are not registered agreements, so there is no way for prospective buyers to verify if the apartments are sold multiple times. Finally when buyers comes to know about this, they will just keep on pacifying them that we are sorting out the problem and will get back to you. But nothing will happen for months. Finally all the buyers who are sold same apartment are forced to file court cases against Pathak developers and each other. Court cases will go on for years and in the meantime Pathak will use or rather mis-use illegitimate amount he collected from all buyers for either his luxuries (like buying Range Rover) or investing in other projects to cheat more people. They proudly say that - "We already have so many court cases against us. One more case will not make a difference. Our lawyer will drag these cases for years.". Finally after years of waiting, customers will themselves come to compromise. This is their way of working.
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  • Rightly said

    The apartment which I booked with Pathak has all sort of legal problems. They have encroached neighbour's compound wall due to which neighbour has put stay on whole building. Pathak say that they have won the legal case but whenever I visit the apartment, the neighbour comes and start shouting at us to go away. This has been going on for 1.5 years. If Pathak's claims are true that they have won the case, then how come the neighbour has audacity to come to their building and shoo away people who have purchased apartment with their hard earned money. Also if the court case is won, why are they not completing the apartment for last 1.5 years. The building is rotting like anything and no care is being taken of it. Whenever you try to contact Pathak, they will make stories and will delay the process.

    Avoid this builder at all cost. Never buy his apartments.