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NRIs Fuel Realty Boom in Nagpur


NRIs Fuel Realty Boom in Nagpur

Last updated: July 26 2013
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  • NRIs Fuel Realty Boom in Nagpur

    Nagpur’s realty market is hot with prices shooting through the roof.

    The realty frenzy is crossing the seven seas in Nagpur. More number of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are buying properties here - a trend that has fueled realty prices in the past year. The developers and real estate brokers are also on the move to tap a large base of NRIs, who’ve their roots in the city or region.

    Thousands of deals are struck every day, and vast stretches of agriculture and non-agriculture developed land are changing hands. About 20 per cent of our clientele is from outside India. Most of the NRI customers are originally from Nagpur, but others are also buying.
    Currently, the NRI investment in the city real estate is quite robust, which contributes to the price rise. Many real estate brokers and agents make trips abroad to hold marketing fairs to attract the NRI investors from Middle-east, UK and even the US.

    Thousands of buyers allured by the city’s growth potential are queuing up to buy land, house or a flat in and around Nagpur. The ambitious international cargo hub project is also fueling the interest of investors. Many software companies are also setting shops in the town, which would bring in a new work force of professionals. That’s another factor for a surge in property demand.
    Developers and real estate brokers feel affordable prices; land availability, better appreciation and lesser bottlenecks are among the crucial factors for the NRIs to invest heavily. An improved air-connectivity is an added advantage.

    The publicity spreads by the word of mouth. Much of it is speculative buying, but some NRIs are buying land with future considerations. Almost 25 per cent of the bookings are by NRIs. Internet is proving to be a tool in facilitating the deals. Many of the property are advertised on the realty-websites and get good clients from abroad, who give power of attorney to their relatives here for the registration of deed.

    Obviously, the stamp duty collections on registration of sale deeds in rural areas of the district have also shot up. The duty collected from Nagpur-rural area was about Rs 25 crore in the 2005-06 as against Rs18.6 crore collected during 2004-05. The figures for the 2006-07 are not available yet, but rough estimates suggest a phenomenal 40 per cent rise.
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    Re : NRIs Fuel Realty Boom in Nagpur

    Hi ...again issues with NRIs//////recently went back to nagpur on short holiday and wa just thought of see some properties hype in Nagpur
    OMG it was shocking for me having a small fathers house in east Nagpur ( far from city ) i Never thought of having flat in nagpur
    MY B'law just brought 2.5 bhk in Besa ....near a cannel in some builder named max sanmon i was shock to hear that he spend 46 lacs in place where there is no road no shopping facilities .....guys Ia m really amzed with price in my sweet nagpur but really feels pity on my langoti yars who really eed house but cannot buy ...i am happy in my fathers house rather than wasting money like this
    Also took an opertunity to visiti Anandam and Tata projects .......projects are really good but again qution come son Cost ??? 1.5 Cr ?? is that worth guys .......


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      Re : NRIs Fuel Realty Boom in Nagpur

      Originally posted by Rajfmnagpur View Post
      Hi ...again issues with NRIs//////recently went back to nagpur on .
      You could have opened new thread instead of writing in 6 year old thread!!!

      The article was supposed to be 'filler' news in time when people were holding back their purchases. contrary to the popular belief, NRI's don't have that much money to invest in India. In fact I can't afford flat in Thane or Pune but could buy a flat in London suburbs easily.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?