In the past Grace Reality (they have office in Laxmi Nagar)has cheated many buyers and sold the flats in Layout names" Gracelands Millionaire " that did not had NA permission and Grace sales men, mangers, directors told them at booking time they will get NA next week and took the advance money. NA or Town planning permission never came for this layout that is in Dongergaon. Many NRI were also cheated by Grace and Grace gave bad name to Nagpur. I have read in other forum that 6-7 NRI have still about 1CR pending with Grace reality for the last 5-6 years and they could not get Plot or the money back with the Interest . Grace had good name, what was the need to Lie and cheat NRI as they cant visit Grace office everyday. If Grace management is honest and shame left they should call NRI's Email them ,send letters to them and should return the money with interest and also apology letters. Grace will have to return the full money with 21% Interest as 2-3 NRI's are going to file the case with Consumer court and Grace reality cant escape or cheat others. They are giving bad name to Nagpur. Most of NRI from Nagpur are in UK, Canada, USA, Australia. Do the Grace people think that cheated NRI's will speak good words for them? Shame on Grace for spoiling Nagpur name in International level.

Now Grace reality is again is trying to sell Plots in layout that does not have NA(Non Agricultural Permission) and Town planning sanctions. Please stay away away from Grace Reality if you still like the location and rate and want to buy then check the NA and Town planning permissions before you give them any booking money.
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