Nagpur is presently booming in terms of Real Estate and is expected to escalate further with the advent of various IT companies and flow of Foreign Direct Investment in huge amounts. With the entrance of the large number of IT companies into the city, the Real Estate prices of both commercial and capital values are likely to rise high.

Another major factor that led to the soaring Real Estate prices is the NRI investment in the city. NRIs are investing in tier II cities with a demand being created for both residential and commercial properties. This investment coupled with the increased buying power of NRI’s; the prices are being pushed beyond a reasonable limit in Nagpur.

Developers and various brokers plan to tap other regions of the city which has a large number of NRIs with their roots from those areas. Many developers and brokers hold exhibitions and fairs abroad to attract NRIs from UK, US, Dubai, Singapore etc.

Nagpur achieved the second position on the emerging growth centers in India in a recent study conducted by a UK-based Global Property Consultancy firm. Also, the city is emerging as a preference for the IT people and with a series of other factors the Real Estate sector is expected to grow lot more in Nagpur.
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  • What is the rate at which Nagpur's real estate prices have shot up?

    What are the rates at which Nagpur's real estate prices have shot up? Which are the best areas in Nagpur?
  • Please suggest any investment proposal in Nagpur? Also please inform about the rental returns.

    Can you provide more information about development taking place at Nagpur?
  • Anyone is updated with Sahara Project & what is future outlook for the project?
  • Investment in NGP

    The reason for the growth is the Boeing Service plant for entire South East Asia to be developed in Nagpur as well as the central container hub for the entire country also to be developed in NGP.

    I am also interested to know the areas that are getting developed along with the projects currently underway. If anyone can throw light on these factors (price, area, rental yield, capital growth opp etc) it would be highly appreciated.