Hi , I Intend To Buy New 2/3 Bhk House In Nagpur Can Somebody Suggest What Care And Precautions I Need To Take And Whether It Is The Right Time To Buy
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  • Suggestion in reply

    hey dude.. even I am planning to buy a house in Nagpur..I have been observing the trend of Property prices in Nagpur and advice you to hold on any buying for next 6 months.

    This is because the prices in Ngp ae high suddenly due to MIHAN project but the current IT slowdown , which is expected to continue for next one year, has shaken everybody.

    The prices are bound to go down atleast by 30 %.. so please wait and let these buliders come under some pressure for lowering the prop rates...

    P.S. I am working with the largest S/W company in Hinjewadi ,Pune and Ngp is my home town. Hope this helps.
  • amit

    hi Amit

    I've grown in ngp a decade ago, all my schooling had been there only.
    Last month I've been to ngp to meet old frnds of mine, 've heard about the Mithan project, but it still looks as if the entire project may take 5+ yrs ...
    Currently don't see the development quick enough.

    so it purely wd be an investment (long term) purpose! which might give returns only after 10 yrs

    whts ur stake on it!

    cld u guide if any other proposal sounds grt in ngp.