Our builder has not yet completed our flat from past 4 years. So we ourselves with help of other will complete the flat. but we fear can we buy electric meter? Do we need anything from builder to get electric meter for ? as builder is not traceable.
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  • You would need to get the NOC and OC from the builder first . Without these documents, getting an legal Electrical meter would be an issue .
    • ashishreh2 years ago
      But if builder is not traceable then? We tried reaching his mobile office everywhere but couldnt trace him.
  • Our Legal expert @LawRato might be be able to answer this .
  • If the builder is untraceable and not finishing the project you can take multiple civil and criminal actions against. But in order to have a new connection you need to visit your nearest electric office, where you would be required to fill up the requisition form for new connection along with the following documents:-

    1. Ownership sale agreement

    2. Election ID

    3. Ration Card

    4. Passport size photographs

    5. Possession /Allotment Letter (Government Premises)

    6. Land Lord’s No Objection Certificate (in case of tenant).

    7. Two witness with their photocopy of electricity bill same sub division.

    8. Urban Area: copy of sale deed or assessment copy of house rent.

    9. Rural Area : verification by concern village sarpanch that house is under Lal Dora

    No objection certificate from other owners if applicant is joint owner of the property.

    Now if you have these documents you can get a new electricity connection without any hassles even at a later stage even if the builder is untraceable.